Story Name: Proof the Tony Stark has a... Wait what?

Summary: *MOVIE VERSE* **SPOILERS** We all think Tony was brave for hauling that nuke into the portal but what if the Hulk couldn't scare Tony back awake. What if Tony's last words were directed toward Pepper since she never picked up her phone? If Tony had lived then he would've gotten the biggest shock of his life. Now the Avengers have a new mission will they survive it? Can they even do the mission successfully?

Author's note – So I guess I get to introduce myself then. I'm IF, so recently, since I've seen the new movie, I been thinking of a good story to write for it. I choose this one. I have one warning for the entire story don't like OC's then don't read this one. As for Chapter one, its warning is Character death. Also drop me a review please. Also I take requests that are T and below, if you want something written. With out further ado after the Disclaimer. Enjoy the Story!

Disclaimer In no way do I own the Avengers movie or comics. It is property of Marvel. I only take credit for the plot and the OC that shall appear.


I felt myself falling backwards. Somehow, knowing that this was the end of both Iron Man and Tony Stark. This didn't bother me. Nope. Not one bit. I was honored to be able to fight along side the Avengers. I never consider myself part of them; I knew that in this fight if one of us wasn't coming out it was going to be me. I was a dead man walking. It was only a matter of time until the reactor broke and I wasn't going to be able to fix it in time. No matter how long I have the damn thing in my chest the shrapnel stays as far as the magnet pushes it and as soon as the magnet is gone it won't take long for it to reach my heart.

I feel the edges of my vision start to go black. My last sight in this world was going to be a ship, the enemy ship to be exact. With everything I've done in my life I've always figured some enemy company would hire someone to off me, then when I was in the cave I thought my captors would be the death of me, but once I was free I spent most of the time thinking it would be Iron Man's enemies or the shrapnel. Never once did I think I was going to die by sacrificing myself because it was the only way to save these people that I somehow considered my friends. When did that happen?

I was still falling. It felt like I would fall forever. I might, I have no idea what happens when you close off a bridge between dimensions. I realized, albeit slowly, that it wasn't as dark as was a moment before. The sky was back. I jumped to the conclusion that I was no longer in the portal. I wanted to worry that I was dying in vain that the nuke didn't do anything. In truth I was to far gone to care. The weightlessness of falling stopped suddenly as I hit something hard. I was unsure of what I crashed into.

My eyes started to close on their own. Against my will, I was tired. I knew if I fell asleep I would never wake up. I didn't have the energy to fight anymore. I lived through more things than the average human or superhero. My eyes closed once I was set down a lot gentler than the first time. I could tell that whatever I hit the first time wasn't the ground. I heard mumbled words as someone attempted to pry off my facemask. What I heard didn't make much sense to me.

"Tony! Come on don't do this!" I think it was Steve but I couldn't make sure.

" Captain. I think it is to late." That was definitely Thor with his accent.

" No. It can't be. He is the most stubborn person I have ever met. He is to, stubborn to die!" It must be Steve again

If I had the energy I would've smirked and said a witty come back. My mind was getting foggy and hard to think. I heard footfalls. It must be the rest of the team.

"Oh my god." A female gasped. It was the black widow.

"Holy..." It was Clint.

I made the connection that everyone was here. I heard heavy breathing that must be the Hulk. Which meant the Hulk must've saved me. What'd you know? I seem to have the effect to change people. It was silent, it was oddly unnerving. Had I died already? Also was my facemask taken off? I didn't know.

I heard a loud roar and was nearly started to life with fear but my reactor was going out and there was no way I was going to be able to repair it in time, even if I was fully functional.

"Who's going to tell Pepper?" It was Bruce. He must've turned human again after that roar.

It finally sunk in. All I was leaving behind not just a fortune, but also pepper, and a family I never really had. I summoned all of my energy and my will. I needed to tell them goodbye.

I forced my eyes open and was surprised at the seen before me the entire team was surrounding me as they mourned in their weird silent way.

"Why the depressing faces." I wheezed out. Sounding a lot less irritating than it was meant to.

Steve was the first to recover. "You were dead." He stated dumbly.

"And so were you." I retorted and went into a coughing fit.

Steve was too relived to glare, and then worried at my coughing. "Someone call a med team!"

I knew it was useless I was done for and I accepted that. "That won't help." Steve opened his mouth to say something. "My reactor is going. No one on this earth knows how to fix it but me. I'm done for."

I watched as the others stared at me in shock. "I guess you really are a solider." Steve mumbled.

"Maybe you aren't as self obsessed as I first thought." The black widow said.

They were apologizing cause I was dying. No way was I letting them do this to me. "Guys shut up. I'm trying to say goodbye here." I was trying to go out like me. "Alright let me just say I'm sorry for anything I might've said to you, about you or even thought." I sighed it was getting harder to breath. "Listen I don't care who I just want to know that Pepper will know that she was the one person I loved and still love. Tell her I'm sorry I didn't keep the promise." I was getting all sentimental now. It was pathetic really. I saw them stare at me in awe at the four letter word I've never said to anyone before.

It finally sunk in to them that I was dying. That this wasn't another elaborate ploy for attention. I wanted to close my eyes but I had one more nagging thought. "Did... Did we win?" I whispered.

"Yeah, thanks to you." Clint said losing his tough guy act.

Under normal circumstances I would've said something like "Aw shucks, you're making me blush." But instead what I did was nod and lean my head back. I was finally able to close my eyes and fall into that endless sleep. My last sight was of my team, no more of my family, as they watch me die. I finally close my eyes and let out a long pent out sigh. Then Tony Stark was no more.


The Avengers or what is left of them stared down at the body of Tony Stark/Iron man. They couldn't believe that they had already lost one of their members and this was the first big fight that they fought together. All of them had thought Tony was too selfish to sacrifice himself in the line of duty. New York was somehow silent, deathly silent. Somehow everyone knew that today marked the death of a hero. A self made mental robotic one, but a hero nonetheless. Steve looked around at the group. Each was crying. It would've been disrespectful to talk right now but it was necessary.

"Who... Who's going to tell everyone the news?" Steve asked seeming to break the spell with his voice.

No one answered for a long time. They just stared at the body. "I will." Hawkeye said. He sighed, he wanted to do this, for Tony's sake.

The others nodded in agreement and waited to be extracted. They had found a cloth to cover the body up with. None of them spoke they all were either to exhausted or blaming themselves to. When the extraction team arrived none of crew spoke as they pulled up the body.


Nick Fury burst through the doors of the Med-bay. "What in the world happened down there?" He yelled angrily. He wasn't angry with the team he was just angry that he was kept in the dark for the majority of the fight.

"We lost a good man." Steve said solemnly.

"Who did we lose?" Fury asked, slightly confused but not showing it.

"Tony Stark." Clint answered.

"What?" Fury asked dumbfounded.

"He sacrificed his life to send the nuke through the portal." Steve asked.

" Nuke?" Fury pretended like he was unaware of it.

"Yeah, the nuke." Clint said angrily. " Which by the way, thanks for the heads up about that. Because of that we lost a team member!"

The rest of the team glared a Fury. "I was not for sending the Nuke in. I was trying to stop it." Nick defended weakly.

"Yeah, right." Natalia scoffed. It surprised everyone even herself to disrespect authority.

"If you won't believe me fine." Nick nearly shouted. "But don't come crying to me when Pepper finds out.

At the mention of Pepper the entire team looked down guiltily. They were the only ones who knew Tony's last words. It was a message to the only one he loved. " When will she be here?" Natalia asked.

"Her jet has just landed." Fury answered as he stormed out of the room.

The team wasn't ready to hear she was already here. The air was tense. They heard the hiss of the sliding doors as they let someone in. The team looked up. The newcomer in the room was none other than the famed Pepper Potts. Her eyes were red and blotchy, she had been crying. Her eyes widened at the team. She looked around; they all knew who she was looking for. "Where's Tony?" She finally asked.

Clint stood up from his seat. Crossing the room in easy strides. "Pepper." He began, building up the courage. "Tony died in the line of service. Saving everyone in the city and the world." He had to stop before he broke down. Pepper stood there unmoving as she absorbed the news. "He told me to tell you he loved you." Passing on the last words on Tony Stark.

Pepper stared at a single point on the wall. Steve was about to move to comfort her. Tell her everything was fine. He was stopped when pepper opened her mouth. "I'm Pregnant."