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Beautiful Sinner
Chapter 1: It Starts With A Thought

It happened sometime between March of his senior year up until the day after graduation. Kurt Hummel had become bored with his relationship. Even with his slight fling with Chandler, the guy he had met at the music shop, Kurt couldn't find himself to be happy with Blaine—ever. Sure, the preppy boy had always been sweet and kind, but that's all he ever was; sweet and kind. He never got too intimate with Kurt, a kiss here and there (but never in public in fears of being gaybashed), and whenever they were alone at home, they would make out but Blaine made sure not to touch Kurt below the belt. Which Kurt hated!

Yes, Kurt was guy, and very feminine at that, but he was still a boy. He had a penis and high testosterone and with all that testosterone, on top of being a teenage boy, Kurt got horny. He never expressed it the way other boys did, but Kurt did very often get turned on. With Blaine always dancing around and pelvic thrusting in the auditorium, Kurt simply wished that Blaine would thrust him into the mattress.

But Kurt kept his mouth shut about everything. Like now, he was slightly turned on at the sight of Blaine making sexy motions while singing in the front of the Glee club. It was their last assignment of the year and Blaine had gone all out with his rendition of Judas. Kurt felt more than turned on when Blaine danced and rolled his body. He could faintly make out the outline of Blaine's penis in the tight capris the boy was wearing. But he knew that he would never be able to have it; he wouldn't hold it in his hands, get it in his mouth or anywhere else for that matter.

Kurt sighed and crossed his legs as well as his arms.

He heard a chuckle and looked to the seat next to him to see Noah Puckerman shaking his head at him.

"Can I help you with something Puck?" Kurt asked with a neck roll.

Puck looked over at him and just shook his head. "Oh its nothing. Just observing you."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Well why don't you observe something else? How about your 1.3 GPA? Or maybe the papers you have been stashing in your bag about fighting for custody?" Kurt said snidely.

"You don't have to be such an asshole Kurt." Puck said, hurt apparent in his eyes.

Kurt sighed deeply again and loosed his posture. He reached out and pulled on Puck's arm. "I'm sorry Noah, I didn't mean to be so rude."

Puck snatched his arm away and fixed his body to where he was sitting forward again. "Whatever."

Kurt scooted his chair over closer to the Jewish teen and put his hand on Puck's mid-thigh. "Noah I'm sorry." He rubbed his hand up and down Puck's thigh in a soothing way.

"You know, if you keep rubbing me like that, I'm going to come up with a way for you to apologize if you know what I mean." Puck looked at the other teen and smirked.

Kurt scoffed. "Yeah well I wouldn't mind." He meant to say under his breath.

Apparently it wasn't as quiet as he thought it had been because Puck raised an eyebrow. "What's this? Innocent Kurt Hummel asking to take a ride of the Puck-train? Trouble in paradise?" He nodded toward where Blaine was singing the chorus of his song.

"Its not trouble, its just…" Kurt paused. "Have you ever tried to get with someone that wanted you too? And things were so good but you never expressed how you felt about each other? You never kissed, never had sex, never did anything?" He looked for some form of agreement from Puck but got none.

"Nevermind, just forget I said anything." Kurt said. He slid his chair back over and crossed his legs again.

Seconds later, Puck pulled his chair back toward him, this time slightly closer. The jock draped his arm around the back of Kurt's chair. "So if you don't ever express yourself the way you want to, why are you still with him?" Noah asked.

Kurt looked at his singing boyfriend and thought about it. "I don't know." Kurt said. And truthfully, he didn't know. Sure Blaine was nice to him, but nice doesn't satisfy Kurt's needs. "I guess I just don't want to break up with him for a shallow reason.

Puck nodded. "I don't think it's shallow. I mean you'd be pleasing not only yourself but him too. Shit, if I were him I'd jump on you every chance I got."

Kurt snorted and rolled his eyes. He wasn't shocked by Puck's comment because he was used to the jock's remarks. And besides being used to it, Kurt knew of Puck's bisexuality. (He'd walked in on Puck and Sebastian from Vocal Adrenaline in the bathroom at sectionals.)

"I'm no Sebastian Noah, I can't deepthroat at the drop of a hat and I defiantly can't have sex in a public bathroom." Kurt teased.

Puck leaned in and whispered into Kurt's ear. "Then leave your bedroom window open tonight and don't worry about deepthroating, it's not a must."

Just as Puck leaned away and sent Kurt a sexy wink, Blaine's song finished and the class erupted in applause. Kurt clapped but sat in his seat trying to analyze what the boy next to him had just offered. It was an invitation to get the satisfaction he desperately needed. Blaine came and took his seat on the other side of Kurt.

"How was I babe?" He asked planting a peck on Kurt's cheek.

Kurt looked over at him and smiled. "You did good honey. Nice touch with the choro."

"Well everyone, that's it!" Mr. Schuster said. "That is the final performance you will ever see in this room seniors. I just hope that you all remember what I have taught you and go out and do amazing. And for those of you that aren't graduating, get ready for next year! New people next year! Other than that, I'm done with you! Go have an amazing summer!"

Everyone came into the middle for one big group hug. Then they all started to grab their belongings and walk away, some crying, some excited.

"Hey, do you want me to come over tonight?" Blaine asked Kurt as they walked the hallway.

Kurt was about to say yes when he felt a set of hands grab his butt. He looked back and saw no one, and looked forward again to see Noah smiling at him. Noah winked and then went on his way. Kurt's mind started to race with a million thoughts of what could happen if he left his window open.

"Kurt?" Blaine said.

"Yeah? Oh um, I actually can't hang out tonight. But I'll call you later." Kurt said. He looked forward again and watched as Noah Puckerman walked out of the building. He started to think of what he could do later that night.

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