Just a quick preface before I start this story. This is a reboot of the original Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger series. There are some big changes to the story, but the core rangers will be the same characters. This will delve into the characters lives outside of being a ranger more than the show did, as well as introduce a new obstacle for the rangers. It is going to be more serious than the show was, but it will not be "The Dark Knight" serious. I have had this idea for sometime, but never really made it into a story. A while back I tried to write a movie script using this idea, but didn't get too far into it. I do not own these characters. All things related to Power Rangers are owned by Saban.

Chapter 1

In the middle of the deserts in western New Mexico, there is a large building. The building is surrounded by very tall electrical fences. On the building there are dozens of satellite dishes pointing in different directions.

This building belongs to the Department of Extra Terrestrial Activities, or D.E.T.A. D.E.T.A. is a secret organization within the United States Government. In the eyes of the general public, this organization does not exist. This organization is devoted to discovering everything about these creatures. The research is crucial, as it is there job to ensure the Earth's safety should any alien invasion occur. Though the Earth's knowledge of extra terrestrials is limited, it can be assured that there is other life out there.

Inside the building, hundreds of employees monitor computers, searching for any signs of life. Others conduct research on special weapons, trying to create weapons that could combat any extra terrestrials. All of the employees wear military like uniforms. These uniforms are black. On their chest is a logo that says D.E.T.A.

Nathan Jones is an employee of D.E.T.A. He is a Caucasian man, in his early 30's. He is a shorter man, with short brown hair. He is sitting at his desk, monitoring his computer, when the computer begins to beep rapidly.

"Mother of god!" he exclaims. "Sir! You may want to take a look at this."

John Harrison is the head of D.E.T.A. He is also Caucasian, in his late 30's and has black hair, that is starting grey. He stands at 6'3, and is very muscular. He also has a stern look on his face. It is rumored around the organization that he has never smiled. He walks over to Jones's desk.

"What is it, Jones?" Harrison says. "This had better be important." He looked hard at the screen, and then look at Jones. "What the hell is that?"

Jones begins to mumble "I'm not really sure.", but is cut off by Harrison.

"Speak up, Jones! Quit your mumbling and tell me what that is!"

"I have no idea." Jones says. Harrison glares at him. "It's not anything I'm familiar with. It could be a satellite, but it doesn't look like any satellite I've ever seen. Whatever it is, it's on a direct collision course with the moon."

"I want to know what that thing is." Harrison says. "Can anybody tell me anything about this thing?"

"Sir," Ashley Sullivan, another employee of D.E.T.A, who's desk is right next to Nathan Jones', says, "There appears to be alive in that thing."

"Alive?" Harrison says.

"Yes sir." Sullivan says. "I believe we've found ourselves some aliens."

Harrison looks over at Jones. "How long until that thing hits the moon?" He asks

"About 14 hours." Jones says. "There's no way we can redirect it in that amount of time."

"Redirect it?" Harrison says. "Who says anything about redirecting it. I want a team up there to examine that thing."

"Should I contact the White House?" Sullivan asks.

"No. Get Jackson and Nichols. Now."

Sullivan looks stunned. She stares at Harrison for a few seconds then speaks up. "But sir, our orders were to report…"

"I know what our orders were, but I'm in charge here!" Harrison shouts, cutting her off. "Until we have know what we're dealing with, no one else needs to know about this. Now get Jackson and Nichols ready. They are going up there to examine this thing. Tonight." Sullivan just stares him. "Now!" Harrison shouts again.

"Yes sir." Sullivan responds, sounding obviously frustrated.

Jason Lee Scott lies in his bed. His alarm clock is sounding. He turns off the alarm and rolls over. He slowly gets out of bed and gets on to his feet. It's the first day of his senior year of high school. He is a Caucasian young man, and is good sized. He stands at 6'1, and has large muscles. He lives in Angel Grove, California. He stretches for a moment, then pulls a pair of shorts and sleeveless red t-shirt. He runs down the stairs and sees his parents in the kitchen.

"Morning." Jason says to his mother.

"Good Morning" she says back to him.

"Man I can't believe summer's already over," Jason says. "It feels like I just got out. Why do I have to go back already?"

"I don't know, Jason." His mom says. "Do you like having a roof over your head and food on your table?"

"Oh, Yeah." Jason

"Then you have to go to school." Jason's dad says. "But don't worry about it, kid. Senior year of high school is one of the best years of your life. Your life is going to change a lot this year.

Jason pours himself a bowl of cereal and sits down next to his dad. "I've heard that, but I'm not sure if I believe it." Jason says. "Besides, I don't want my life to change. I like the way it is right now."

Jason dad shakes his head. "You don't have much of an option." He says. "You can't sit around and be a bum all your life."

Jason growls a bit, clearly upset. His mom notices this.

"What your father means is that you have to make a lot decisions that are going to impact your future this year." She says. "What college you want to go to next year, What you want your major to be, What you want to do for a living. All that starts this year."

"I guess, but I don't want to have to make those decisions." Jason says. He stands up and walks over to the sink. He rinses out of his bowl, and then puts it in the dishwasher. "I just want to have fun right now." He says.

"Trust me you'll have fun." His dad says. "But don't do that at the expense of thinking about your future."

Jason says "We'll see. Right now, I'm just planning on enjoying my senior."

"That's fine and good." His dad says. "But, if you don't think about the road ahead, eventually you're going to reach a fork in the road, and you won't know which way to go."

Jason grabs his backpack and storms toward the door. He opens the door, and as he's walking out the door, he looks back at his dad. "I'll buy a map." Jason says, then he walks out.

Sitting in front of Jason's house is a Black Sports Car. The license plate reads "Z Man 2". Behind the wheel is an African American young man. This is Jason's best friend, Zack Taylor. Jason opens up the passenger side door of the car and gets in.

"Man, when are you getting your own car so I can quit driving you around?" Zack

asks, jokingly. He starts to drive away.

"Not today, Zack." Jason says.

"Rough morning?" Zack says.

"I just want to take it easy, you know." Jason says. "It's my senior year, and I just figured that I could think about that, but no my parents are all like 'You gotta think about your future.' Man, screw that."

"I hear ya." Zack says. "My parents are the same way."

"Yeah, but at least your parents got you a car, so you can leave if you don't want to hear it." Jason responds and looks out the window.

"Hey, they didn't just give this car to me. I had to pay for half of it, plus gas and insurance."

"Whatever." Jason says. "I don't want to talk about it any more." There is a slight pause. "And it's not like I'm not thinking about my future." Jason starts again. "I do plenty of things that are good, like teaching those martial arts classes down at the youth center. Plus, over the summer I got certified to teach scuba diving."

Zack laughs. "I thought you didn't want to talk about it anymore." he says.

"I don't." Jason stares out the window. He notices they drive past one of their friend's house. "You're not picking up Billy?" Jason asks.

"Nah. Billy worked at that computer store all summer, and saved up enough money for a car." Zack says.

"Oh yeah." Jason says. "That's right. What about Trini."

"Billy's giving her a ride." Zack says. "You're it, bro."

"Really?" Jason says. "Not even Kim?"

"Some new kid moved in next door to Kim." Zack says. "I don't know much about the guy, but Kim and him got to know each pretty well over the summer. She says that he's giving her a ride."

"Seems things are changing already." Jason says. "I'm not sure I like it."

Kimberly Hart is a beautiful young women. She is 5'7, with straight brown hair. She is a gymnast. She has been since she was a young child. Recently, though, Kim treats gymnastics as an escape. She comes from a very broken home. Her parents are recently divorced. She currently lives with her father. Her mother walked out on the family. At first Kim would get letters from her mom that she missed her and that it wasn't Kim that caused her to leave. However, Kim hasn't heard from her in the last few months. She walks down the stairs this morning and sees her father passed out on the couch.

"Dad, I'm leaving for school." Kim says to her father. He groins a bit and sits up. He looks at Kim.

"What did you say?" He asks.

"School, Dad. I'm leaving." She responds.

"Oh." Her dad says. She starts walking toward the door. "Wait." He says. "You're not riding with that black boy again, are you? I don't like him."

"His name is Zack, Dad, and no I'm riding with Tommy."

"Tommy?" He says "Who the hell is Tommy?"

"Mr. Oliver's nephew?" Kim says, sounding surprised her father doesn't know. Her father still has a puzzled look on his face. "He moved in a few months ago."

"Doesn't ring a bell." Her dad says. "Oh well. See you later." He then lies back down on the couch. Kim walks out the door and goes next door. She rings the door bell. The door is answered by a man in his late 30's with short spiky hair.

"Can I help you?" The man asks.

"Mr. Oliver. It's me, Kim, from next door." Kim says. "Tommy's giving me a ride to school this morning."

"Of course." Mr. Oliver says. "Tommy! The girl your giving a ride to school is here."

"I'll be there in a second." A voice says from a different room. A teenage Caucasian boy walks into the room. He has long brown hair. This is Tommy Oliver.

"Hey Kim." Tommy says. "Ready to go?"

"Yeah." Kim says. Tommy's uncle looks at him.

"Something wrong, Uncle Frank?"

"Why weren't you ready sooner?" Mr. Oliver says. "Your parents sent you hear to learn some morals and straighten up, not slack off."

"Calm down, Uncle Frank." Tommy says. "I was ready to go. I just wasn't waiting by the front door. Not everything has to be perfect, you know."

"It does if you were in the military." His uncle quickly responds.

"I'm not in the military, am I?" Tommy says.

"No. You're not." His uncle says. "Your parents were thinking about it, though. They sent you here instead."

Kim just stands by the front door, looking awkward. "Maybe I should just go wait in the car…" She starts to say.

"No." Tommy says. "This will just take a minute."

"I'm sorry." His uncle says. "I didn't mean to snap on you, but your parents trusted me to help straighten you out. That's all I'm trying to do."

"It's OK." Tommy says. "Let's go Kim. See you later, Uncle Frank." He and Kim walk out the door and get into Tommy's car. They start driving to school. They sit in silence for a few seconds, then Tommy breaks the ice.

"Sorry you had to see that little outburst with my uncle." Tommy says.

"It's OK." Kim says.. They go back to sitting in silence. A few seconds later, Kim speaks up again. "Thanks for giving me a ride, by the way." She says.

"It's no problem." Tommy says.

"It was very nice of you to offer." Kim says. She stares out the window. "I mean, I'm sure Zack could have given me a ride, but it's much more convenient to ride with you since you are right next door."

"Don't worry about it." Tommy says. "It's a good way to get a friend. I didn't have very many friends back home, and I don't know if you'd call the ones I had 'friends'."

"What do you mean?" Kim says.

"The guys I hung out didn't care about anyone but themselves." Tommy says. "They would gladly throw me under the bus if it benefitted them."

"Well, that's horrible." Kim says. "You've got one friend, now. And I'm sure that the guys and Trini will like you."

"We'll see." Tommy says. "At least I don't have a reputation here. I can start fresh. The last thing I need is for people think of me as a member of that crowd."

They pull into the parking lot at the school. They get out of the car, and Tommy looks at Kim. She looks a little uncomfortable.

"Don't let that scare you off, though." Tommy says. "I came out here to change all that. I hated having that reputation. I couldn't do anything back home without a squad of police cars patrolling the area. It was hell."

"Nothing you say right now is going to scare me off." Kim says. "We've only hung out a few times. I'm not one to judge someone before I get to know them."

"It's refreshing to meet someone like that." Tommy says. They walk into the school.

"Well, thanks again for the ride." Kim says. "Do you think I could get a ride home?"

"You got it." Tommy says.

"Great!" Kim says. "Sounds like a plan. See you then, if I don't see you sooner." Then Kim walks off. Tommy sighs, and then walks in the opposite direction.

Harrison walks into the main area of the D.E.T.A. Headquarters. "Sullivan, report."

"The unknown object crashed into the moon around 1:15 this morning." Sullivan says.

"What about Jackson and Nichols?" Harrison says. "Have they been dispatched?"

"Our team was dispatched late last night, and has landed." Sullivan says. "We should be able to contact them, but have not heard from them since they landed. It is unknown whether they have found the object or not."

"Get me a headset! I want to talk to them." Harrison shouts.

"Right away, sir." Sullivan says. She gives a signal to one of the other employees in the room. He nods and runs out of the room. A few seconds later he comes back with a headset and walks up to Commander Harrison.

"Here you are, sir." He says. Harrison looks at him.

"Thank you, son." Harrison says. "Attention members of the exploratory mission on the moon. This is Commander John Harrison, do you read me?" There is no response. Harrison tries again. "Jackson, Nichols, this is Commander John Harrison of DETA. Do you read me?"

"Yes sir, This is captain Bucky Jackson and I read you loud and clear." Jackson says on the other end.

"Good." Harrison says, looking somewhat relieved. "Have you had any luck in locating the unknown object?"

"No sir, we have not." Jackson says over the headset. "It's so vast up here, we're not sure exactly where to start, but we'll keep looking."

Harrison covers the microphone and looks at Sullivan. "Do we know the general area of where the item landed?" He asks.

"I can't give you an exact location, but if these readings are correct, it looks to be somewhere in the Sea of Tranquility." She responds.

"That will give them a general idea of where to look." Harrison says. "Captain Jackson, we believe the unknown item landed somewhere in the Sea of Tranquility."

"Thank you, sir." Jackson responds.

"I want you to contact us the second you find something." Harrison says.

"We will sir." Jackson says. "Wait, hold on a second."

"What is it?" Harrison asks. "Did you find the unknown object?"

"I think we've found it. Tom, did you find something. We found something at least." Jackson says. There is a short pause. The people in the D.E.T.A. Headquarters sit in silence waiting for the next update. "I've never seen anything like this. It's definitely not from Earth. Man, this thing must have hit hard, it's really lodged in here. Whatever this thing is, it's huge. Should we open it up?"

"Yes. We need to know what it's in there." Harrison says.

"Alright. Here we go." Jackson says. There is a pause where we hear a few grunts from the astronauts. All the people in the D.E.T.A. headquarters look worried. "We've got it open, but now we can't see anything." Jackson says. "A lot of smoke came out of it. Something else came out of it, too. What are things?"

A lot of loud noise can be heard. The astronauts are clearly struggling. "What can you see?" Harrison says. "Captain, do you see?"

There is large, witch like cackle and large groan, followed by the two astronauts screaming. Then there is just static.

"We lost them!" Harrison says. "Damn! Contact the Military. We've got some sort of alien threat about to attack the Earth! Move people! This is the real deal!"