A.N. Yeah I wasn't planning this. I haven't written anything in years but I felt inspired and this kind of just spilled out. Please enjoy this mess of writing: P

1. In which I realize I'm going insane

She was going insane. She felt the strong urge, nay need, to stuff a chunk of hair into her mouth and chew it.

She was innocent and sweet (and at times bossy) Ally Dawson. Why in the world was her mind replaying that one moment in her life where she hadn't been so innocent and sweet? Why was it that her dreams, and daydreams for that matter, were consumed by him.

Him being Austin Moon: the laid back alpha male of Miami High.

"Stupid hormones" she mumbled. Just because he had beautiful brown kind eyes and blonde hair that flopped just the right way and a smile that made her heart beat pick up…

"No!" Ally exclaimed as she snapped herself back to reality which consisted of her teacher and fellow classmates looking at her as if she's grown an extra head.

She smiled nervously and mumbled an apology before digging her head in her secret song book like an ostrich.

She was Ally Dawson. Goody-goody straight-A Ally Dawson who liked to read during lunch and was barely visible on the school radar. She didn't matter to the most popular guy in school.

Still, her mind kept going to that place. That closet she had shared with Austin Moon for only seven minutes.

She shook her head as if doing so would throw out the thoughts in her head. It had been weeks and that memory was still fresh in her mind.


Her eyes widened. This wasn't happening, was it? That bottle wasn't aiming at her, directing her to go into a stranger's closet with a boy she had never spoken more than a few words to.

But alas, it was exactly what was happening.

Austin Moon laughed as his red-haired best friend, who always seemed to carry the strangest items in his backpack, slapped his back and pushed him forward towards his closet. Ally felt herself forced onto her feet by her tiny but abrasive friend and pushed into the closet. Then the door slammed shut.

"Alright, you're going to be in there for seven minutes startiiiiiiing… NOW!" She heard Trish yell out.

The closet was fairly small, only just big enough to hold them which meant their bodies were only a couple inches apart. The closet was dark so Ally quickly pulled the chord that turned the light in the closet on.

Austin raised his eyebrows at her, "You've never played this game before have you?"

Ally chuckled nervously as she fiddled with the ends of her dress, "No, can't say I have but I'm sure we can't do it with the lights off. What are we supposed to do?"

Austin smirked, "We're supposed to make out"

"WHAT?" Ally exclaimed. In her surprise she stepped back where a rack of jackets was placed and she felt herself fall backwards, a leather jacket falling over head as she landed on her butt.

She heard Austin laugh as he removed the jacket that had fallen over her head, "You're not very coordinated are you?"

Ally looked down to the floor and put a chunk full of hair into her mouth nervously.

"And now you're biting your hair. You really are something else, aren't you?" she heard him say.

Ally looked up at Austin. He had a smile on his face but his eyes indicated that he was in thought.

Ally tried to stand up but since a jacket had become attached to her ankle she fell back onto the ground. Austin blinked quickly at her clumsiness before grabbing Ally's hands and making her stand up.

Ally cleared her throat nervously; "Thanks" Austin shrugged in response as Ally began to fiddle with the ends of her dress once again.

"So, we're just supposed to…kiss?"

"That's the idea"

"…I may be new to the whole party scene, but that sounds really dumb"

"It's not so bad" He says teasingly, a smirk on his face.


"Let me guess, you've never kissed anyone?"


"Oh God, you've really never kissed anyone"

"Hey! It's not like I've ever had guys ask me out Mr. Girls and even some flamboyant boys fall all over my feet just for a second of my attention!"

"Wait… guys dig me?"

Ally rolled her eyes. Austin Moon might be the most popular boy in school but the smartest he was not. However, he wasn't that horrible of company. She could see why so many people liked to be around him.

After a moment of silence, Ally spoke up again.

"So, is it fun?"


"You know…smooching?"

Austin chuckled at her choice of words before letting out a shrug

Ally gave him a look that told him that she wanted him to elaborate.

Austin rolled his eyes and dug his hands into his pockets. "It's okay"

Ally raised an eyebrow, "Just okay? For something that's just okay you seem to enjoy doing it a lot" It was true. It was a common occurrence to see Austin Moon making out with a gorgeous girl against a locker or behind a tree.

Austin rolled his eyes "It's pretty fun in the moment. It's not as big of a deal as people make it out to be."

"So, if we were to kiss right now it wouldn't be that big of a deal?"

"Hm, no not really"

There was a short silence in the closet before Austin felt two hands rest firmly on his shoulders and a pair of unfamiliar lips press quickly against his own.

Ally Dawson had just kissed Austin Moon.

Ally pulled back from the peck, mortified by her spontaneity. When she her eyes met Austin's, she wasn't sure what to think.

His eyebrows were deeply furrowed but his eyes didn't reflect any anger, or disbelief, or even shock. She honestly couldn't tell what he was thinking at that exact moment.

As she contemplated his reaction, he took her off guard as he pulled her close by the hips and enveloped her lips with his.

Ally closed her eyes at the feel of his lips and felt her arms reach up to wrap around his neck. She moaned. This kiss, unlike the quick peck Ally had given him, was long and slow and passionate. She had never felt a sensation more satisfying, never tasted anything as amazing.

Ally let out a gasp of surprise as Austin lifted her up in the air, pressed her against the wall parallel to the closed closet door and wrapped her legs around his waist to hold her up.

Ally, as soon as her back hit the wall, cupped his face in her hands and forcefully placed his lips back unto hers. The kiss then quickened and grew even more passionate. Her fingers travelled into his hair, pulling him even closer to her. His hands travelled up and down her legs and up and down her body, leaving goose bumps every place he touched.

Ally let out a small whine as he separated his lips from hers. Her whine was replaced with a moan as Austin began to kiss her way down to her neck. Ally leaned her head back in ecstasy as Austin placed open mouthed kisses down her face and neck and onto her chest before inching back up her to neck to bite and suck on the back of her ear.

Ally gasped for air as Austin finished his ministrations by kissing where he had just bit and sucked only to continue to press kisses across her cheek before reaching her lips again.

Ally gently held Austin's face in her hands, almost caressing his face, as she felt the pace of the kiss decrease. The kiss turned slow and passionate, just like the one Austin had initiated.

As their lips slowly separated Ally literally felt she was coming down from cloud nine and back into reality., She felt her legs unwrapping themselves from Austin's waist as he placed her feet back on the ground. Her hands absentmindedly travelled down his face to rest on his chest.

Ally looked down at the ground, a blush beginning to rise on her cheeks as the reality of what had just occurred settled in her mind.

As she tried to calm down her erratic breathing she felt Austin press his forehead on hers. He wasn't quite as out of breath as she was but she could hear him quietly intake some air. She timidly began to lift her eyes so they would meet his.

Before either one could do or say anything else the closet door swung open and both were pushed back into the real world.

That had been three weeks earlier. The Monday following that party Ally had entered Miami High in the hopes that nothing would change.

She was reassured of this when she neared her locker and saw the blonde haired boy pressing up a blonde cheerlead up against the wall next to her locker in a feverish kiss.

Austin never acknowledged her. She would see him in the hallway where her locker was placed either surrounded by his buddies or by a group of adoring girls.

She could always count one of those adoring girls to be pushed up against him in a feverish kiss only moments later.

She knew she shouldn't let it bother her. Austin Moon had been a ladies' man before she stepped into that closet and he was still the same after. It just baffled her to see Austin with so many different girls in such a short time.

Ally was an observant person. Before the closet incident, she noticed Austin had only one girl, sometimes two, a week replacing her with a different one the next week.

After the closet incident, Austin was seen with as many as four or five different girls each week. Practically one for each school day!

She knew she shouldn't care. Austin Moon was the most popular boy in school and she, Ally Dawson, was an invisible bookworm. Just because he had been her first kiss did not mean she had any influence over his life.

However, she couldn't keep denying it. She liked kissing Austin. Kissing felt really good. Now she understood why Austin liked to do it so often.

She really wanted to kiss him again but she knew Austin had some kind of no-repeats policy. She would probably not be able to let out three words let alone ask him if he wanted to kiss her.

The bell rang and Ally had never felt so relived in her entire life. She needed to control her thoughts more.

She walked out of the classroom and walked down the hallway to her locker to pick up her books before going home. As she walked to her locker she passed by Austin who had a pretty brunette enveloped in his arm.

When she reached her locker she looked to where Austin stood. He had a smirk on his face as the girl pressed her body close to his and placed a long kiss on his cheek.

Ally sighed, opened her locker, and reached to grab a textbook that was at the far corner of her locker. She hit her head against the top of her locker when she felt a tap on her back.

"Ow!" she exclaimed as she grabbed her head and turned around to face who had tapped her. She was met with the shocked face of Dallas Quimby, her crush for the past year.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry!" he exclaimed, the brown eyes that she had once swooned over were wide in surprise.

Ally let out a grimace, "It-it's okay. I hurt myself almost every day anyways" she said as she massaged her head and closed her locker door, pulling her bag over her shoulder.

Dallas let out an apologetic smile, "Let me make it up to you. Would you like to go to the movies tonight?"

Ally's eyes widened in surprise. She had been crushing on Dallas ever since they had been paired to dissect a frog in science class in November and he had refused to hurt the innocent amphibian.

"Um, really? Me?"

"Look, I know we're never really talked."

"We've been science partners since the beginning of the year…"

"Well, yeah but we've never been that close. Look, I've liked you for a while and I really want to get to know you better! So, what do you say?"

Ally bit her lip nervously. A month ago, if Dallas Quimby had asked her out she would have been over the moon. However, a month ago, she hadn't made out with Austin Moon in a closet during a game of seven minutes if heaven.

Ally nervously looked at the ground then her eyes travelled to her surroundings. She was surprised to see most of the students in the hallway staring in her direction.

She looked behind her but didn't see anyone else. 'Nope, they're staring at me.'

She turned her head back and was even more surprised to see Austin, who was almost at the other end of the hallway, staring directly at her.

Ally gulped and turned her eyes back to Dallas. His brown eyes were eager with a wide smile on his face

"Sure" Ally let out nervously.

"Awesome!" Dallas said as he fist bumped the air.

Ally, taken back by his reaction, let out a breathy laugh.

Dallas cleared his throat, "Um, I mean-I'll pick you up tonight at seven" he said and then, as he made his way past her, pecked her cheek in goodbye.

Ally flinched in surprise and turned back to where she was facing to see that everyone was still staring in her direction.

Ally let out a nervous "hi" before she walked down the hallway, her eyes quickly meeting the floor as Austin's gaze met hers as she passed him by.