Yo, sorry that this chapter is so short. I got to the last sentence and then my mind just fizzled out on me. It happens when you have so many things to work on at once, ya know.

Anyways the next chapter should be longer.


"I guess that this means you missed your interview." Leo said sullenly as he ran his fingertips along Tempest's back causing her to shiver slightly. Finding it just a little odd that he wasn't feeling terribly happy at the moment after what had happened between himself and his wife earlier. Possibly because she had missed her chance at the job she wanted.

Then again it could be because he was consciously aware of the fact that he had hurt her, even just a bit. It was too much. Tempest smiled at him and then splashed him with some of the water in the tub earning a small forced laugh from him before she replied.

"It's okay." Tempest said, trying to pacify him and make him feel better.

"Is it really?" He asked, recalling her earlier excitment and feeling a stab of guilt. Tempest gave him a smile and leaned her body against the side of the bath tub and buried her face against his inner elbow. Leo smiled and used his free hand to play with her hair. Winding and unwinding the strands from around his index finger.

"It is-" Tempest said, her voice muffled against his skin before she lifted her head and said, "I can set up a site online for ghost writers and probably have my first eight or nine visitors within an hour." Leo studied her for a moment, thinking that it couldn't possibly be that easy to do what she was saying.

He imagined that it would take time. Days, weeks, perhaps even months before her site got any business.

"I'm not exactly sure if a web site recently posted will work out like you think-" Leo sarted to warn her when he felt small teeth latch onto his inner elbow and yelped as Tempest turned her head just enough to glare at him. He blinked at her as she reached out with one hand and gripped his shoulder and released his inner elbow before licking the spot she had just bitten.

Leo jerked a bit, he felt the rasp of her tongue along his skin and shuttered. "Tempest-" He growled warningly as he felt trendles of newly rekindled desire settling in his lower stomach. "You're sore from earlier, so I suggest you stop before things get out of hand." He said as his breathing started to hitch a little bit.

Tempest lifted her head from his arm and looked at him with eyes that clearly stated that she was willing to give it a try. Even if her body wasn't up to it at the moment.

He groaned and hooked his hand around her nape and pulled her up out of the water a bit so that he could kiss her- when he heard the doorbell. Twisting his head around in annoyance, he swore softly and let Tempest go as he wondered, "Are you expecting someone?"

"No. Not to my knowledge." She said with a shake of her head. Leo frowned and slowly got up out of the floor and looked back down at her and said,

"You might need to get dressed, just in case it's someone from the Foot or something."

Tempest looked down at her nice comfy bath and growled out an slightly accented, "Well hell-" And then stood up and grabbed the towel that Leo held out to her.

"If it's someone from the Foot do you think you can push yourself to get dressed within three minutes?"

"Without a bra I can be done in two."

Leo snorted in amusment all while thinking, I'd like very much to see that.