The mystic golden eyes which were placed so complacently upon me, signing upon the door of faith.

Whisper, listen, and perhaps you may find yourself locked in a lullaby as I was, so eerily shadowed by the sands of time.

Through this scorching desert sand, I found myself inching closer and closer to your mighty glory, to astound my very core as to what my destiny was to become.

A missionary on the pathway to protect my people and save the kingdom through which you'll grow.

Mighty flame, your essence still sweetly haunts my every dream, my every silence, my every thought.

To which I have rode upon many camels and eternal distances, searching for the land of milk and honey, and the treasure chest of true knowledge.

Traveling on and on, from the Dead Sea to Mount Sinai, protecting your people from all harm's will, enchanted by a selection of messages from above.

Scribing the rules of the heavenly and eternal truths, was simply part of my destiny after all.