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Fox has grown to like Kendall a lot more the time James was gone, the little Alaskan Klee Kai always yipping and jumping at Kendall's legs when the blond walked through the doorway after a day at the recording studio. Being a rock star was a lot more work than he figured it, not to mention most of the time it was him and Logan fighting Gustavo Rocque over the licensing of their music. Kendall won the battle for the two of them today with Rocque agreeing to record Logan's love ballads along with their demos, so long as Kendall could throw in some peppy tunes to balance it all out.

He hated it, but that was show business.

He hated having dinner by himself, he hated passing by the photos of James and his father and all the surf trophies, he hated climbing into the bed that seemed too big for just him now and how cold the sheets were without James snuggling along side with him. Kendall didn't know why he felt so lonely, he was by himself for most of his time out in California. It shouldn't be so hard to go back to the way things were, but it was. And Kendall missed James so much, his eyes always watching the waves crash onto the shore through the patio door, almost like if he hoped hard enough James would float along on his surfboard ready to come back to him and stay with him.

Kendall hated having to hope James would come back home soon, but it was all he could do.

"When did he say your song will be on the radio?" Carlos asked, playing with the tips of Logan's calloused fingers and the brunette smiled.

"Maybe a week, a month, we'll just have to see," Logan said softly and Carlos smiled before nuzzling his head into the crook of Logan's neck, breathing in a sigh. Kendall smiled at the couple sitting at the table in front of him, Logan and Carlos always came to visit him so he wouldn't feel so lonely. All the bandmates visited once in a while, maybe to check on him and make sure he didn't have a mental break down from James being gone and the stress of getting their band off the ground. Kendall looked down at the letter James had sent him, along with some photos of Australia that he managed to take while he was down there for the circuit.

"Is he doing okay?" Kendall heard Carlos pipe up and the blond glanced up, meeting Carlos' gaze. He nodded his head and glanced back down.

"Said he won the first two circuits down in Sydney and Victoria," Kendall said with a smile and and sighed. "And that I should expect to see a check coming in the mail for me to buy something nice," Kendall said and Carlos gave a little smirk.

"He's already turned into a sugar daddy, huh?" he teased and Kendall blushed.

"I'm not going to spend his money he won. I'll just. . .hold onto it and wait til he comes home. I'd rather have him than money," Kendall said softly and Carlos nodded his head.

"It won't be long, right? Have you guys called each other?"

"Not in a while. . .maybe I can try Skype and hope he's available."

"It's a start," Logan said and Carlos rested his head on Logan's shoulder. Logan hummed, resting his cheek atop Carlos' own head, gently rubbing his thumb over the back of Carlos' hand. Kendall watched them close, smile falling from his face at the sight. He wanted to be happy for them, but it only made Kendall realize how much lonelier he felt without James.

One year and ten more months to go.

"The picture I sent you is such shitty quality but the water here is beautiful, Babe."

"Glad to hear that," Kendall said with a little smile and leaned back in his chair. "Brazil nicer than Australia?"

"Great sight-seeing, but I barely have the time to do it. I'm either in the water practicing or meeting up with sponsors. I can probably guarantee by the time this is over, I will be on a box of cereal."

Kendall laughed and heard James sigh. "God, that's something I miss so much."

"Cereal? You can't get that in Brazil or som-"

"Your laugh," James further explained and Kendall bit his lower lip. "Hearing it on the phone just isn't enough to hearing it in person. . .and seeing you. . .I just miss you, Babe."

"I miss you too. . .don't get depressed, okay? You need to keep on winning like you have been," Kendall said, trying to change the subject and heard James chuckle on the other line.

"Did you buy something nice?"

"I'm not spending your money, James. I already have checks coming in from Rocque and the record company," Kendall replied and James hummed.

"Come on~ I want you to buy something. Buy a surfboard or something. Or a new guitar. . .case of dildos-"

"Pervert," Kendall scolded and heard James laugh on the other line.

"Don't tell me you haven't been getting off while I'm gone. Know I had a few wet dreams about us that ended with my hand down my pants. Just another thing I miss, when I'm fucking you and how tight you feel around my dick. And how once we're done, the two of us are nothing but a sweaty and panting mess. Miss everything about you, Babe."

"I miss you too, James. . .but like I said, you can't lose focus. . .you'll be okay."

"I know. . .I think I'm just going to catch some sleep before I go out and get something to eat. Love you, Babe."

"Love you too. . .call me later tonight?"

"Tuck you in over the phone?"

Kendall hummed, biting down hard on his lower lip as he heard James give a soft chuckle. "Anything for you."

The phone disconnected and Kendall sighed, leaning back into the pillows behind him.

One year, nine more months.

Kendall was walking Fox down the boulevard, sunglasses perched on his nose and one earphone in his ear. Breeze was cool and flowed over his skin, people walking past him and stepping around to avoid stepping on Fox by accident. It was a rather nice day, even if it was in December. The sky was nothing but an empty blue, rather dull for Kendall though. Nothing interesting that happened today, nothing really ever happened. Kendall supposed he had to just be patient about the whole band thing, not like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones got famous in a day, right?

Kendall rounded the corner, hearing the radio station he was listening cut to the disc jockey talking about a new song he was 'oh so proud' to get his hands on first. Kendall sighed, just another bubblegum and annoyingly catchy song probably. His other hand reached down to grab his phone and change to another station when he paused.

"And now with the hit sure to go to the top of the charts, here's Time of Our Life by The Rush!"

Kendall wouldn't have believed it if he didn't hear the opening guitar riff, his opening guitar riff and his hand immediately went to his mouth to muffle his scream. He looked down at the little Alaskan Klee Kai trying to move on forward down the street and Kendall was already getting weird looks from people on the street that had no clue what was going on right now. There it was, Kendall's and Logan's voices in his ear, being listened to not just him but possibly hundreds, thousands of people listening to the radio. Kendall reached down and grabbed Fox, the puppy squirming in his grasp as Kendall bolted into a run.

The biggest smile was on his face and he couldn't help but sing along to the music in his ear, lucky that they hadn't made it far from the beach. He trudged through the sand, some of the grains getting into his sneakers and he tried to ignore the awkward feeling as he stomped through the sand mounds over to the Snack Shack where he could see Carlos and his students picking up lunch from Guitar Dude. The surf instructor spotted him and smiled, waving at him and Guitar Dude's head peeking out from around the shack's opening to wave his hand as well.

"What's up, Minnesota!" Guitar Dude greeted and Kendall held Fox closer to him.

"You got a radio?! Turn it to WKYT right now! A-And Carlos, call Logan and the rest of the band," Kendall stammered and Carlos raised an eyebrow as Guitar Dude reached down underneath the counter and pulled out a radio. He switched it on and played with the dials until he reached the station Kendall was talking about, their song still playing and Carlos' eyes widened in shock. He screamed, bounced on the balls of his feet and immediately ran down to where he left his things. Kendall beamed as Guitar Dude raised his fist and bumped it against Kendall's knuckles.

"Good going, dude! Taking over the waves of the radio while James takes over the waves of the world. Total power couple," Guitar Dude replied and Kendall's eyes widened. James! He needs to turn on the radio to hear them right now! Kendall fumbled with Fox and his phone, placing the pup down and the children immediately swarmed the animal to fawn over. Kendall switched to the dialer and pressed James' name, raising it to his ear and tapping his foot in nerves. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Carlos chatting eagerly away to someone that was most likely Logan but Kendall didn't think too long on it since he heard a sigh on the line.

"James? James, turn on the radio!"

"Baby?. . .Baby, do you know what time it is?"

"It's twelve in the afternoon."

"Not in Fiji it is," James mumbled and Kendall bit his lower lip. Did he forget about James being on the other side of the world that quick? It must have been early in the morning for him right now. He heard James shift around in his bed, the rustling of bedsheets sounding in the phone's mouth. "What station do you want me to turn to so bad?"

"I. . .our song is being played on the radio right now," Kendall murmured. Like The Rush would be played on some radio station in Fiji, Kendall felt so stupid to even call James.

"Really? That's great, I wish I could be more awake to be more happy."

"I-It's alright, it was dumb of me to call about this now and not later when you would be awake," Kendall said and James chuckled.

"Forgot I was gone?"

". . .Yes. . ." Kendall whispered, chewing harder on his lower lip.

"It's okay, Baby. . .sometimes I have the hotel I'm staying at send up about eight extra pillows."

"Why's that?"

"So that way, I can make a pillow you for me to hold on to when I sleep."

Kendall smiled. "James," he choked out, looking down and trying to keep himself from breaking.

"I know, I know. . .tell me how many times they play your song later on today, okay? And I'll tell you about how I did in this circuit."

"Okay. . .I love you."

"Love you too, Baby. Afternoon."

Kendall gave a little laugh. "Morning," he said and heard James chuckle again before the call disconnected. He stared at the phone and sighed, Carlos rushing over with a big smile on his face.

"I swear Logan was going to pass out, he's so happy! I think I'm going to take him out for some lunch after the kids get back home to their parents," Carlos happily chirped but then paused. ". . .Kendall? You okay?"

"I-I'm fine," Kendall said with a shaky smile and Carlos reached out to touch Kendall's arm.

"You can come along if you want. You helped wrote the song and everything-"

"No, three's a crowd. I'll be fine, Carlos," Kendall replied and glanced over to the radio, the song ending and going into a commercial. Yeah, he'll be fine.

One year and eight more months later, James could listen to their songs on their album that just went gold.

"Damn that's sexy," James purred from the laptop, Kendall rolling his eyes as he shimmied out of his jeans, shirt already off and on the floor.

"You sure you don't have a kink for people taking off and putting their clothes back on?" Kendall asked with a look over his shoulder, James' smiling face on the laptop's screen.

"No, I just love that little hip shake you do when you take off and put on your pants," James said and Kendall smiled, sauntering over and flopping down onto the bed.

"That so?"

"Yeah. . .already could feel myself getting hard," James growled out and Kendall smiled.

"You're such a pervert."

"It's been a long time since my dick has been in anything, what do you expect?" James asked and Kendall laughed.

"Good. It belongs in your pants and nowhere else."

"Or your mouth if you keep talking smart like that."

Kendall opened his mouth, teased his tongue out and heard James groan. "Baby, don't tease me. I'm horny and I might call room service so I can fuck a pie just to relieve this."

"Poor baby," Kendall murmured and scooted forward. "Wish I was there to help you."

"Want your mouth around my cock right now, Baby. Sucking me, getting it nice and wet, fisting your hair-"

"Making me take every single inch of that thick cock of yours?" Kendall purred and James hissed through his teeth, the blond seeing James scoot back in his chair just a bit, his cock tight in his fist and leaking at the tip. "Shit, you weren't kidding."

"You think I'd joke about wanting to fuck you? So hot."

"Are you going through heat or something?"

"Do I look like a dog to you?"

Kendall laughed, watching James stroke himself and thumb the leaking slit. The blond bit his lower lip, reaching down into his underwear and wrapped fingers around his own cock. He sighed and moaned, James moaning along. "Fuck, Baby~"

"Miss how you feel in my mouth. Thick and hard, hot and throbbing. And when you fuck my face and the tip of your dick hits the back of my throat-"

"S-Shitohgod," James panted, wet sounds of his fist sliding over the heated flesh coming through and Kendall closed his eyes. He rolled onto his back and teased his tongue out like before, almost like he could taste James on his tongue and James continued to pant hard and heavy. "Fuck you're so sexy, Baby. Want to fuck you so bad, feel you squeezing around my dick and your legs around my waist. Hear you moaning for me, fuckfuckfuck."

Kendall trailed his other hand over his chest, over his nipples and down his stomach. He gasped at his touch, other hand diving down to lightly press against his hole. He licked his lips. "Want you to be rough with me, grab my hair and spank me-" Kendall moved his hand back up and sucked on his fingers, giving a loud moan around the digits before trailing them back down and pressed the wet pads of his fingers against his entrance.

"I-I want to see Baby. I want to see you touch yourself," James babbled and Kendall opened his eyes, twinkle mischievous. James' face was flushed red as Kendall got onto his knees and pulled down his underwear, swaying his hips the way James liked it. His member flopped out, arching from his body with an pinkish tint at the head. James moaned as Kendall fell back and kicked his underwear off, spreading his legs and sucking his fingers back into his mouth. He pulled them out with a pop and placed them back against the pucker, slipping one finger into the tight heat and hearing James moan.

"Like that?" Kendall breathed and wriggled his finger around.

"YesyesBaby, oh god so hot," James panted, stroking himself faster and faster. Kendall spread his legs wider, dipping his finger in and out and slipping a second one in.

"Faster James, fuck me faster," Kendall moaned and James made a sort of sobbing noise, whimpering and babbling out nonsense and praise for Kendall. The blond wrapped his other hand around his cock, fisting it himself and trying to imagine it was James' hand. Big and warm, squeezing so hard as he panted by his ear and licked his neck. He pulled his fingers back out and wriggled in three this time, the tips pressing against the little bundle of nerves deep inside. Kendall's eyes popped and his jaw dropped, choking out a noise as he knocked his knees together. "Fuck, James!" Kendall screamed and James groaned.

"C-Come on Baby, work yourself on my dick," James stuttered out, Kendall nodding his head and slowly rolling his hips, fucking himself on his fingers with the tips of his fingers rubbing against his prostate every single roll. Kendall continued to stroke himself with his other hand, dick growing sensitive under his touch and his stomach feeling like it was tightening into knots.

"Want you so bad, James. Bite your lips until they were red, bite your skin and mark you, I just want you here with me so bad."

"I-I'm gonna come, Baby, ohgod," James whimpered and Kendall paused in rolling his hips, only moving his fingers and his eyes scrunching tight at the sensation. His hand was jerking up sloppy and fast, feeling himself drawing close to a release too.

"Squeezing so tight around you, James. I want you to come inside, fill me up."

"Fuck!" James cursed before a long drawn out moan sounded from the laptop. Kendall shuddered and cried out, legs giving a spasm as he felt himself release over his working fist. Hot fluid hit his stomach and Kendall groaned, waiting until the orgasm worked it's way out of his system before he rolled over to his side. James was leaning back in his chair, head thrown back and chest rising and falling with heavy breaths. Kendall could see little flecks of white on James' wrist, forearm and clothes, semen still dripping from his cock and running down the sides. The surfer looked up and at Kendall through the camera before he gave a toothy grin. "We should have done that months ago, Babe."

"Sorry, not like we have conversations about how horny we are without each other," Kendall said and James chuckled.

"Once a month then? We just. . .fuck over Skype?"

"Skype sex, that's new."

"Don't be a little shit about it."

Kendall smiled. "Wouldn't dream about it. . .it's getting late and I have to be in the studio early tomorrow."

"Yeah, I understand. Have fun," James replied and the blond laughed.

"It's work, James."

"You're still living your dream, I want you to enjoy yourself while doing it," he said with a smile and Kendall sighed. The brunette puckered his lips and placed them near the camera, Kendall giving a laugh before leaning close and kissed the computer screen. James pulled back and smiled. "Still not the same, but close?"

"All we could really do," Kendall said softly and James sighed.

"I love you, Baby."

"Love you too."

"One more year and three months to go!"

"Sure. . ."

They missed all the major holidays. They missed Christmas and New Years, kissing each other over Skype when it hit midnight in California. They missed Valentine's Day and James once again sent Kendall some more money to buy something special, but Kendall just ignored it like the others. It was pushing into spring and early summertime when their album hit the shelves, Kendall seeing their CD in the windows of the music store every time he passed by on his walks with Fox.

No one noticed him yet, or figured he was anyone famous, and Kendall supposed he should appreciate the quiet now before he'll have to start running from fans and paparazzi. But for now, Kendall was just lounging around the house in his pajama bottoms, Fox absently chewing on his squeaky toy. The phone rang and Kendall immediately bolted to it, always hoping its James on the other line to tell him about his day or how much longer do they have to go without seeing each other or just to hear the surfer's voice. "Hello?"

"Hello?" he heard Carlos' excited voice on the other line and Kendall bit his lower lip.

"Hey 'Los, what's up?"

"Logan gave me a ring," Carlos said excitedly and Kendall paused. "He gave me a ring. The most beautiful white gold band to fit around my finger and Kendall I-"

"Is it an engagement ring?" Kendall asked, rather shocked that Logan didn't even mention this to the band.

"N-No, I don't think so. He didn't propose to me, it was like a monthly anniversary gift. . .but we did talk about moving in together. . .and babies."

Kendall smiled. "Babies, 'Los? Moving a little bit fast now, aren't you two?"

"Well I would love to be a daddy someday. And so would Logan and I know he would be a wonderful father. . .course, we need to wait a little while when you guys go on tour," Carlos replied and Kendall hummed.

"Logan's talking it over with Rocque about you coming along if we do go on tour. Our album just hit the shelves, let's not get ahead of ourselves here."

"Stop doubting yourself, Kendall. You guys are going to be famous and playing stadiums full of people in love with your music," Carlos gushed and Kendall smiled.

"Thanks, 'Los."

"And I bet James is going to be so proud of you when he comes back home," Carlos replied with a little laugh and Kendall sighed.

"Yeah, he already promised to take me out to dinner."

". . .What about James?"


"You and James starting a family together? He's good with kids too," Carlos said and Kendall blushed. He never thought about it before, he always figured him and James would be together for a while but children together never crossed his mind. "Maybe you could ask him about it."

". . .Yeah, I will."

"I got to go, Logan is supposed to be coming over for his swimming lesson in a few minutes-"

"You're still trying to teach him how to swim?"

"Duh! And I'm going to learn how to play the bass, that's what we agreed on. Bye Kendall!"

"See ya, Carlos," Kendall said with a smile and disconnected. He placed the phone back down on the counter and moved to the couch, sitting down and resting his head on the arm. Just a quick nap before he makes lunch.

And the little dreams that floated through his head was only filled with James and two little boys splashing in the water on their kickboards, trying to learn how to surf from their Papa.

Kendall knew what he was supposed to say in the interview, rocking on his heels in slight nerves backstage while Logan and the others were by the snack table. He was single, just like Logan 'was' and describe what kind of person he was looking for. Just to give the girls that were buying the album someone to pine over, he passed by a couple of lovestruck girls coming into the studio. There was a tap on his shoulder and he turned, seeing Logan standing behind him with an awkward smile.

"I don't want to pretend that James doesn't exist, he's my boyfriend and I shouldn't be ashamed of him."

"I know, but Rocque-"

"And what about you? You fought for Carlos and he's sitting in the audience right now. Are you really going to tell the world you're single with him right there?" Kendall asked and Logan scratched the back of his neck.

"I don't like it as much as you do. . .I don't know how we're going to get out of this without Rocque breathing down our throats or our career cut short."

"Well if they can't be happy that we found love already, then they're not real fans. And we'll find another producer that will get our music out there. . .I'm not hiding James," Kendall said sternly and turned, hearing the applause come up and he swallowed.

"Our next guests have been climbing the charts with their catchy music and recently hit the scene with the summer hit 'Time of Our Lives', I am happy to bring out The Rush!" the host announced and Kendall sucked in a breath as Lucy and Camille rushed out first, Logan and him following close behind. The band moved around the corner, smiling and waving at the audience cheering for them before shaking the host's hand and cramming themselves onto the couch.

The host gave them a dazzling smile. "So, I'm pretty sure everyone here knows who you are. Lucy, Camille, Kendall and Logan, right? But we want to know about your personal lives. How about. . .romance?" he started out with a laugh and glanced over each of their faces. Kendall bit his lower lip, he wasn't expecting it to be the first question but figured it was probably for the better. Just get it out of the way. "Are any of you seeing someone special?"

Lucy and Camille glanced over to Kendall and Logan, the blond raising his hand and the host raised eyebrows. "Oh really? Taken?"

"Yeah, I'm seeing someone. Gorgeous surfer that's on the RCT World Circuit right now," Kendall said with a smile, seeing out of the corner of his eye Lucy and Camille smiling. The host gave an 'aw'.

"What's her name?"


A loud burst of squeals erupted from the audience, Kendall looking over in surprise at some girls smiling and blushing and covering their flushed faces. He had to admit, there were a few girls that were looking rather disappointed but there were far more giving him smiles and nodding their heads in approval. Kendall gave a little laugh before turning back to the host. "Uh yeah, James Diamond. He's wonderful and right now he's surfing on RCT's circuit, going on for almost a year now. We've been seeing each other for months and I love him a lot," Kendall explained and the host nodded his head, gesturing to Logan next.

"And what about you?"

Logan smiled and pointed into the audience. "My boyfriend's actually sitting over there," Logan further explained and another round of squeals erupted from the audience. Cameras turned on Carlos, the surf instructor giving a shy little wave and Logan grinned harder. "Isn't he the cutest?" Logan asked and there was applause, Carlos hiding his face and his smile. Logan's cheeks were already flushed red, dimples showing in his skin. "We've been going steady for a while. . .and he knows how much I love him."

"How charming," the host said and glanced to Lucy and Camille. "And are you two-"

"No, we're not," Lucy cut off, laughs from the crowd and the host laughed along with them. Kendall smiled before he glanced out to the audience, at Carlos blowing a kiss to Logan. Kendall just wished that James was right there beside Carlos and blowing him a kiss as well, he just wanted to see James' face.

One more year.

"So people think I'm half of the sexiest Hollywood couples and I haven't been to Hollywood in over a year. Care to explain?" James asked, underwear still off after they're little tryst over Skype. Kendall rolled over, fucked out from the vibrator he bought and the sensitive tingles of the lube around his hole still made him twitch. He pushed his sweaty bangs out of his face and gave a shy little smile.

"You heard?"

"Word travels, Baby."

"RCT isn't mad, right?"

"Why would they be? I'm still kicking ass in the circuit, just because I have a sexy boyfriend doesn't make me any less of a good surfer, right?"

Kendall hummed and James leaned closer. "So does that mean I get invites to Hollywood parties now?"

"Of course, you're going to be my date to the Grammy's and the AMA's if we get nominated."

"Not if, when. You guys are fantastic, Baby."

"So are you," Kendall said and James smiled.

"How late you staying up?" James asked and Kendall glanced over his shoulder.

"I don't know. . .maybe I should head to bed," Kendall replied and James hummed. The blond scooted closer to the laptop screen. "Talk to you later, okay?"

"Of course," James said and puckered his lips. Kendall smiled and kissed the screen, pulling away to see James' smiling face but then paused.

"James, wait," the blond said and James crooked an eyebrow. Kendall began to twiddle his fingers before shyly looking back into the camera. "Would. . .would you want to have a baby? N-Not right now but. . .in the future? Would you want to be a father?"

". . .Depends. . .are you still there to help me raise a baby?"


"Then I'd love to have a family with you, Kendall," James said softly and Kendall smiled. "I love you, Baby."

"Love you too."

"Eleven more months."

Kendall hadn't been in the water for a long time, letting the ocean wash over his skin like a cleansing bath. He bobbed up on his surfboard, paddling out and turning his board around to face the shore. He wasn't the best surfer, but he was way better than in the past. And it calmed him down a bit, even in a way that music couldn't any longer. Maybe because it reminded him of James and in these moments, he felt complete again. But he sighed, it won't be long. He had to keep telling himself that it won't be long til James is back home and they can be together. Right now the brunette was surfing down in South Africa, Kendall glad James was enjoying the sights and the competition.

He felt the wave catch up underneath him and Kendall immediately began to paddle, popping up on his surfboard and glided over the waves with ease. Ocean mist ghosted over his face, heart racing and thudding hard against his chest. His body moved and dipped, board jumping up and down and over the waves with a rocky movement. Kendall wasn't strong enough to move against the wave and control it just yet, he just tried to move along with it and hope he didn't lose control. The blond crouched down low and let his fingers go through the water, cool fluid over the tips and he breathed in a deep breath of of the ocean air. Like James was right beside him or up ahead, laughing and handling the waves with ease while Kendall only did his best to mimic him.

Kendall rode the wave out til it was nothing but whitewater, making his way to sit and balance on the piece of wood. He looked over his shoulder, vast open water and the sun settling over the horizon, knowing that somewhere James was in bed, the sun barely rising. He smiled at the thought before he grabbed his shortboard and tucked it underneath his arm.

Ten more months.

"How long do you think it'll take til I'll have to move to a more exclusive place?" Logan asked with a small smile to Kendall and the blond chuckled.

"When people start stalking around your place, I guess. Are you and Carlos planning on moving soon?" Kendall asked and Logan nodded, blush showing up on his cheeks.

"We're looking into a place that has a lot of room. . .you know, just in case we do adopt a baby," Logan explained and Kendall nodded his head. "Maybe when we're done with the tour. . .and you know, writing songs," Logan said and Kendall sighed.

"I hope the tour doesn't happen when James comes back. I want to spend time with him, no offense to our fans," Kendall said and Logan scooted over, rubbing Kendall's back.

"It's okay. He'll be back before you know it."

"Just sucks. I see you two happy together, already planning to live and start a family together and I. . .I don't know, I just want to have that with James right now. I don't want to wait," Kendall said and Logan smiled. He gave a nudge to Kendall's shoulder.

"It's okay, dude. How many more months is it?"

"Ten. . .almost nine more months."

"Nine more months. You lasted this long, just a little bit longer," Logan said with a crooked smile and Kendall smiled back before he leaned back in the couch.

Kendall turned over in his bed and gave a groan, reaching out blindly for his phone on the nightstand.

"Hello?" he groggily answered, already feeling himself falling back asleep.

"Happy Birthday," he heard James whisper in his ear and Kendall blinked, shifting over to look at the clock on his stand. It was 3 in the morning and James was in Perth right now. . .12 in the afternoon.

"Thank you, James," he mumbled into the mouth of the phone, still far too tired to even think.

"What are you going to do, birthday boy?"


"I mean later, Blondie."

"We're back to calling me that again?" Kendall asked with a smile and turned over. "You know, I liked it when you called me by my name."

"Come on, it's no fun calling you by your real name."

"You're my boyfriend, don't you like my name?"

"Of course I do, Baby. Now tell me what you're going to do for your birthday," James said and Kendall sighed.

"I don't know. You're more persistent about it than I am," he said and heard James chuckle on the other line.

"Well I know what you're going to do for your birthday."


"Yeah. You're going out to dinner at a nice restaurant, my treat. And I called Carlos way beforehand to make sure to drag your ass out the house if you refuse. So rest up and get pretty for me, okay?" James said and Kendall sighed before he gave a smile.

"Thank you, James. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to bed. I love you," Kendall murmured and heard James pucker his lips on the other phone.

"Love you too, Kendall."

The blond smiled. "That's more like it."

Another Christmas and New Year's without James, another Valentine's Day spent alone. At least now, they made the announcement for the tour and most definitely by the time James was supposed to come back in July, they'll be heading out to Arizona and so on and so forth. Kendall couldn't fight with Rocque or the record company on it either, he knew the fans were getting anxious to see them perform live and Kendall was getting bored lying around doing nothing but walk Fox and practice surfing.

He just wanted to know that James would see him perform again. That he could spend some time with James again after such a long time.

It was early March when Kendall received a text message from Carlos asking about surfing. Though, he was a little bit confused about the surf instructor asking to surf at the beach house instead of at the normal beach front. He was coming home anyways, needing to buy some groceries to prepare tonight's dinner and it'll take him a while to put everything away and get dressed to surf. But his confusion only grew when he pulled into the driveway and didn't see Carlos' car anywhere.

Kendall pulled out his cellphone and dialed Carlos' number, switching off the ignition and leaning on the steering wheel as he raised the device to his ear.


"Where are you?" Kendall asked and heard Carlos give a little giggle.

"Why don't you go inside and see?" Carlos asked playfully and before Kendall could even ask what that meant, Carlos hung up. Kendall pulled his phone back and stared at the device before giving a groan and grabbing his few bags of food. He closed the door shut and walked to the front door, fumbling to get his keys out and unlocked the front door. Kendall stepped inside, closing the door shut before his eyes fell onto the floor and the trail of sand leading to the patio door.

"What the hell?" Kendall quickly set down the bags of food. "Fox?! Fox?!"

No response and Kendall began to panic, someone obviously was in here and kidnapped Fox and left a fucking trail of sand? Kendall didn't understand that at all and rushed to the patio door to see if anyone was out there.

There was, but who it was made Kendall's heart drop. There with a blanket tucked underneath his arm and hands deep in his pockets. . .was James. Watching the waves roll and crash onto the shore. Kendall's mouth went dry and he rubbed at his eyes, confused and shocked. He opened the door, cold ocean air hitting his face like a ton of bricks and slowly approached.

James turned only just a bit, Kendall choking out a sound and bit down on his tongue as he saw a smile pull on James' lips. He looked at Kendall, that gorgeous twinkle in his hazel eyes and that bright white smile making Kendall shake. "Well?"

Kendall broke into a run, catching James by surprise as he threw his arms around the brunette and sent him down to the sand. James hissed the moment his head banged against the ground, Kendall ducking his face into the crook of James' neck and began to laugh. "Baby? You okay?" James managed to groan out and Kendall nodded his head 'yes'.

"Y-You came back e-early," Kendall choked out, moving his fingers through James' hair. He missed how the locks felt, how soft and lightly gelled James' hair was, smooth and fine. Kendall lifted up and kissed James on the lips, almost feeling like it was an entirely new experience. James' taste, the feel and the touch, how James hummed against his mouth before he parted his lips and invited Kendall's tongue in. The warmth and wetness, how James' hand moved down to rest on his hip made Kendall melt and heart flutter, his cheeks red and body warm.

They pulled away just a bit, Kendall's lips hot over James' as he nuzzled his cheek. "I thought July-"

"They said I can leave early after I won the last trial in Fiji. Apparently the circuit leading to July is for senior members. What shit, I can surf just as good as them. . .but it does has its perks," James said with a smile and sat the both of them up, arms tight around Kendall's waist. "Like seeing you."

Kendall took James' face and kissed his lips again. "I have so much to tell you about. Carlos and Logan moving in together, we're going on tour and you can come, they keep playing our music in that little coffee shop down the street, a girl almost passed out when she seen me-" Every statement was punctuated with a kiss to James' smiling lips and Kendall couldn't help but laugh against them. He pulled back just a bit, feeling James stroke his hip with his thumb.

"Did you surf while I was gone? I saw your board that you forgot to scrape the wax off of," James mumbled and Kendall nodded, blush over his cheeks in slight embarrassment. James scoffed. "You're going to fuck up your board, Blondie."

"You can buy me more and teach me properly," Kendall said, giving another peck and James chuckled.

"You're cute, but no. I'm back which means I won't feel the need to compensate for not being around. Sugar daddy days are over," James replied and pulled Kendall up onto his feet. He smiled, rocking the both of them from side to side. "So tell me, Kendall Knight. You're in a soon to be award winning band no doubt, about to go on tour and perform before stadiums filled with screaming fans and your handsome, talented, surfer boyfriend is back home to stay," James gushed before he tightened his hold around Kendall's waist. "What now?"

Kendall hummed before resting his head on James' shoulder. "I don't think it matters. Just as long as you're there with me, I'm happy."

"Sappy. Is that lyrics to your love song?" James asked and Kendall scoffed, lightly punching him in the arm. James laughed. "I'm kidding, Baby. . .are you cooking tonight?"

Kendall looked over his shoulder back at the beach house, realizing that now he didn't even care about cooking dinner tonight. "Or do you feel like me taking you out and we could talk about babies and me taking up kickboxing to fend off any psycho fans?"

Kendall looked at James with a shy bite of his lower lip. "I. . .could we maybe just. . .lie out here on the sand? I kind of just missed lying down with you," Kendall said and James smiled. He kissed the tip of Kendall's nose before releasing the blond's waist. James unraveled the blanket and sat down, Kendall sitting down beside him. The two lied down, Kendall resting his head on James' chest and James' arms wrapped around his torso. The rhythmic thud of James' heart sounded in his ear and Kendall couldn't help but smile and hum.

"Do you hear that?" James asks and Kendall nodded his head.

"Beating pretty fast," Kendall murmured, eyes fluttering at James' scent wafting into his nose. He missed his warmth and his smell, his beating heart in his ear. Kendall missed it all so much and James' hand went to thread through his hair.

"It's saying 'I love you'," James said softly and Kendall tilted his head up just a bit, looking into those warm hazel eyes that spoken so much more. Kendall smiled before he closed his eyes, letting himself melt into James' warmth and be lulled away by the sound of James' heart and the waves hitting the sand. Soon, the sound of the waves disappeared and all he could hear was James' heart and his own heart beating together, unspoken 'I love you's' with every touch, every breath, every quiet thud.

Just how it should always be.

The End

I don't really know what to say. I've always been up and down with this story but at least now I can say I'm okay with Surf City, it's better than what I used to feel about this story. There's not going to be a sequel, there's no story for a sequel nor would I want there to be. I don't want to say I'm glad I'm done because I did like this story in the beginning, just that my love for it went down the more high maintenance it got. That's why I had to end it now and sorry if the chapter seemed a bit rushed, I'm sure if I prolong the end for even one more chapter, the story will start to really take a toll and start getting bad. It's probably just me that sees it, I just got more stressed about this story than I needed to be. Ugh. So, after this story has ended:

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