I'm back! I know it had been a while since my last trilogy was updated, so I decided to hurry this production along. However, I have not sacrificed quality for quantity like other people (*cough* Michael Bay). Anyway, let's start this up again!

"Bring it on cock-sucking marrow monkeys!"

Dempsey fired his Resonator, feeling the powerful kick. He jumped back and tossed a grenade. It exploded and turned the crowd into a bloody mess.

"Vatch your own ass American!" Richtofen yelled shooting his Skullcrusher. He fired the grenade launcher and shouted, "And out come ze intestines! Und I skip rope vith zhem!"

"You are ugly. Like first wife" commented Nikolai firing his Calamity and Jane. He popped out the mags and slammed in two more.

"Like a katana to the head!" said Takeo popping a headshot with his AK74fu2.

The containers next to the pyramid were slowing filling up and Richtofen breathed a heavy sigh. Just a little more.

The chambers clicked and Richtofen shouted, "Ja! Time to die child!"

The pyramid shook violently. Then a voice screamed, "Oh no!"

Takeo pulled out his katana and yelled, "I will destroy you Richtofen!"

"Too late stupid samurai" replied Richtofen. He inserted the Vril Generator and laughed. "Ze power! It vill be mine! I vill rule ze vorld! But not before ve continue the game."

"You ass-licker!" Dempsey exclaimed tackling him. "I've been looking forward to killing you!"

A bright flash went out and they all covered their eyes. Once it settled, they looked around. Richtofen was still there, but something was different. His eyes were dark hazel instead of the normal blue.

"You're dead Kraut" Dempsey growled grabbing him again. "I'll rip off your arms and beat you to death with them."

"Who are you?" asked Richtofen. His voice was higher then normal, but Dempsey was too blind with rage to see it.

"Tank Dempsey. Your murderer" he said raising his knife.

"Wait! I am not Richtofen!" yelled Richtofen.

"Yeah, and I'm Nikolai" stated Takeo pointing his Predator at him.

"Jap, you wish you were me" Nikolai snapped holding his Porter's X2 Zap Guns.

"I am serious! I am not Richtofen!"

Dempsey lowered the knife to his belt. "Then who are you?"

"Samantha Maxis."

"You're Maxis's kid?" inquired Nikolai.

Samantha nodded. "Ja. Why did you think I was Richtofen?"

Dempsey pointed to her and she looked down. She gasped and yelled, "I'm hideous!"

Dempsey burst out laughing and fell to the ground. "That's good!"

A loud static noise came out and a voice announced, "Hello. If you are hearing dis, zhen Richtofen has actually succeeded. Now follow my instructions and ve may reduce ze inevitable damage he vill inflict."

Dempsey sat up and demanded, "Who are you?"

Samantha seemed to recognize the voice. "My father."

"I hope you like missiles Richtofen!"

Dempsey slammed the buttons and the rockets jettisoned. They flew into space and sailed towards the Earth.

"Why do I get the feeling that was a horrible idea?" wondered Nikolai.

"It was our only choice" confirmed Takeo. "Now he will not be as powerful."

The missiles hit and exploded into a fiery mass. They spread rapidly in a range of 1000 miles, engulfing anything. One in America, one in Europe, and another Asia. Other minor missiles were sent to Pacific Islands, Australia, and Africa.

"There goes my summer home. Oh well" muttered Nikolai. "At least I have my vodka!"

A deep laugh began echoing through the base. It grew in volume and pitch till it reached ear-splitting qualities.

"You honestly zhink it's over?" asked Richtofen via the loud speakers. "You zhink you've von? It hasn't even begun."

With that, zombies burst out, in numbers that could rival any army.

"Shit!" shouted Dempsey. He fired his Resonator, but barely left a dent. More and more came in and they were getting swarmed.

"Game over dead thing!" yelled Samantha getting a headshot. She reloaded and kept shooting.

"Your aim is good child" commented Takeo.

"Get moving!" Dempsey ordered blowing open a hole with the M67 Anarchy. They ran out of the corner and ran inside Tunnel 6.

"Get to the teleporter!" exclaimed Dempsey firing his Anarchy.

Takeo reached it first. He stopped at the lip of the edge and waited for the others. He tossed a Gersch device and muttered, "Come on idiots."

Samantha rushed out and joined him. "This is fun!" she exclaimed excited.

Takeo looked at her sideways. "War is not a game child."

"Oh buzz off" she replied.

Nikolai ran out and reloaded his Calamity and Jane. He stopped alongside them and said, "Listen Takeo. I think we should at least agree on something."

Takeo raised an eyebrow. He had not anticipated the Russian was even capable of diplomacy. "Ok then. What would that be?"

"That we all kill Richtofen" answered the drunk.

"Agreed" he said immediately. He shook the Russian's greasy hands, and after a quick wipe, kept shooting.

Dempsey got to them and ordered, "Come on!"

They jumped down and landed on the teleporter. It began to activate and flashed them away.

Dempsey awoke feeling odd. He sat up and realized they were not at Area 51. The place they were in was a large blank room, with no furniture and only one light. He couldn't even tell if it had doors.

"Ugh, not again" complained Nikolai. "I was fine with being in this kind of room before. Now it just sucks."

Takeo flicked on a flashlight and looked around. There was only one door and no windows.

They were about to head for the door when it opened by itself. Out stepped a man who was mostly hidden by the shadows. He was almost six foot and wore a large hat.

Dempsey tried to lift a weapon, but he had none. So he stepped forward threateningly, hoping the other was unarmed as well.

"Hey shit head. Who are you and where are we?"

The man stopped. "Good, the code worked."

"What" responded Dempsey. "What code?"

The man's teeth shone in the limited light. "The code I used to reprogram the teleporter."

"You sent us here?" asked Takeo.

"Yes samurai" replied the man. "I believe I have met you all, but Samantha was probably not aware."

"You know me?" said Samantha surprised.

The man stepped out of the shadows. He wore a black fedora over a head of brown hair and a ruined business suit. A long scar covered his face and he held a .357 Magnum.

"I should. My name's Gersch."

Now it gets interesting!