A/N So this story has been on my mind since the finale and now with those jerks at Fox cancelling our show I had to finally start putting this down on paper. I can't believe that is the way the show is going to end. I of course coudl not let it in that way so this is my take on what should have happened. The first chapter just sets up what happens in the finale the second chapter will take off where the finale left off. I hope you enjoy this. Please read and review.

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Rebecca stood as tall as her petite frame would allow. The air around her was cold, even for San Francisco. She stared at the all too familiar face in front of her. His eyes, his smile, everything about him reminded her of her. This man she spent a lifetime imagining as a protector, as a good guy like her Uncle Ray. Thos fantasizes had been crushed by the truth of his past. He had killed her grandmother, left her father an orphane, killed her partner. He wasn't a good guy.

She felt his words cut deep when he claimed they were family. Who the hell did he think he was? They weren't family, he had killed her family. When he put that gun to her head he destroyed everything. Because of him her parents were dead. Sure he hadn't been around when they died but his choices lead to their death and her loneliness.

"Tell me something Rebecca, what were your parents like?" Tommy asked as he turned his back towards the granddaughter he never got to love.

'Who is he to bring up my parents? He has no right!' Rebecca thought to herself as she gripped her gun tighter, she couldn't show him a moment of weakness.

"Was your father a good man? A kind man?" Tommy sunk lower knowing the pain of losing her family still sung.

"SHUT UP!" She let out through clenched teeth.

"Did Ray tell you what happened to them?" he continued.

Her gun lowered slightly as she contemplated his words.

"How they really died?" He knew this was his chance.

'How they really died? It was an accident!' Rebecca thought to herself when suddenly she felt something tear into her sides. She felt her body being torn apart.

Tommy held her close, finally getting a chance to hold her, "Shh, shhh" he whispered softly in her ear. He could hear the pain in her voice as she let out soft whimpers. He gently lowered her to the ground.

Rebecca felt her legs give out as she was forced to brace herself against him the man that killed her family that was now trying to kill her. She began to feel the fog cloud her mind as he laid her on the cold grown. She tried to keep her wits about her and keep him from getting the gun. Desperately tried to tighten her grip around her pistol with no success, he easily took the gun from her. As she rolled over slightly, pushing her hand tightly against the whole in her side feeling her shirt already soaked with her own blood.

Tommy quickly grabbed the gun from her hand before she could use it on him; he would never under estimate how tough she was. As he stood up his eyes met hers one last time. He wanted to say something, anything, give her words of comfort…say he was…say something. Instead he turned and ran taking of quickly in the Mustang she had chased him through the streets of San Francisco in.

Doc navigated his partner's car up and down the hills that made San Francisco so unique. He had stood by as she ran into the hospital chasing after 2002, Tommy Madsen. Something deep inside had told him something was wrong, that she might need him. Doc was so worried about Rebecca that he couldn't even enjoy the look on Hauser's face when he had taken that key and refused to surrender it to the hardened FBI agent.

The tires of the old Mustang screeched as he turned down another road praying he could find her. The first thing he noticed was the blue Mustang speeding away. There were the charred remains of a Charger flipped over. He slammed his foot on the break bringing her car to a screeching halt. He stepped out of the car sweeping his eyes across the scene before him looking for her.

His heart sank as he saw her lying on the ground. Doc ran over to her calling her name, "Rebecca! Rebecca! It's ok Rebecca" he sofly whispered the last sentence as he knelt down next to her. Her shirt was covered in blood. He saw that she had the presence of mind to put some pressure on the wound. She was turning more and more pale by the second as her body shook uncontrollably. Instantly his jacket was ripped off and he pushed it forcibly against her abdomen. He could hear her moan in pain as he put more pressure against her trying to stop the bleeding.

As he held his jacket tightly against her he pulled his cell phone out and quickly dialed 911 he wouldn't let her die…she couldn't leave him.

"911 what's your emergency?" the sweet voice on the other line asked?

"Officer down! Officer down!" he yelled in the phone knowing it would get their attention. "She's been stabbed!"

Moments later he threw his phone on the ground as they had assured him help would be on the way soon. He saw her eyes closing slowly as she was slipping away from him.

He gently tapped the side of her face forcing her eyes open again, "Don't leave me Rebecca…please stay with me…" his sweet voice pleaded.

Moments after Doc had taken off in Rebecca's car Emerson and Lucy had gotten into his vehicle following the young doctor. Emerson now stopped the vehicle behind Rebecca's ready to tear into Deigo.

Emerson threw the door open and stepped out of the vehicle. "DEIGO! I'M NOT GOING TO ASK YOU AGAIN GIVE ME THE KEY!" He yelled at the man who had turned to look at him.

Emerson's eyes were fixed on Doc not noticing the integral piece of their team lying on the ground bleeding to death. Lucy saw Rebecca right away and took off running towards her.

As Lucy, Doc, and Hauser cased after the ambulance carrying their friend and partner Tommy walked slowly up a familiar hill. He had done it, he a shoved that knife deep inside his granddaughter. He didn't want to do it, he wanted her to let him go, but she was a Madsen so she would have kept chasing him. He hated what he had done he hated hurting her but if he hadn't done it someone else would have.

The sound of his shoes echoed through the halls as he walked down Broadway stopping at a familiar address. He ran his hand across the blank plaquard that once held his address. AZ2002 that's who he was, this was where he had lived fifty years ago. He had sold his sole to a devil not realizing that his freedom would come with a price. He entered the cell that had been his home for so long, he sat down on the bed frame that had been so welcoming after his days in the infirmary. He buried his head into his hands, this was where he belonged. He had killed Aggie, it was his fault Van was dead, and he had just killed the only family he had left.