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Ted Williamson stared at the two men sitting across from him and contemplated on whether or not to make a run for the door. Having the Savior of the Wizarding Word and an ex-Death Eater both glaring at him from across his desk was more than enough to scare Merlin, let alone him. For the life of him he couldn't remember why he had thought this was a good idea. He knew their history… Hell, he was pretty sure everyone knew there history, but nobody could do this job but them. They were the two most skilled people for this assignment. That's why he was sitting across from two of England's most dangerous men, asking them to get married.

Ted hadn't seen Harry Potter in a very long time. He had disappeared from the view of the Wizarding World almost a year ago, right after he and Draco had split up. Nobody knew what had happened, although he suspected Harry's best friend, Auror Weasley, and his wife knew.

Draco Malfoy, on the other hand, had become even more of a fixture in society. It almost seemed like he was trying to prove something after they had split up. He had even gotten a new boyfriend only a few months after the split. His name was Leo and he was probably the biggest asshole you could ever meet. He was unreasonable and demanding and Ted honestly didn't know how Draco could go from sweet Harry to that sack of dragon dung.

The fact that he knew they had been in a relationship previous to this just made it worse. How do you tell a couple who split up that they not only have to get back together, but marry each other and pretend to be happily in love?

"I'm sorry Head Auror Williamson, but this is something I can't agree to." Harry said, obviously trying to hide his anger.

Ted smiled at Harry's formality. "Mr. Potter, you and Mr. Malfoy are the only two people qualified enough to do this. Bringing down an illegal potions ring is not an easy task, especially when it's a band of new Death Eaters popping up trying to start what Voldemort couldn't finish. You, having defeated Voldemort, and with Mr. Malfoy being as skilled in Potions as he is, are the only two people qualified to take on a job of this magnitude."

"Why do we have to pretend to be married? Why can't we just go there secretly?" He could tell he would have to answer Harry's question with caution as Draco was now glaring even more intensely, obviously agreeing with Harry.

"Well… We need you to infiltrate people's homes, investigate them, if you will. Being a married couple is the perfect ruse. We have already gotten a general area of where this is being based from. We're sending you into that neighborhood as a couple because we strongly suspect someone in that area is the culprit, the ring leader, of a group spreading through-out the UK. We're pretty sure infiltrating the food supply at popular Muggle restaurants. We've found traces of the potion in the victims' organs and I have a team working on identifying it as we speak. We've determined what it does though, so identifying it shouldn't take long. It seems like it ages the internal organs, speeding up the process the more you consume it. So I suggest not eating out."

"Sir, with all due respect, you can't honestly think that we should be the ones doing this. There has to be someone else, an Auror team with proper training maybe?"

"Mr. Potter…"


"What? Oh, yes, well then… Harry, if I remember correctly you were one of our top students when you went through training. Just because you didn't become an Auror doesn't mean you aren't qualified. As for Mr. Malfoy, I'm sure he can handle himself."

Ted could see the cogs working behind Harry's eyes, defeat flashing before him. He nodded and Ted knew he had them. Draco would never back out now that it was just him disagreeing. Draco was never one to back done from a challenge, especially one from Harry Potter.

"Mr. Malfoy?"

"Fine. What are our instructions?"


Harry sat on the edge of his bed, his mind reeling. How was he supposed to survive the possibility of months with Draco? He still hadn't gotten over him, he had decided to fully admit that to himself a few months ago when Hermione come over and thrown water over him because he had spent an entire week in bed, something that happened frequently… staying in bed that is, not the water throwing.

Another thing Harry worried about was his people skills. He hadn't left his house, except for the mandatory Weasley Sunday dinner, in months. He hadn't left Ottery St. Catchpole in even longer than that. How was he supposed to pry information out of people without them realizing what he was doing? He wasn't charming, to be honest, he was a little socially awkward.

Harry kicked the suitcase on the floor filled with the essentials, clothes and his tooth brush. Everything else was being provided by the Ministry. Tomorrow they were taking wedding photos and a few recent pictures to go with the ones they had already had from when they were a couple. He had sent the ones he kept by owl about an hour ago, knowing that Draco probably didn't send any in. He was sure Draco had probably burned any he had.

That brought him back to the original problem. Draco.

How was he going to pretend that they were happily married? Harry, looking back, couldn't remember why he had agreed to this. This was suicide. This was like walking into a trap set up so he would fail. This was worse than thinking he was walking to his death.

He didn't know what had gone wrong with their relationship. Actually, yes, he did. It was because he was an awful lover and Draco found him uninteresting and unattractive. That's why Draco had left without reason, he was sparing Harry's feelings, but Harry knew better. He had known since they had starting dating that he could never last with someone like Draco, but he grew comfortable. Draco had stayed for a while, four years in fact, and Harry had grown complacent and figured that Draco might just stay. It was somewhat of a shock to come home to an empty flat, but Harry knew why he had left. He knew why Draco hadn't left a note.

Harry knew the next few months would be torture. He would have watch Draco pretend to love him, while secretly wishing he was with his real boyfriend. That was another thing Harry was stung by. He knew he wasn't a great catch, but Draco had moved on really quickly. The boyfriend was glamorous though. He went to all the fabulous parties and had connections with just about every important business in the Wizarding World. Harry could see the appeal, why Draco had left him and gotten together with a fast paced man who liked to party. Leo was interesting. Leo was super-model handsome. Leo was a talkative people person. Leo was everything Harry wasn't.

Harry flopped backwards on his bed and sighed. No matter how much he missed waking up to Draco every morning, he could never compete with someone like Leo.


Draco smirked at the satisfying crash the vase made as it hit the wall.

He didn't know why agreed to this assignment. Well, actually he did know, he was just too proud to say that he didn't want Potter to look like the bigger person. Draco didn't want people to think he was still affected by the break up, because he most certainly wasn't. He had moved on. He had a new boyfriend and a new flat and a new life. He was fine without him... His life was great without Harry Sodding Potter. The man he now lived to hate.

He had loved him once, a long time ago, when he was still a naive boy… looking for love and someone to start a family with. Now that was all just a passing fantasy, something he realized was never meant for him. He was too good for that. He deserved parties and a life of dancing and clubs, fun things that kept him from thinking about that life he wanted. No, Draco didn't want that dream anymore, it just hung around like a lost crup you fed once and never left, no matter how much you wanted it gone.

Draco had given up on that dream the moment he realized what had been going on. He had been made a fool of, thinking that his relationship with Potter was so great. He missed it though; he missed being duped into a happy life, a life with a stable relationship, good friends, and a nice home. Draco should have known better though. Why would the Savior of the Wizarding World want to stay with a Death Eater? He had kicked himself when he realized how stupid he had been.

Draco cleared away the shards of broken porcelain with a flick of his wand and walked over to the package on his desk that Williamson said he needed. He had thought he would never open that box again. The box that held all his memories with him, all the photos and ticket stubs, even a pair of boxers that belonged to Harry that Draco would claim he took by accent. He told people who found it that he kept it around so it would remind him that he was much better off now, that he had a great life. That he was happy and finally felt free now that he wasn't tied down to someone so serious… and that was the truth, Godamnit, even if his friends never believed him.

Pansy and Blaise were still close to Harry and the Weasleys. They baby sat for Ron and Hermione sometimes, though with them being the godparents of Hugo that was a given. That made him think of Harry and his goddaughter, Rose. He missed her, but he never wanted to see anything to do with Harry ever again. He was done with that part of his life. If that meant giving up a goddaughter that would probably never remember him now anyway, then so be it.

Pansy and Blaise still went over for Sunday dinner and the Burrow sometimes, always inviting Draco when they went, not like he ever accepted. It was like clockwork every Sunday, they would leave the Burrow and come straight to Draco's flat near Diagon Alley. Every time they had a new sob story for Potter. They told him how Harry looked sickly now, and never smiled. They told him how he never spoke without someone talking directly to him. They told him that he should just talk it over with Harry, and try to fix it, because Harry was slowly withering away. Draco told them to fuck off.

He had Leo now. He was fun and liked to go out. He knew how to keep Draco occupied. He knew the best clubs to go to and knew all the best songs to request. He went with Draco to every party and had connections like you wouldn't believe, but when they came home, falling onto the bed, wrapped around each other, Draco always pictured Harry beneath him.