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This one starts at the Cell Games and goes on from there.

"This is someone talking."

'This is someone thinking.'

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Two Halves of a Soul

By: DarkHeart81

Prologue: A Tearful Meeting

With a final release of unimaginable power the young demi-Saiyan, Son Gohan, sends the evil tyrant Cell into the next dimension where he will no longer be able to torment and torture the living.

'Finally…Cell is no more.' Flashes through Gohan's weary mind as he drops out of his Super Saiyan form and falls to the ground, tears that had been held in check to some extent now freely flowing.

"Father, I'm sorry…even though you said it wasn't my fault but if I had done as you said then you would be alive." Gohan says quietly to himself as his friends approach to congratulate him on his victory and console him for his loss.

"Hey, don't worry Gohan. We'll wish Goku back with the Dragon Balls." Yamcha says as Krillin gives Gohan a Senzu bean. Upon hearing this Gohan realizes that his father can not be wished since he has been wished back to life once before. This one thought hits him with more force then anything Cell had thrown at him.

"No we can't." He says, his voice full of regret and grief, as he takes off into the sky to be alone with his thoughts.

"Gohan! Wait…" Krillin says, but he is silenced when Piccolo places a hand on his shoulder.

"Let him go. He needs time to think and grieve in his own way." Piccolo says.

They all want to say something, to stop Gohan from leaving. Even Vegeta felt saddened by what has happened. But they know Piccolo is right and so they watch in silence as the young boy flies off into the distance, his destination unknown to all, including himself.

After flying for what seems like hours Gohan lands in a wooded area, not noticing the buildings a little ways off.


Videl is sitting in front of the TV in her home watching the Cell Games just like millions of other people around the world.

'Come on Poppa, you can beat Cell!' She thinks as she watches her father enter the ring. Shock fills her upon seeing Cell swat him away as though he were some annoying insect and win the fight with apparent ease.

As she recovers from the shock of what she just saw she sees a man with golden hair begin to fight Cell.

"Wow, this guy's good." Videl says in surprise as she sees him holding his own against the genetic monstrosity. As she is watching she begins to think that the man will win when he suddenly gives up.

"What? Why'd he give up?" Shock once again takes control of her as she sees that a boy, who appears to be no older then her is going to fight.

'Why would someone my age fight Cell? His parents must be psycho or something.' She thinks to herself. Not long after the fight begins the TV screen goes black followed by a person coming on saying that they are having technical difficulties.

"Darn it!" 'It figures that just as it really gets interesting there is a problem' "Now how am I going to find out about Poppa and about how the fight is going for that boy. Videl thinks as she hears the phone ring. She can hear their housekeeper, Olivia, talking to the person on the other end but is unable to make out what she is saying. Olivia comes into the room with a somber expression on her face and tears in her eyes.

"Videl dear…something's happened to…there's been an …" Olivia tries to think of a way to say what she needs to but nothing sounds right.

"What is it?" Videl asks, curious as to why she is so choked up.

"That phone call…it was about your mother…she…she was in a accident on the way to her business meeting."

"Is she ok?" Videl asks, her voice filled with worry as tears fill her eyes.

"I'm afraid she…she didn't make it. The man said she died on impact, she didn't feel any pain." Olivia says as tears escape from her eyes.

"No…she can't be…be…be…" Videl says, unable to finish the thought let alone say it, as tears stream down her face. "…they must be wrong. Momma's not dead…she's…she's on her way home…she's got to be."

"Honey, I'm sorry…" Olivia says, wanting to comfort the young girl who she has grown so close to in the short time she has known her. But Videl pushes her away.

"No…get away from me!" Videl yells before running out of the house. She continues running and runs into several people and almost falls several times because of her tear blurred vision. Videl passes hundreds of people as she runs down seemingly endless streets but she does not care. Videl does not stop until she reaches a park on the outskirts of the city.


Gohan wanders aimlessly through the wooded area before practically falling to the ground beneath a large tree. He holds his head in his hands as he cries, sobs rack his body occasionally.

"Why…why didn't I listen to you…why didn't I finish off Cell when I had the chance…" He says quietly to himself.

Gohan leans back against the tree, resting his head against its rough surface, and allows his memories to wash over him. He sees the Saiyans, Frieza, the Ginyu Force, and the androids. As the memories of his past enemies wash through his mind he remembers the pain and suffering they brought to his friends and family as well as to countless others he does not know. His sad expression becomes tinged with anger as the memories flood through him. His emotions cause his power level to rise gradually. Suddenly the all too recent memories of Cell fill his mind and Gohan unconsciously snaps a stick in two that he had picked up off the ground. And as if the stick were a switch he briefly transforms into a Super Saiyan when it snaps. Gohan hears someone behind him and looks to see who it is.


Videl wanders through the park, going deeper into the wooded land. Fatigue, both emotional and physical, takes over her body and she collapses under a tree deep within the park.

'Momma can't be dead…she promised…she promised to take me shopping this weekend. Then Poppa was going to take us to that amusement park. She never breaks her promises.' Videl thinks as tears continue to wash over her cheeks.

As Videl is sitting there she hears the sound of someone crying. She looks behind the tree and sees a boy sitting there. As she is looking at him he snaps a stick in two and his hair suddenly becomes golden before turning back to black. Because of her grief she does not think anything about what she just saw. As she is looking at him he turns around.


As they look at each other they can see their own pain and grief reflected in the other's eyes. It is the pain and grief that can only be caused by the death of someone very close and important. They see someone in need of a shoulder to cry on and someone to talk to. They see someone who knows how they are feeling at this moment in time. They see someone who can help them, and some who they can help.

Gohan and Videl see the tears falling from the other's eyes and as if by some unspolen agreement they move closer together. As if they were two old friends, not complete strangers, they hold each other, each allowing the other to cry on their shoulder.

After more then an hour they pull apart, both damp from the other's tears. Neither is ashamed or embarrassed by what just happened for they both know that they needed a sympathetic shoulder on which to shed their tears. And both are grateful for the friendly gesture.

"Thanks." They say together, bringing a shallow smile to their tear stained faces.

"My name's Gohan."

"I'm Videl."

They share a more genuine smile as they introduce themselves.

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As for Videl saying Poppa and Momma. As far as I know in the series Videl calls Hercule Poppa and it just seems appropriate to me that she would call her mother Momma. I may change this later though, I haven't decided yet.

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