A/N: Here it is! Falsely Ferb! I can't believe I'm finally posting it! It took forever to go through the idea for the story, and finally write it all out, and figure out the ending. I do really like how this story came out, though. I'm terribly sorry for the long wait!

Uhh... this story takes place after Phaltering Phineas, but I'm just kind of going back to the basics with how the show works. In Phaltering Phineas, the ages were meant to be around 13 or 14, so in Falsely Ferb, most of them were about 14 or 15. So not a lot of time has passed, but things have really gone back to normal. This story isn't going to really mention anything from the first story because it's basically it's own story...but this one is made to be a little bit funnier, but there's just as much drama. Romantic drama. ;)

I hope you enjoy it!

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The day was going as usual. Phineas and Ferb had finished up their original invention of the day, and it had already amazed quite a few neighborhood kids, as well as realized it had completely disappeared. By now, the only kids left in the Flynn-Fletcher's backyard were the typical gang; Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet.

"Well, that didn't last long," Buford complained, crossing his arms.

"You're right. It sure didn't stick around as long as they usually do," Phineas replied, "I guess we'll just have to find something else to do now."

He looked around, seeing everyone just staring at each other blankly.

"Any ideas?" he prodded. Baljeet opened his mouth to speak, but Buford beat him to it.

"I say we do something inside for once. It's way too hot to be out here without soda or somethin'," he blurted out. Everyone seemed to just nod in approval, and with a thumbs-up from Ferb, they all made their way inside the Flynn-Fletcher home.

Passing through the kitchen, they heard the front door open, and in came Phineas' mother.

"Oh, hello, kids! Staying inside today?" she asked, carrying in a bag of groceries.

"It is far too warm outside," Baljeet stated, wiping his forehead. Linda walked into the kitchen to place the bag on the counter.

"Well, I got some materials for pie, boys. If you want to wait a little while, I can make it up for dessert after dinner tonight."

Phineas and Ferb glanced at each other, both having the same idea just then.

"Well, what if we all just stayed the night here?" Phineas suggested. Linda's eyes widened, but she turned to face them with a smile. She nodded, saying,

"Sure. I'll just have to double-up on dinner tonight. And make sure everyone calls home first, of course."

Phineas grinned, whirling around to their friends.

"What do you say, guys?"

Baljeet pulled out his cell phone, only to have Buford grab it out of his hands and call home for himself. Baljeet sighs in annoyance and turns to Phineas, asking to use their landline. Phineas steps out of the way, walking over to Isabella. She smiles brightly at him,

"Are you sure it's a good idea for everyone to stay the night, Phineas? I wouldn't want your mom to have to go through so much work to feed everybody. Especially Buford."

"Hey, I heard that!" Buford shot over his shoulder. Isabella stuck her tongue out at him playfully, and turned back to Phineas as he replied,

"She's dealt with worse. Besides, we can all help make dinner, if she wants-"

His eyes lit up, and Isabella smiled. Another idea already? That didn't take long.

He sped off to the kitchen, leaving everyone else in the living room. He rushed up to his mother,

"Hey, Mom? Could my friends and I make dinner tonight? You know, so you don't have to feed everybody without much planning?" he asked, pulling an innocent face. Linda turned around,

"When you say 'make dinner', do you mean you'll cook some frozen pizzas and drink lots of soda pop, and expect your father and I to make something for ourselves?" she smirked.

"Well, that would be too easy, Mom. We should make a big dinner for everybody!" Phineas smiled. Linda rolled her eyes,

"I appreciate the offer, but I'm going to need the oven for the pie, dear. So why don't you just commit to pizza and soda, and I'll make dinner for your father and I, and then everyone can have pie later on?"

Phineas bit his lip. If she was only going to make dinner for two, then she really wouldn't need any help. And they could easily warm up frozen pizzas and watch movies and have fun tonight without any trouble to anyone. He grinned and agreed, returning to the living room quickly.

"What are you talking about? That isn't fair!" he heard Isabella remark to Buford. Baljeet seemed to be siding with Buford on whatever they were discussing. Ferb seemed to be acting a mere bystander to the whole thing.

"It's totally fair! Besides, a girl would totally ruin the whole night. We need a guys only night! And that means no girls!" Buford exclaimed. Phineas bit his lip. What was going on here?

A/N: The first chapter is rather short, and it was meant to actually extend a little further, but I'm going to put it into the second chapter instead. Sorry! Anyway, thanks for reading! I hope some of you will enjoy this story. It's going to have a mixture of Phinbella and Ferbella, but I'm hoping I won't offend either side of the show's ships... But I can only hope!