Chapter 40: Not So Birthday Surprise

Song: A Fool's Dance by Phillip Phillips

Elena hunched over her desk combed her fingers through her hair. Today was the day.

The surprise party for Damon was all set into place and all that was left for her to do was get him a gift. She had contemplated over and over again what to get him and every time she came up blank. What do you get a man who has everything? Gift giving was never her forte.

"Miss Gilbert." The husky, accented voice startled her and she jumped sitting up straight. Her boss, Mr. Mikaelsen was hovering behind her looking quite pleased. His hands were in his pockets and he leaned up against her cubicle wall. "Do you have the draft I requested for today?"

"Um," Elena gulped and clicked through a few documents on her computer. She had been so distracted this morning that she had barely looked over her work at all. "Not yet. Sorry. I'll get right on that."

She spun around in her chair and began to type frivolously. His eyes were still upon her and she slowly looked over her shoulder at him. "Send it to my e-mail in about an hour. I'll be expecting it then." He stated and she nodded feeling the pressure of a deadline.

"And Miss Gilbert," Mr. Mikaelsen added. "May I remind you that your e-mails are strictly for professional use."

Her heart dropped into her stomach. The e-mails! The ones she had been sending Damon the other day must have come to his attention before Damon had the chance to rid of them from the server. She felt sick knowing her boss was aware of her relationship with him and she wondered if this would be a strike against her. As she recalled he didn't seem to be a big fan of Damon in the first place. But then something else concerned her. Damon was capable of assessing a situation fast and the e-mails between them were gone instantly after their phone conversation that day. How did Mr. Mikaelsen know about them unless he was checking up on her work activity? A shiver crawled down her spine and she literally felt as if she was going to be sick.

"The draft Miss Gilbert." He crookedly smiled and nodded his head. His departure was a timely one as she poked her head around the wall of her cubicle to make sure he was out of sight before she dashed to the bathroom.

No one thankfully was inside the bathroom as she clutched the counter and heaved over the sink. The physical feeling of being sick was subsiding, but she still felt consumed by uneasiness. She turned the cold water and cupped the icy liquid into her palms splashing it on her face. The cool sensation calmed her and she took in a few deep breaths before feeling like she could fully function again.

Wiping her face of any make up stains, she left the bathroom. The sound of a squeaking cart from around the corner indicated Alaric was in for his daily duties. She passed him carefully as he handed someone a coffee and a manila envelope.

"Elena?" He said with hesitation in his voice.

"Alaric." She responded giving him a strange look.

Caution surrounded him as he moved slowly and his eyes locked on her. It was like he was waiting for her to do something drastic. She cocked her head to the side and brushed her hair off her face. He had to be drunk; it was the only way to explain his bizarre behavior.

"So," Elena sang and sat down at her desk knowing she needed to get to work. "The plan is still set right? You pick him up from dinner or make him think you are and actually bring him to my place."

"Right." Alaric stood up straight and seemed to relax. "Let's hope it plays out like you planned."

"What makes you say that?" She asked.

Alaric cleared his throat and handed her a coffee. "Because its Damon. You can't surprise the guy with anything. He is always one step ahead."

"We'll see about that." Elena smirked and set her cup of coffee on her desk.

"What did you get the old man?" Alaric lowered his voice knowing the boss was lurking around.

Her cheeks were warm and she felt her heart fall into the pit of her stomach again. Now Alaric was making her feel guilty for not getting him a gift yet. She did have little time and it was surprise to her too that Damon's birthday was so soon, but she really was slacking. The spare time she did have was spent reminiscing about him instead of thinking of what she could give him.

"Can't tell you." She blushed lying through her teeth. "It's a surprise…only for him."

Closing his eyes and making a gagging expression, he whispered, "Thank you for putting that image in my head." Alaric tried to shake the image.

"Oh my god, no." Elena struggled to explain herself. She didn't mean it that way. Her imaginary gift had come off wrong and now poor Alaric was assuming very intimate things between her and Damon.

"And that's my cue to leave. Just be ready by seven Elena." He murmured and pushed the cart away fast.

First her boss and now Alaric have made her feeling foolish and embarrassed. Maybe focusing on work and getting her mind off personal matters would be for the best. But as she began to look through the draft that was now due in forty minutes she felt pain in her shoulder. She rubbed it knowing all too well what caused the pain. Her mind began to drift again.

Last night was another first for her and Damon. She found herself in his bed again twisted in his sheets as he was on top of her kissing down her neck. He slid his hand under her back arching her up. Skin to skin and the heat of friction caused by their sweaty bodies made her lose herself once again into oblivion. She felt his rough and calloused fingertips smooth against her shoulder and his wet lips left sensual traces. Elena tipped her head to the side giving him more access to her sensitive skin and she shivered at the thought of him sinking his teeth into her.

Her blood was coursing through her veins and she knew Damon was resisting every aching urge in him to bite down on the place he desired most. She had been thinking over the idea still unsure if she was ready for him to indulge in her there. It was the one thing he wanted the most from her and she was fine with her wrist being the source so far. However, she wanted to give him more. Over the past few days she felt like she had really connected with him deeper; sexually and emotionally. Despite his need to control and his lust that caused entire mood swings, they were in a good place.

His other hand travelled down her chest, resting and kneading on her breast. She craned her neck back as the arousing sensation fell down her body and into her core. Elena opened her eyes slowly knowing she was going to take another risk with him. But the thought from a night before with passion and sex and Damon feeding on her wrist was making the idea of moving closer to the one and only area that he wanted the most eased her into the thought.

She tugged on his ruffled hair and his lips were parted. The cracked lines were fading away from around his eyes knowing he was losing himself. She stroked his cheek and turned brushing her hair to the other side of her body. "Here," she whispered and pointed to bare and moist shoulder from where he had been kissing.

Damon did not respond, but his eyes full of hunger fell upon her unblemished skin. He was hesitant in the idea and looked to her still blinded by lust and urges beyond his every control.

"I'm sure." Elena dug her fingers into his head of hair and pushed him forward.

He curled his hand around her neck tilting it further away while his other hand petted the soft spot on her shoulder. It tingled at his touch and then the sharp pain hit her. Elena gasped feeling her skin break on contact and she winced as he dug in his teeth in farther. Her moans were desperate and unattractive. The feeding on her shoulder was worse than she had imagined. She panicked and began to push on his body to force him off, but as she did this something eased her. The rhythmic flowing and the pain were gone, just like it had when he gnawed on her wrist.

Elena wasn't whimpering and he wasn't resisting. Her eyes were growing heavy and her tense hands now relaxed and down his back. She wrapped her legs around him wanting him more with every drop she lost.

His two fangs retracted and as his head came up she saw the sex crazed man who was newly satisfied. He wiped his mouth and pushed it on hers. Soon he was losing himself in her again and he was fast. Damon dipped his head down as he kissed her chin, her neck, the valley between her breasts, her stomach, and then his mouth was on her. His tongue danced and Elena quivered. He knew all the right motions and she was about to burst.

"Miss Gilbert," a voice interrupted her erotic daydream. Elena looked up at Mr. Mikaelsen who had been watching her for God knows how long. "That draft."

"Almost done." She lied and smiled. Her hands were on the keyboard and she quickly began scanning over the draft.

Mr. Mikaelsen walked away briskly and she finally exhaled. He made her so nervous. She rubbed the spot on her shoulder again wishing she could relive the night over again. Damon had consumed her completely in every way. She knew it was bad when he was distracting her from work this much and she wasn't even talking to him. And then it hit her. She knew what gift she wanted to give him. The thought of it made her bubble up inside, but she was scared how he would react. Would he be happy or would he fall back into the self-controlling, not possible of feeling anything that could possibly be human Damon?

"Where are they?!" Caroline uttered as she peaked through the blinds of their living room.

It was seven o'clock on the dot. Elena had snatched a few clothing items from Damon's closet that he had purchased for her and she nervously tugged on them. She worse a bright red blouse that perfectly covered up any marks that could cause suspicion. The dark blue jeans she wore looked amazing on her, but she did not like how they left nothing to the imagination. They fitted so tight she felt like you could see every outline of her. However, she knew Damon would approve.

"You look beautiful!" Caroline smiled as she walked over to her and held her hand. "He won't be able to resist you."

"Thanks." Elena quietly replied.

A loud thud came from behind them and Caroline whipped around to the kitchen. "Stefan! They are going to be here any minute!" She cried. He was preparing a meal he said that was Damon's favorite as a kid. She hoped he wasn't sabotaging the night and simply preparing something that would be a comfort food of his.

She looked at the clock that read a minute after. This wasn't like him to not be punctual. Something was up. She had a feeling there was news about Katherine's whereabouts. The thought of her made her blood boil.

Knock knock knock. The pounding came on the door. Caroline flew out of the kitchen and ran to it before she could. When she opened Alaric and Damon were standing there. Alaric looked buzzed as usual while Damon had the smug appearance of annoyance on his face.

"Surprise!" Caroline yelled and Elena quickly joined in.

The annoyance went to confusion and Damon followed Alaric into her house and saw the decorations around the room. Confusion turned back into annoyance and Elena walked over to him.

"I know you hate surprises and celebrating your birthday," she began. "But it is your birthday and I just want you to spend it with the people who care about you the most."

She kissed his cheek and grabbed on to his hand. He was looking around at the streamers and balloons. A frosting covered red velvet cake sat in the middle of the coffee table. Elena squeezed his hand and as he looked down at her there was no annoyance or frustration in his face. It was relaxed and he smiled.

"Miss Gilbert, you never cease to amaze me." Damon admitted and planted his lips on hers gently. He leaned over and whispered in ear. "But you were right. I do hate surprises and celebrating my birthday and for this you will be punished."

Elena bit her lip as his words danced off her ear. She wanted to steal him away at this very moment and begin the punishing, but she knew she couldn't.

They went to the kitchen where Caroline was hovering over Stefan who was almost done with dinner. Exchanges of 'hellos' and 'happy birthdays' were made, but it wasn't gleeful ones. Even Caroline noticed the hostility between the brothers. However, they weren't causing a scene and Elena wondered if Stefan knew about Katherine being close to Mystic Falls.

"Dinner is ready. Sit!" Caroline barked and they all took their places.

Alaric had a glass full of whiskey and he was gulping it down by the second. He too wasn't for the celebration and even though he agreed to help, drinking was probably the only way he was going to get through this.

As they sat around the table and Caroline made a toast to Damon out of politeness, they began to eat. Damon's hand crept up her leg as mindless conversations were held about work and mostly Caroline gushing over her and Stefan. Elena grabbed his hand as it grew higher, but she couldn't stop him. He was stronger and as he touched her between her legs and she bit her tongue trying not to make a sound.

"Cake and present time!"

She was saved. Damon peered his eyes at her as everyone left the table and smirked. This party could end anytime now and they both would be happy.

Caroline cut perfect slices for everyone and they gathered on the couches. One gift was wrapped on the table. She felt bad that there wasn't more, but she knew he didn't mind. He truly didn't need anything. Caroline had offered her delicious red velvet cake as a gift and Stefan did the same for his cooking which Damon was gladly accepting of. He even gave Stefan a genuine smile. Then it was Alaric's turn. It wasn't wrapped neatly and judging by the outline Elena knew what he was about to receive.

"To replenish your stock." Alaric slurred hunched over.

"More like to replenish you dear friend." Damon laughed.

"What can I say," he shook his head. "I have to have the kind I like when I'm lurking around your place."

"Thank you." He placed the bottle of bourbon down on the coffee table.

It was her turn. She looked down at her hands and wished everyone would disappear, but Damon. Her gift wasn't meant for every one else. She didn't think about this moment and she knew she had to think quickly on her feet.

"Elena? Your gift for Damon?" Caroline asked.

"It's not here." She said quickly. "It's at your place."

"You didn't bring his gift here?" The confusion on Caroline's face was priceless. She had assumed she had got him something materialistic, but in reality it wasn't anything like that at all.

"How about we end this little get together so Elena can give Damon her present?" Stefan spoke up and she thought she saw Alaric gagging out of the corner of her eye. He was still suspecting the worse from her.

"But…" Caroline protested and Stefan put his arm around her. He whispered in her ear and she smiled. "Fine. I'm sure this is torture for you anyways Damon. Happy Birthday."

"Thank you Caroline, everyone." He nodded his head and stood up. She joined him as Stefan and Caroline went back into the kitchen. It was short-lived party, but she was eager to get away from it. Alaric was drowning himself in his drink and she looked to Damon with worry.

"He'll be fine. Stefan will take him home." Damon assured her and grabbed her hand. "Come Miss Gilbert. My gift awaits and so does your punishment."

The Salvatore house was dark as usual. Elena's car clunked into his drive way and she turned it off.

"You really do need a new car." Damon insisted.

"It gets me to and from." She said opening her door. "Besides what would you rather have me driving, one of your sporty cars?"

"Actually yes." He replied. "They are safer and at least I know you could get to and from in one piece."

"Oh no," she shook her head as they stood by her car. "Don't even get any ideas Mr. Salvatore. I don't need a new car and not from you."

He cleverly smirked and looped his arm around her waist. It didn't matter if she begged him not to doing something; he was going to do it. There was no stopping him when he was determined.

Damon unlocked his door and scooped her up. She was caught off guard and felt her back slam into the wall. Her arms snaked around his neck and he slid his hand under her shirt. "You will be punished, but first my gift. Where is it?"

"Right here." She said and his eyes grew seductive. He dove for her lips and kissed her hard. "No."

He was eager and she knew he didn't understand what she meant.

"Damon stop for a second." Elena uttered between kisses and he let her put her feet on the ground. "I mean, my gift is something I want to tell you. Something I want to give to you, emotionally."

"Oh," he answered with no emotion.

She bowed her head and her heart was beating fast. The words were on the tip of her tongue, but she was struggling to get it out. This wasn't as easy as she thought it would be.

"Damn it Elena! Tell me." He growled knowing her fast pumping heart was getting to him.

"I love you." Elena whispered not looking at him at first. Once her eyes were level with his she saw it. It was the first time he ever looked human in the time she was with him. Happiness did not swarm him nor did she receive the same statement in return, but something did make her enjoy this moment much more and that was his humanity. He was in shock and she grabbed his hand. "I love you and I know you might not feel the same way and you might not ever, but I love you. I don't care how crazy that sounds but I do. I care for you Damon. I'm a lot more invested in this than I ever thought I would be."

Silence still rendered between them. She squeezed his hand tighter hoping he would say or do something. His mouth hung open and she wanted to kiss him. Damon bowed his head and when he looked up the humanity was gone. Seduction and lust filled his face. He pushed her back up against the wall and picked her up. As much as she wanted a response she knew he wasn't going to say it back. Love was rare for him and whether he did feel that way for her or not, he wasn't about to admit right here and now. She accepted that much like she accepted every thing else with him. Now as she felt the heated passion come rushing back all she wanted was for him to indulge in her. She wanted him to be satisfied in every way. It was his birthday after all.

Damon pulled on her shirt forcing it over her head. His lips moved hurried over her exposed skin and she pressed against him harder. Flashes of the night before came rushing back and she became extremely turned on. He held her as he spun them around out of the foyer and into the hallway. Their bodies slammed against the wall and picture frame came crashing down. It startled her for a second, but then Damon brought her back into their reality.

His hand squeezed her breast and dipped under the cup of her bra teasing her by the moment. His mouth opened as she kissed him and his tongue danced around hers. Her skin tight jeans were about to rip and the moisture coming through them was leaving her soaked.

She wanted to move this action to the bedroom, but Damon was a little pre-occupied. He moved his lips down to her jawline and to her neck. He wouldn't stop as he kissed and sucked and she knew she would have a mark to cover the next day. She didn't mind knowing how good it felt. She wanted to return the favor but he wasn't letting her. Damon was in full control and he was gone. He was so lost in the moment and she tugged on his hair. Tonight was going to a lustful sex filled night.

The thought of him biting her shoulder again aroused her and she tugged on his head to move toward the wound. It was fresh still and a simply bandage covered it. However, Damon didn't nudge. He was focused on her neck. He was kissing harder and she felt him pressing down on her more. Then it happened. Her arms dropped and she became lifeless for a second.

It soared through her body like a thousands needles. She felt her skin ripping and the blooding was gushing out. He shook his head lightly as he fed on her furiously. The sensation of enjoying her blood flow rhythmically was not there, not like before. This was terror. This was painful. This was not love.

"Damon stop!" She cried as he fed more and she finally felt the blood leaving her and never returning. "Stop!"

But he didn't. He continued his rampage and he held her down as he fed harder.

Elena struggled to resist him and finally she dug her nails into his back and screamed, "STOP!"

He flew off her with blood dripping down her chin. She held her neck almost falling to the ground. Damon's eyes looked wild and his body heaved up and down. Then the animal inside of him began to disappear, but it was too late. Elena ran to the first place that she could. She slammed the door shut and locked it.

"Elena!" His voice called out and he banged on the door. She hoped he wouldn't bust it down. She was terrified that he might.

As she turned around the room came into focus and she realized she was in his room. She dashed to the bathroom and grabbed a towel. Pressing it to her neck, she let the tears flow down her face. She should have saw it coming. Damon was a vampire and no matter how hard he tried to be gentle and kind with her, he was always going to have his animal instincts to hunt and feed. She didn't know what she felt for him now. All she saw in the mirror as she looked at her reflection was a girl that was terribly hurt.

Turning the faucet on, she wetted the towel and wiped the blood away. She tried to calm herself and heard Damon calling her name still from outside the door. It made her cry harder as she held the painful spot and rummaged through his medicine cabinet for a bandage. Finding one, she covered her wound and fell to the ground. She sobbed and sobbed until her eyes grew dry. By then the name calling had stopped. She knew she couldn't keep herself locked up in his room or in his house. She had to leave. She had to get away, far far away.

Elena stood up feeling dizzy knowing she had lost quite a bit of blood. She stumbled out of the bathroom trying to regain stability but it was hard. His dresser filled with priceless keepsakes of his tumbled to the ground as she dug her hip into the side of it and fell too. Determination to flea was still on her mind and she pushed herself up. She was weak though and she took a moment to before she tried again.

The books and picture frame were scattered. She looked over at it hopelessly knowing this was end. Damon was a monster, a monster she had fallen in love with and now she was trying so hard to get away. She pressed her palm down on one of the books to help her up, but it slipped. Her elbow bruised instantly as she hit the ground again. Something stuck out of the book and it caught her eye. Elena sat up and tugged on the parchment that was secured between the pages.

As she withdrew it, her hand trembled. Her heart began to race again. Each breath was staggered and she felt the tears forming again. It couldn't be. It wasn't possible. The image that stared back at her was her own eyes. The bottom a name was scribbled and a date. Elena threw the picture across the room and managed to find the strength to run once again. The dizzy spell had returned, but this time she was focused. She unlocked the door and fled, but a pair of arms stopped her.

"Elena…" Damon yelled. "I'm sorry."

"Stay the hell away from me!" She screamed looking around for an exit.

"I didn't mean to, I just…" He tried to explain himself, but she pulled away.

"Let me go!" Elena cried. "Let me go!"

Damon released her from his grasp and Elena stumbled as she ran. She picked up her shirt that was the floor of the foyer. She didn't bother putting it on and ran to her car. Her hand shook as she put the key in the ignition and started it up. The sound of screeching tires filled her ears as she sped away from his house.

The image flashed in her head again and tears streamed down her cheek. The scribbled name at the bottom read, Katherine. Her foot pressed down the accelerator harder.

All Elena could think about was, why do I look like her?

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