2. In which insanity doesn't seem so bad anymore

The date wasn't going bad, per say.

They weren't talking that much but they were watching a movie weren't they?

'People shouldn't talk during movies, it's rude!' she thought to herself.

However, most teenage girls, when her date wraps his arm around her, she giddily leans closer to him. 'Well, I was never normal now was I?' she thinks as she inches away from Dallas' arm and smiles awkwardly at him.

'Just forget about Austin! He's obviously forgotten about you so you should too.' she tells herself as she tries snuggling into Dallas' embrace.

It still didn't feel right. She tries leaning her head on his shoulder, pressing her head against the crook of his neck…

"Yeah, this isn't working out is it?" she hears him say suddenly. She quickly nods 'no' into his neck.

"No, no, its fine I've just never been in this kind of position before. I'll get used to it" she tells him and he nods.

A few minutes later she's still shifting, trying to find a position where she doesn't want to completely leave his embrace.

"No, this definitely isn't working out" Dallas sighs as he begin to remove his arm but Ally pulls it back down.

"No! I swear I can do this it's just…"


"Yes! Wait, no it's not that it's just…"

"Ally, if you didn't want to come with me to the movies why didn't you just say so?"

Ally bit her lip, "I thought I wanted to, I mean-I really liked you for the longest time but I'm just not-"

"Feeling anything?"

Ally nodded, "I'm so sorry, Dallas."

Dallas shrugged as he stood up, "It's okay. At least we tried it out."

Ally smiled and stuck out her hand, "Friends?"

Dallas smiled and shook her hand, "Sure. See you on Monday."

Ally smiled, "See you then" Then he left.

Ally sighed then looked towards the screen. The movie wasn't over yet so she might as well finish watching it. Since she had been distracted trying to find a comfortable position in Dallas' arms she had failed to realize they were watching a scary movie.

'Ugh, I hate scary movies,' she thought to herself and after a few minutes of trying to watch it she figured she might as well leave.

She stepped out of the theater and walked towards the lobby. She pulled out her phone so she could call for a ride home early. As she threw he head up to wait for the phone to ring she felt the top of her head collide with someone's chin.

She winced in pain before she realized she had also hurt someone else. "Oh God I'm so sorr-" her apology died on her lips as she saw it was Austin Moon who she had bumped into.

"OW! I see your coordination hasn't improved much" Austin groaned as he rubbed his chin.

Ally's mouth hung open, "I'm-I'm SO sorry! Is your chin okay?"

"I think it's throbbing"

Ally scrunched her nose.

"Wait, he felt his chin, nah it's good."

Ally let out a sigh in relief. It was bad enough her clumsiness hurt herself; she didn't want someone else getting hurt over it. Especially if it was the guy she couldn't stop thinking about.

A silence loomed over them and Ally cleared her throat "Well, I'm glad your chin in fine so I'll just be seeing you then." Ally said awkwardly and began to walk around him.

"Wait! Austin said stepping in Ally's path which makes her take a step back in surprise, so…what brings you here?"

Ally scrunches her eyebrows in confusion and points to the movie theater sign above them, "a movie?"

"Oh, yeah. So, you came alone?"

"Oh, um, I came with a friend."

"A friend." He stated, raising his eyebrows.

"Mhmm, just a good old buddy" she says, dorkily throwing her head to the side.

Austin laughed. "So…where's that good old buddy of yours?"

"He left"

Austin raised his eyebrows, "Really? Why?"

"It didn't feel right" Ally said and shrugged exaggeratedly. Austin scrunched his eyes at her, recognizing her mocking gesture as his own.

They both let out a laugh.

"So, since your buddy left early you want to hang out with me?" Austin asked, his hands digging their way into his pockets.

Ally felt her heart begin to beat rapidly, "Okay, sure."

Austin grinned at her and grabbed her hand. He led her farther down the lobby to a room and led her through it. Ally's heart beat deflated as she was met with bright lights and the noise of little kids.

"The arcade?"


Ally looked at him.

Austin looked at her questioningly. "What? You don't like the arcade?"

"I suck at any type of game… and it smells like barf in here."

Austin grinned, "Just give it a shot."

Ally rolled her eyes and let out an exaggerated sigh, "Okay" she smiled at Austin and he giddily led her in.

Truthfully, she wasn't much of an arcade person but Austin Moon had a way of making things really fun.

They had started with skee-ball which Ally, with her lousy coordination, had managed to get only 10 points for almost all her tries. Austin had laughed as he watched Ally plead her last ball not fail her and she shot him a look. Austin shook his head then stepped behind her. He enveloped her hand with his own.

"Just, flick your wrist like this." Austin instructed as he moved her wrist to let go of the ball. The ball then fell into the hundred-point slot.

"See, you're getting better already." he chuckled and she let out a small laugh, her cheeks turning red at his close proximity.

They proceeded to play all the games in the arcade, from whack-a-mole to Dance-Dance Revolution (which Austin teased Ally mercilessly for her dance moves) and even played 'Silent Hill 3'which Ally swore was the dullest game in the entire arcade.

As they made their way to the exit Austin noticed a new addition to the arcade: Guitar Hero.

"Come on Ally, one song." Austin pleaded as he put placed the guitar strap around him.

"I dunno. I can't play the drums or the guitar-"

"Can you sing?"

"Um, well-"

"You can! Come on it'll be fun"

"I'm not good at singing in public. The last time I sang I let out this humongous burp at the school Christmas recital in second grade. People still tease me about it.

"Oh I remember that! Me and Dez started burping 'Santa Clause is Coming to Town' after you ran off the stage. Good times." Austin reminisced whilst giving her a dopey smile.

Ally gave him a look and he wiped the smile of his face.

"Hey, it's okay if you don't want to do it. We can just go home now."

Ally nodded. Then, as Austin turned to remove the guitar she closed her eyes tightly and bit her lip 'I'm so gonna regret this.' She pressed random selection on the screen and Uncle Kracker's 'Smile' began to play.

Austin looked at her in surprised and Ally smiled nervously and closed her eyes before beginning to sing the first verse.

"You're better than the best; I'm lucky just to linger in your life. Cooler than the flipside of my pillow-that's right"

Ally's eyes shot open as she heard Austin's voice sing the next part of the verse.

"Completely unaware, nothing can compare to where you send me-lets me know that it's okay, that it's okay"

"And the moment when my good times start to fade" Ally sang as Austin grinned at her before letting out a guitar rift.

Austin and Ally sang together, smiling, laughing, pulling silly faces at each other and even dancing around each other as if they had been friends for years as they sang the chorus of the song twice along with the second verse."You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head. Spin like a record, crazy on a Sunday night. You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe. Shine like gold, buzz like a bee. Just the thought of you can drive me wild, oh you make me smile"

"Don't know how to live without you cause every time that I get around you. I see the best of me inside your eyes. You make me smile" Austin and Ally sang in harmony as the beat slowed down and the screen indicated the guitar not to play.

Austin smiled as he sang to Ally, 'You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breathe. Shine like gold, buzz like a bee. Just the thought of you can drive me wild' he quickly booped Ally's nose and grinned as he saw her face light up in surprise before he began to play the chorus of the song once again on the guitar. They both sang the chorus once more before they finished the song.

"Boy you make me smile"

"Oh you make me smile"

"Boy you make me smile"

"Oh you make me smile"

"Hey Austin look!" Ally exclaimed pulling his hand so he would stop walking. They had been on their way to the movie theatre entrance so that Austin could walk Ally home.

"What?" Austin asked and looked over to where Ally was pointing, a photo booth. Austin turned his eyes to see a giddy smile on her face and he rolled his eyes exaggeratedly, "Okay!"

Ally squealed as she pulled Austin towards the photo booth and they slid in. They pressed five dollars into the machine for five photos.

"Five, four, three, two, ONE!" they exclaimed as the screen counted down and they began to take various pictures. The first photo was a picture with their smiling faces pressed together, the second photo was a picture of them pulling silly faces at the camera, the third photo was a picture of them making silly faces at each other, while the fourth photo was a picture of them smiling widely at each other.

The last photo was a picture of Austin pulling Ally's face into a kiss.

Ally moaned as felt Austin's hand travel up across her cheek to entangle itself into her hair. She placed a hand on his cheek to pull him closer and kiss him deeply.

Once they pulled back for air Ally realized that this time there was no one there to pull them away from each other. She looked into his eyes to find a smile on his face and felt his thumb brush her lip.

"That was nice." she mumbled.

"Just nice?" he teased, wiggling his eyebrows.

Ally rolled her eyes mockingly "Yeah, it was. But it sure doesn't beat my first kiss, though."

"Oh, really?"

"Mhmm, that was a little more than nice."

"A way a first kiss should be."

"Pretty much."

They stared at each other, happy almost identical grins on their faces. Ally's grin slowly began to fade as a thought entered her mind.

Austin's eyes furrowed, "Hey, what's up?"

"You tell me."

Austin cocked his head to the side and Ally looked at him pointedly, "You can't just punch your lips with mine like that after ignoring me for the past three weeks and making out with I can't remember how many girls and…"

"Wait, did you just say I… punched your lips?" Austin asked and Ally punched his arm.

"Austin! I'm serious." Ally said as Austin rubbed his arm in fake-pain.

Ally gave him a look that said "No telling, no kissin" so he sighed, "What do you want to know?"

"For starters, why did you ignore me all these weeks after we kissed in Dez's closet?"

"Well, don't take this the wrong way, but making out in a closet with someone doesn't immediately make you the best of friends."

"I know that. I wasn't exactly expecting you to come up and "WHAT UP!" me." Ally said mimicking the handshake she had seen him and his red-haired best friend Dez do countless times.

Austin chuckled and Ally continued, "I just wanted you to at least acknowledge I exist."

Austin let out a guilty smile, "Sorry, I'm usually not like that."

"I know, you're friends with everyone. Even the girls that you date for, like, a week, still like to stop and talk to you."

"Well, I'm a likeable person."

"Yeah, I know" Ally said, putting her tongue out at him and he laughed.

"Okay question number 2: why did you want to hang out with me? I mean, you were practically ignoring me for the past three weeks and all of the sudden you want me to hang out it you…"

Austin nodded but didn't say anything.



"I'd like an answer, please?"

Austin looked down at his lap, his fingers fidgeting, "I kinda-sorta *coughs* gotacrushonyou" he said quickly.

Ally raised an eyebrow, "What?"


"Austin? Slower and with better pronunciation, please."

Austin sighed in frustration and looked at her, his eyes shifting from her face to his lap, "..."

"Oh…" Ally blushed and felt a smile form on her face but was replaced with a frown.

"Wait, if you had a crush on me, why did you ignore me?" she asked confusedly.

"Well I've never really liked a girl like that. I mean, yeah kissing's fun an all but it's not like I ever liked the girl I was kissing."

Ally looked pointedly at him, "Wait, so you've never actually liked any of the girls you've kissed?"

"Well, yeah. Just not enough to actually want to hang out with her after the kissing was over."

"Yeah, I'm still a little confused."

"Look, I've never really liked at girl. I've liked kissing girls but I've never actually wanted to get to know one and hang out with her." Austin admitted.

"So, you didn't talk to me because…"

"I had a really big crush on you and didn't know how to approach you."

"And all those girls you were making out will all of the sudden?"

Austin rubbed the back of his neck, "Ally, I had never felt this way about anyone and I didn't know what to do so I just decided to try and push it aside. It got kinda hard to ignore you when I saw you every day and all I wanted to do was come over to you and kiss you. So, I thought kissing other girls would make me get over you."

"Okay, but did you really have to do it in the hallway where I always passed?" She asked sternly.

Austin nervously smiled, "I've never thought things out well."

Ally rolled her eyes and shook her head, a smile on her face.

"So, what does this make us?" she asked looking over at him.

He shrugged, looking at his lap, a smile on his face. Ally brushed her shoulder with his, encouraging him to respond, and he smiled at her.

He felt his hand envelop hers, "Acquaintances with benefits?"

Ally slapped his chest.

"Kidding! Kidding!" Austin said, holding his free hand up in mock surrender.

Ally smiled sweetly at him, "I guess we can figure it out after our second date."

Austin grinned at her, "We can still kiss before then, right?"

Ally rolled her eyes and responder with, "You're insane." She then proceeded to kiss his lips softly. Maybe being insane wasn't as bad as she thought it would be.

So that's it. My first Austin & Ally story. I can't express how much I love this show and absolutely every aspect of it. It's seriously my favorite Disney Channel show ever. I hope I did it some justice but I know my writing probably butchered something. Despite this, I hope you still enjoyed it :P

Mucho love,