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Beautiful Sinner
Chapter 5: Least I Could Do

"OhmiGod!" Kurt yelled as he slouched down over the toilet. He had just emptied his entire breakfast into the porcelain thrown...for the third time this week.

It was so strange. He had never gotten sick from eating a plain bagel (no cream cheese) and yogurt before. And for the last two weeks, he had gotten nauseous at the smell of everything! Today it had been the carpet cleaning spray Carole had used in his room.

"Are you going to be well enough to fly tomorrow honey?" Rachel said as she rubbed his back.

She'd come over to help Kurt pack the remains of his room. As of now his entire wardrobe was either in suitcases or delicately folded in boxes to be shipped once he got settled in his new apartment.

"I have to be!" Kurt exclaimed. He raised his head from the toilet and exhaled. "That's why we're going to the doctor's right now." He stated.

He stood and flushed the toilet and walked to the sink to rebrush his teeth. Rachel went out into his room and sat on his bed. She flipped through some of the wedding magazines she had brought as she waited. As she was flipping from one page to another she saw a faded black shirt in the corner. She walked over and picked it up and saw it to be a black ACDC shirt. She wrinkled her nose and turned when she heard Kurt walking in.

"Where'd you get this?" She asked.

Kurt looked over and then swatted at the object. "Oh that's Piuck's. He left it up in Finn's the other day and I've been using it as a dust rag." Kurt explained.

"Ahh," Rachel said and then tossed It to the side. "That's kind of rude don't you think?"

Kurt turned his body and pretended to be picking up something. "Trust me, that's the least I could do."

Kurt still wasn't over what had happened between him and the jerk Jewish boy. It was a month and a half later and he still couldn't get over it. Not because he didn't want to, but because he mentally couldn't. He was obsessed with the amazing feeling Puck had given him. He couldn't stop thinking about the hot porn worthy sex they had had. But whenever he thought about the sex he thought about the asshole Puck had become the next morning. He couldn't believe that Puck had called him easy and all the other things he had said. It had hurt him more than he displayed.

However he got his revenge whenever possible. Puck still came around to hang out with Finn and Kurt made sure his time at the house was horrible. He would blow the fuse on purpose so Puck couldn't enjoy the game; he'd "accidentally" spilled red wine on Puck's white button down on one of his date nights; he had even gone as far as getting Puck caught cheating on two girls he was sleeping with at the time. Kurt had become a ruthless bitch when it came to Puck.

"Come on let's get going so we can make sure you're alright so we can leave tomorrow!" Rachel said and made her way to the door. Kurt followed in tow.

Kurt sat on the examination table and swung his legs as he waited. He had come in alone, Rachel being afraid of hospitals apparently. He looked at the clock and saw that he needed to be getting going soon because of his early flight in the morning. He was finally going to live all his dreams! He was meeting Blaine at Breadstix for dinner and then the two were going to go home to have sex for the first time (first time together that is).

Doctor Roger Westbrooks walked into the room and flashed Kurt a friendly smile. "So Kurt, we got the results from your tests." He said.

Kurt smiled. "So I'm okay right? It's not like I'm dying or anything. It's just nerves or something?" He asked.

"Not quite." Dr. Westbrooks said. He looked down at this stats and then up at Kurt. "Kurt You're an openly gay teen correct?"

Kurt held back a dramatic gulp. "Yes. Why?"

The doctor wrote somethings down. "And you're sexually active?"

Kurt blushed a million shades of red all at once. "Doctor that's quite personal if you know what I mean."

Westbrooks chuckled. "Its strictly professional Kurt."

Trying to keep from embarrassing himself, Kurt giggled. "Well yes uhm I-I am sexually active."

He wrote more down. "Then my theory is correct." Dr. Westbrooks grabbed a hand full of pamphlets and a business card. "Here is a number for an obstetrician that works wonders. He's more than likely seen this case before. He's located here in Ohio but if you're looking for someone in New York I can make some calls."

"Wait obstetrician?" Kurt butted in. "Why would I need one of those?"

"Kurt," The doctor said. "Judging by your tests you are about two months pregnant."

Kurt looked away from the doctor and to the back of the door where a coat rack was standing. He stared at the rack and drowned out the sound of the doctor speaking. He was pregnant. Pregnant! Here he was, only hours away from his dreams and he finds out he is pregnant.

"Kurt?" He heard. He looked to his doctor.

"I'm pregnant?" He asked, still in shock.

Dr. Westbrooks nodded. "Yes Kurt, you are pregnant."