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Author's Notes:
Well, look who has returned to the world of fanfiction. And look who decided to throw his hat into the Gundam Seed fanfic universe. To all the people who watched me for updates to my past stories here, I'm sorry for leaving them unfinished. I had a major life shock that I'm still going through as of the date of this story's release. That shock made me lose the desire to write. My excursions during NaNoWriMo have kept my writing skill from becoming rusty. If anyone is going to ask if I will continue my past stories... I don't know. I bet you my writing style has changed and I may decide to get back to them or rewrite them.

Anyway, I have been inspired to write my own Gundam Seed fanfic all thanks to reading "Forbidden Memories" by The Strike Freedom and "Believe in your feelings, so you won't regret it" by Takanari Kamiya. Both stories deal with Kira somehow joining forces with his enemies for their own evil doing. I personally like this plot very much because you don't see this at all. It has so much potential. The inspiration from these stories was just too great for me to keep inside and I had to write this. To all Gundam Seed fic readers, I hope you enjoy this and I hope I can be accepted into the Gundam Seed fandom.

Story-wise, this takes place in Gundam Seed Destiny, moments after Shinn Asuka defeated Kira Yamato in a heated battle during Operation Angel Down. This is the point of divergence from the normal plot of the Anime. Anyway, here we go.

The strict doctrine they follow only has one rule: Observe the actions of Naturals and the Coordinators to see if they are once again on the path to destruction. If their actions prove reason that they are on that path, then they will appear. Not to finally stop the fighting, but to eliminate both the PLANTs and the Earth Federation as punishment for being nothing but ignorant animals who manipulate their own humanity for their own selfish gains. If they want to destroy each other, then they will help them whether both Naturals and Coordinators know it or not.

In The Shadows


Shinn Asuka let out a big sigh of relief seconds after he finally destroyed the Freedom and hopefully its pilot. He tried to steady his breathing as his face began to drip with sweat from the exhausting battle. The plan Rey told him about paid off and his enemy, along with the dreaded Archangel were destroyed. PLANT Supreme Chairman Gilbert Durandal proclaimed that the ZGMF-X10a Freedom and the Archangel were confusing people with their random actions. And so, they had to be destroyed Shinn's ZGMF-X56S Impulse was in need of new arms after the suit lost them as the Freedom exploded thanks to Shinn impaling it with its massive anti-ship sword. It was that pilot who killed Stellar, the girl he was trying to save from the Extended Human program.

"I did it, Stellar I killed the bastard who took you away from me." Shinn said to himself, his voice shaking from the combat high he was still experiencing. After taking one last look at the area where the now destroyed Freedom plunged into the ocean, Shinn and the damaged Impulse began the trip back to the Minerva where his comrades were happily waiting for him to return.

The Freedom's torso finally hit the bottom of the ocean floor with a soft thud. While the cockpit area had some damage, it was still sealed watertight and there was still plenty of oxygen for the pilot for maybe a day or so. As the wrecked mobile suit rested on the ocean floor, a pair of spotlights and a snake-like detecting system appeared from the darkness. The lights and sensor were connected to what appears to be a spaceship that has underwater capabilities to act as a submarine. The ship stopped propulsion as soon as the Freedom was discovered by the spotlights. Inside the ship, two members of the crew were at a scanning station in a barely lit bridge and began to inspect what they have just found. One man was already at a scanning station while another was piloting the ship at the helmsman station. He stopped all control of the ship and once it was quiet, the helmsman moved to the scanning station to see what his co-worker just found.

"What is it?" The helmsman asked as his co-worker focused on the movement of the scanning pod. He maneuvered the pod closer to the destroyed mobile suit. The monitors were the only thing providing the only light source in the darkened bridge.

"I don't know. It looks like a mobile suit. Or what's left of it." The second man answered while the helmsman let out a whistle of amazement as they looked more closely at the now destroyed Freedom.

"Damn. That thing got wrecked big time. Makes you wonder if the pilot of this is even alive." The helmsman said. His comrade nodded in agreement when one of the sensors detected the Freedom's ultra-compact nuclear fission reactor. Before being destroyed by the Impulse, the pilot of the Freedom shut down the reactor just in time to prevent a nuclear explosion and killing both himself and the pilot who dealt the final blow to the mobile suit.

"Hey, this suit has a nuclear reactor." The second man said, pointing to the scanner's readings on the screen.

"How can that be? The N-Jammers that ZAFT dropped all over the world should have made this thing inactive." The helmsman pointed out,

"You got me." The second man answered. The sensors then detected what appears to be a life signature, meaning that the pilot of the destroyed machine was perhaps still alive. Moments later, the captain of the ship arrived on-board. He was a rough looking older man who probably has seen a great deal of action in his life compared to the two young men who seemed to be only in their early 20's. He was notified that the two men found a damaged mobile suit that was a part of the big battle above and have began scanning it once they were near it.

"Have you two found anything from that battle that took place overhead?" The Captain asked, peering over the shoulder of the second man to look at the monitor that was displaying the wrecked mobile suit.

"Yes, Captain. Sensors are showing a life sign in the destroyed mobile suit's cockpit." The helmsman answered,

"Not only that, we discovered that this mobile suit is packing a nuclear reactor." The second man added,

"A nuclear reactor? How can it operate here on Earth with all the N-Jammers around?" The Captain questioned,

"The scans have shown that the reactor has suffered no damage and there is no threat of radiation. With your go ahead, we would like to conduct a rescue/salvage operation to retrieve the pilot before the cockpit is eventually flooded." The second man asked,

"I would also like to see how in the world a nuclear reactor isn't affected by the N-Jammers as well, Sir." The helmsman added. The Captain took a moment to think about the options the two members discussed and came to a conclusion.

"Drowning in the deep ocean is no way for a person to die. Commence the rescue and salvage operation at once, Jenkins." The Captain said, agreeing with the plans of the two crew members.

"I'll handle the rescue operation while Leeroy works on the salvage part and makes sure that reactor really is safe." Jenkins, the helmsan said as he got to work contacting the hangar to get ready for the wrecked mobile suit.

"Excellent. Make sure to tell sick bay of the operation as well." The Captain said,

"Already on that, Captain." Leeroy, the second man answered as he was already busy sending a message to the sick bay to prepare for a possibly injured mobile suit pilot. The Captain began to head back to his seat on the bridge of the underwater ship, but then turned around to face both Jenkins and Leeroy.

"Have you had any news of our comrades who are returning from space?" The Captain asked,

"I got a message from Keith just before we found that mobile suit. He and the others on the Devastator missed their point of re-entry and they suspect they'll land near the country of Val Verde in the United States of South America instead of our current location." Jenkins answered,

"It's just like them to do something moronic. This will delay our rendezvous with them by a few days at least while we have to get near Val Verde." The captain muttered in annoyance,

"Well, it does give us some time to check out the suit and some needed R&R." Leeroy pointed out,

"Hmm... you're right about that, Leeroy. Once we meet up with our teammates, we will get right to business and implementing the plan. I'll leave you two to supervise the current operation." The Captain said,

"Aye aye, sir." Both men saluted and they quickly got back to work on their respective orders. The Captain saw them quickly at work and left the Bridge as he made his way back to his quarters to read reports from other members of the organization.

Closing Notes:

There. This is only the beginning. I hope this is a good start for me in my return to the fiction writing world and my introduction into the Gundam Seed fiction fandom. As long as I have ideas for the story and you readers like it, I will do my best to update this regularly, although life will try to kick my ass. And it can really make me discouraged to boot.

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