I'm Declaring a challenge.

I stumbled across an animated song by Parry Gripp called Neon Pegasus.

It made me think of a Super Hero that could fit in My little pony.

Look at the animation here.

http : / www. youtube. Com / watch?v=EiO9_PJ0h8Q

(Just get rid of the spaces)

It look's just like the intro of some kind of super hero show. Only the hero could show up in My little pony.

So I'm challenging all Authors reading this to make a good story involving a crossover with My little pony Friendship is Magic and Neon Pegasus.

I can totally picture the evil Gummy Bear King launching his forces at Equestria to find the Neon Pegasus. Mainly due to the fact that he or she no longer serves the Gummy king. Any way it doesn't matter how you guy's take the plot but try to make the plot, villians, and Neon Pegasis to reflect a bit with the song Neon Pegasis. Try to draw some character story from the song and the back ground of the new characters.

Then think of some way the Pegasus got to Equestria and have fun.

Also the dare is also to get you guys to make a well written story if you guy's can.

I wish any readers and writers luck.