It must have been the full moon.

That was the only thing he could think of to explain what he had done as he had only a hazy memory of the life altering event.

It was October the seventh, 2011. And he had been feeling more than a little out of sorts for a while. Discontent with the continued never ending fights, the rescues, the pain that came with being captured by enemies and having your body ripped apart piece by piece-

He wanted something more for himself and his family, but knew that he wouldn't gain that something without attempting to risk everything.

For instance on this particular night he and his three brothers were out on patrol.

His third youngest brother, Donatello, the inventor of their family had asked that they try out the walky talkies that he had made. Which meant that they had all had to split up so that they could cover more ground.

Mikey took the east side. Raph took the west. Don stayed in the north and he headed to the south part of the city which consisted of Central Park and a few other places around it.

He recalled that he was distracted.

His skin was tingling strangely, his heart beating just a little bit too fast, his stomach was doing this odd flip flop- And his lower plasteron around where his sheath was itching like a motherfucker.

He kept catching one of his hands straying towards his lower body- no doubt to scratch at it as he moved through the dark shadows of Central Park, his mind straying from time to time to the odd sensations he felt throughout his body.

He didn't feel right. Hadn't felt right since a few days prior to now.

But he hadn't wanted his brothers to leave the lair with Raph in charge. The temperamental male didn't do well with power of any kind since he tended to abuse it in strange and often entertaining ways.

He hunkered down in the bushes, in the dark shade of a small cluster of tree's and was about to move again when he heard the soft airy sound of a girl/woman humming softly as she walked by him. A heavy plastic bag of food clutched in one hand.

He blinked at her back, wondering what she was doing out so late at night in a place where people like her were often raped or killed. Sometimes both. Sighing softly he decided that groceries were no excuse and this female with no common sense needed to be watched and quietly made his way after her while sticking to the shadows to keep from being seen.

After all it just wouldn't do for him to be seen. Not when his appearance could terrify just about any person in the city.


The city at night was a wonderful, lovely but frightening place to explore. But it wasn't like she had much of a choice in when she could go out since her dorm master had a bad habit of going mid evil on the ass of anyone who wasn't in their room by midnight.

Something that she had learned all too well her first few weeks of collage. Everytime she had been caught coming in late, her dorm master had put her through borderline hazing/torture that at one point or another had stripped her of her dignity and then some.

Of course this wasn't the typical hazing.

After all what person in their right mind would slip you something in your food or drink, strip you of your clothing and make you try to find your way back to campus when there was a high chance that you could and in many cases would be arrested, kidnapped, mugged, raped, murdered or even sold into prostitution.

She'd had five close calls with thugs wanting to use her for their entertainment. Two arrests for public indecency. One for having H in her blood and no idea how it got there.

Which was why she had decided to get out before she wound up like one of her dorm sisters, Cassy. A nice little country gal like herself who had come to the city to finish her education. Cassy had been found floating face down in the river down by the docks, several days ago after being led away by the dorm master in nothing but her bare skin and a berlap sack.

So earlier today before her classes had ended she had skipped three of them just to go to the office and withdraw from the school. She had asked for her records, her files, her credits and when her dorm master had come to see why she wasn't in class- she had called the police on the woman to get her arrested for what she had done.

However the dorm master seemed to have friends in high places. Which made her dangerous to be around. So after swearing to the cops that she would testify about some of the happenings of her former dorm, she had gone and collected only what she had felt she needed then had left to find an apartment using what money she had left.

After settling in she had rested for a little bit then upon realizing that it was dark and she didn't have any food, she had grabbed her key and rushed out to go buy some food before the corner stores closed.

She was walking by the pond in the middle of the park when she decided to stop. Not for long mind you, but just a few minutes to enjoy the night like she had used too before she had gone to collage and her life had gone spiraling out of control. She set her bag on the little wooden bench and then stretched her arms up over her head.

Ignoring the way her shoulders ached from carrying her furniture earlier. She dropped her arms back to her sides and stood there staring at the lake admiring the way the silvery light of the moon kissed the water's surface. "How beautiful..." She murmured to herself as she lifted one hand to push back at some of the wild silvery blond hair that had fallen into her face.

Tucking the strands behind one of her ears she sighed and then dropped down onto the bench and crossed her legs and made herself comfortable.


He shifted uncomfortably, his sheath opening slightly. Letting some of the cool air reach his throbbing shaft as he clenched his teeth as if he were in pain. His mind going hazy for a moment. Christ! What did he have to do to make this odd feeling go away? It wasn't like it was his mating season. He didn't go into that for another month. But the sensations while similar- were entirely different too.

They were more intense than anything he'd felt before.

Maybe this is your body's way of paying you back for supressing your needs for so long... It was a ridiculous thought on his part but at least it gave him a semi explination for what he was feeling, though he wasn't sure how his body paying him back for something that wasn't really necessary to occur. He was pretty sure that it wouldn't start with his skin itching in strange places among other things.

He was settled in the shadows of a cherry blossem tree, his dark blue eyes fixated on the females back. She seemed to be enjoying the view of the moon playing across the surface of the pond.

On a normal night, if he had been feeling more like himself- he probably would have wasted time doing the same. Just for a few minutes or so. But then again, he was armed and extremely dangerous and people tended not to mess with him unless they were either young, stupid, or had a death wish. But it was different for the female.

She wasn't armed. She appeared as dangerous as a bunny slipper. Her guard was down at the moment leaving her totally defenseless. Defenseless... this was a rare sight for him. To stumble across someone in the whole city who didn't have their guard up around him. Whether she was aware of his presence or not. It was still a rare sight considering that even his long time family friend April kept her guard up around him and his brothers.

He hadn't taken any offense to this, merely noting that it was the way she was with others.

But this female- something about her defenselessness tugged at his mind. So much so that before he realized what he was doing he was standing up and moving forward out of the shadows and stealthily walked up behind her and reached down and wrapped a hand around her throat. His grip firm enough to scare her yet not enough to hurt her.

He felt her jump a moment before she started to let her head fall back- "Baring your throat for me is a huge mistake. For all you know I could be a murderer." He said roughly, automatically stopping her movement before asking, "Are you enjoying the view?"

The woman was quiet for a moment or so leaving him to focus on the fact that he could feel her heart beating under his fingertips. His heart sped up a little bit to match the pace of hers as she answered.

"The view is very nice. It's a welcome sight compared to what I've seen lately."

"Ah..." Leo breathed softly as he let his eyes drift closed for a moment. She had such a lovely voice that he found the light airy tone was soothing to his agitated mind. "Have things been so bad?" He asked curiously as he re opened his eyes.

"I quit collage today because my dorm master's fucked up humiliation tactics lead to the death of one of the girls I knew. So yeah... things have been bad."

"I'm sorry." Leo said, his gut twisting itself in knots at the sadness in her tone as he removed his hand from around her throat and instead tried to maintain contact with her by running his fingers through her silken hair.

What am I doing? Exposing myself to a human? He wondered, not understanding why his normal anxiousness or caution upon being exposed, wasn't found anywhere in his mind. In fact his usual worries about endangering himself and his family were pushed back into the furthest corner of his mind.

It was as if for the time being they didn't exist.

Was that why he was still standing here with this human? Or was it something else? Something tied to the way he'd been feeling recently, maybe. "I can't stay with you much longer-" He said finally after a few moments of silence before continuing. "Why don't I walk you home? Since it isn't safe out for girls like you at this time of night."

"How do I know you won't pull anything funny once you get me home?"

"I'll give you my word that I won't do anything that you don't ask me too." She made a humming sound and uncrossed her legs and slowly stood up, her full height making her just a foot and a half smaller than him. He was lost in thought when she picked up her bags and turned around and gasped.

His eyes flickered to her face and he tilted his head to the side a little bit as his mouth curved up a little bit in a scary smile. "Scared of me?" She stared at him for a second then reached out with her free hand and put it against his shoulder, his smile faded as the warmth of her skin seeped through his own. Making him feel like he had been scortched through and through as she trailed her fingers down from his shoulder to his bicep and then further to his hand.

She had a curious expression on her face. A reaction that he'd become accustomed too over the past twenty eight years. It went right up there with fear and terror but of the many emotions or possible reactions he had expected- he hadn't expected this from her.

The second she was done exploring his arm and hand she shifted her attention to his shell and placed her hand in the middle of his plasteron, directly over his heart and gave a small push then drew her hand back away from his body and tipped her head back and giggled. Making him wonder if this female was just slightly off her rocker as he asked again in a more serious tone.

"Are you afraid of me?"

"You're a big guy...but no. You don't scare me at all." She said with a kind/innocent smile. He blinked down at her, his expression stunned and felt something warm in the center of his chest.

Leaning down a little bit so that he and the female were eye to eye, he then reached out a hand and gently cupped her cheek and studied her face in the dim light as he asked. "Can I keep you?"

She blinked at him and gave him a puzzled look. Probably wondering what he meant by his words.

Truth be told, he wondered what exactly he meant by those words too. But he didn't voice his concerns. Instead he merely took her bag from her hand and asked her to lead the way back to his place, pausing only long enough to add that she shouldn't worry if he disappeared for a little while when walking her home. He'd be right behind her the whole way.