Here we are, back at the beginning. Seems like such a long time since I've even touched the fandom, I missed my twins, so here we are with a promo for my potential story. Lots of angst, ocs, avengers, avenging, villians, fighting, you think it, it'll probably be in this baby. So let's just read the short promo, yeah?

It had been raining for three days, nonstop. The ground was soaked, and was no longer able to take water in. I wistfully thought that it was Thor, or Jake as I had known him for years, forget the kind of effect he had on Midgard's weather. It wasn't. I know who's doing it was, I couldn't bring myself to care.

Much like how I knew I was soaked and probably freezing but was numb to it and simply stood there staring into the endless stream of rain and dark gray of the sky. On the first day it cloaked my tears, slightly, I could taste the salt but no one else could tell which rain was and what was tears. Dimly I noted that that there were footsteps approaching from behind me. I could guess who it was.

Fate was cruel. This silence even crueler. The city that never slept, now sleeps permanently. Such a twist of fate. Turning my head downwards to stare at my converse clad feet, the white of the rubber toe was covered with a thin layer of grime. I wished that right now I was able to think my way out of this, like I had done every time before.

A gust of wind drew my attention to a soggy news article, it was crumpled and the ink illegible, I knew what the headline said word for word anyway. The picture remained intact, almost taunting me with those six happy, oblivious to the carnage that was about to unfold, and alive. I grit my teeth, a day ago this would've had me curled up in a ball sobbing again. But that was then and this was now and I wasn't about to show my weakness by breaking a promise to myself hours after I made it.

Funny how hours can change lives. End worlds. Bring intangible things such as hope, to its knees. How utterly unfair things were, are, will be.

In some ways time was like words. Something so miniscule can make all the difference, like the four words that sent me and everyone else reeling.

The Avengers have fallen.

I clenched my fist tightly. It seemed so unfathomable, my subconscious nudged me with a useless thought such as 'This must've been like how the Avengers felt when dad died, the first time. Ignore it in favor of glaring at the misleading photo.

A warm hand breaks through my numbness and my thoughts. I don't jump away or flinch at the sudden contact, I knew who it was, like he knew how I felt.

I speak finally, in a full non sob filled sentence.

"Jamie." I whisper. "What do we do?"

He waited two heartbeats before replying.

"There's only one thing to do."

"What?" I breathe. Finally looking towards him, my brown eyes meeting his blue. He looked twice his age, hair plastered to his forehead, dirt being washed off of him. I can only assume that I look similar.

Naturally he says something that makes so much sense, means so much, in just two small words.

"We avenge."


Jamie tilts his head backwards, I follow it. My gaze landing on a group of three teenagers, not much younger than my brother and I. I knew who they were. It wasn't a secret. They were the children of the Avengers as much as Jamie and I.


"Its the best I could do on short notice."

I almost laughed, but kept my composure. "They're children."

"So are we. But we're special. Our parents are superheroes." Jamie shrugged. "Take it or leave it."

"Who would lead us?" I asked having a sinking feeling.


That one word confirmed my worse fears

"I can't lead."

"Maybe so, but we'll still follow you."

I looked at my brother then the ragtag group of teens. I had no idea how we were going to defeat a foe our parents couldn't, but I'd make damn sure that I would at least protect them the best that I could.

I speak loudly so the others could hear me. Surprising myself with the sureness of my voice. "We're going to need a base if we're going to be rebels, and by that I mean heroes. Any ideas?"

Short sweet and to the point. Yes I did go there with the other avenger children. They weren't in the initial story, because I failed to mention them. Opps, but they aren't much younger than the twins. Sam and Jamie are sixteen the eldest of the other three is fourteen, the youngest twelve. So there you all are. Hope you tell me your thoughts. There is a certain number I am looking for in order to make sure that people are actually interested. Leave a review! Later! ~IF