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Two Halves of a Soul
Chapter 31: When the Parents Are Away the Children Will Play

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"Why would someone summon Shenron?" asked a confused Sakura as she stared up at the unnaturally black sky.

"No no no no no NO!" yelled Gohan before pounding his fists into the ground, causing a tiny earthquake. "I swear if it's some moron wishing for world domination or immortality I'll kill 'em!"

"Err...if they wish for world domination then they'd be able to control you. And if they wished for immortality then they can't be killed."

Videl's eye twitched, "Shut up Sakura!" The blue haired girl shrank away from Videl ever so slightly.

The Z-Senshi rapidly drew closer to the location of the dragon's summoning. They could see someone standing on the ground before what appeared to be numerous tables.

"...Your wish has been granted!" said the dragon in its ever booming voice. "And now I bid you farewell." In a bright flash of light the dragon vanished and the balls scattered to the far reaches of the Earth.

"What the hell's going on you damn weakling?" asked Vegeta as they landed.

Yamcha stood there, looking at the tables with a long face. "It's not fair..."

"Hey! I asked you a--"

"That wasn't my wish you stupid dragon!" yelled Yamcha.

Goku eyed the tables and licked his lips. All of the tables were covered with a delicious looking spread of food. "Umm...Yamcha..." the Saiya-jins feet seemed to carry him to the nearest table of their own accord."What..." This looks soooo good... thought Goku. "...happened?"

"I was gonna wish for a girlfri...err...make a wish but I...the stupid dragon thought I was wishing for food!" The former bandit could hear Krillin snicker and Vegeta scoff at him.

"Wish for a girlfriend? You truly are pathetic," said Vegeta as she nonchalantly picked up a large turkey leg and took a bite.

"What happened? Got hungry and wished that you'd eaten lunch?" asked Krillin while snickering at his friend.

"S-something like that," replied Yamcha as Gohan, Videl, and Sakura landed amongst them.

"What happened?" asked Gohan while he and Videl eyed all the food.

"'amta 'ished fur foot" said Goku around a mouth full of egg roll.

"Wished for food?" said Gohan and Videl before grinning at the man.

Gohan grabbed a fork and shoveled some noodles into his mouth. "Now THIS is a wish I can deal with today!" said the teen after swallowing the food.

"I..." Yamcha's cheeks reddened. "...gathered the dragon balls to wish for a girlfriend. But I was umm...hungry because I haven't eaten since breakfast and I...kind of...said that I...wish I had something to eat."

Tien shrugged and stood back out of splattering range of the Saiya-jins as they tore into the mounds of food. "Did you think a woman was just gonna fall from the sk--"

"IIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" All eating stopped as the group looked around for the source of the scream. They found it when they looked up."

"I wasn't serious," muttered Tien as Yamcha flew into the sky to rescue the damsel in distress.

"Oh good, you're awake," said Sakura upon seeing that the woman from earlier had awaked. She had passed out shortly after being caught by Yamcha and now the group stood around her in the twilight. "So who are you?"

"I'm..." the woman rubbed at her eyes. "What happened?"

"We were kind of hoping you could tell us that."

"The last thing I remember was Pilaf's cheap ass air car flipping over and me falling out of it."

"Pilaf?" said Krillin in surprise. "You mean that moron is still alive? Wow, I would have thought that one of his traps would have killed him by now."

"If you were with Pilaf then you're..." Yamcha rubbed his chin in thought. "You're Mai?"

"Yea, who are..." Mai froze as Goten suddenly hopped off of the Nimbus cloud and landed right in front of her. "G-G-G-Goku!" exclaimed the woman as she stared and pointed at Goten.

"Huh?" Goten scratched his head just like his father's so well known for doing when confused. "I'm not Tou-san. I'm me." Mai looked at the boy, perplexed. He certainly seemed to look and act like Goku. 18 and Vegeta smirked in amusement and the rest of the gang chuckled in amusement.

Goku scooped the little guy up and sat him on his shoulder, "He's Goten. I'm Goku."

"You're..." Mai's cheeks reddened as she took in Goku's well muscled body, "...Goku?"

Krillin was sure drool was going to start dribbling down Mai's chin any second and decided that if he couldn't embarrass his favorite teenage couple then his best friend would have to do. "I suppose you should know that he's married. His wife's a real control freak and if she was here I think that--"

"Think what Krillin?" The former monk turned around as a cold sweat broke out all over his body.

"H-hey Chi-Chi. Lovely weather today isn't it? Hehe..." Chi-Chi smiled at him and nonchalantly smacked them on the head with her frying pan.

"Yes, the weather is nice today," said Chi-Chi as she moved towards Mai. "And as for you. I suggest you don't even think about laying a hand on my husband unless you want to end up like him," she pointed at Krillin.

"Oh sure, no problem," replied Mai as she quickly composed herself. "It's just that I don't get to see normal guys much. And to see one of such...perfection is well..." Chi-Chi grinned at her.

"I understand perfectly dear. It still amazes me every time I wake up next to him." Chi-Chi smiled at her husband before lightly trailing her fingers up his washboard abs. "And I get him anytime I want," said Chi-Chi before kissing Goku.

Goten made gagging sounds at the site of his kissing parents while everyone else rolled their eyes.

"You two are worse then a couple of teenagers!" teased Yamcha. Gohan and Videl laughed in agreement.

"But not worse then you two!" added Krillin, silencing the laughter of the two teens.

"...and Gohan?" Hercule eyed the teenager before him as he hefted a bag over his shoulder. It was a few weeks after Yamcha's rather unsuccessful attempt to wish for a girlfriend and now the Satans, excluding Videl, were embarking on a week long campaign tour in support of a new line of clothing.

Gohan looked away from the TV screen, "Yes sir?"

"If you value your life then I better not find out about any...monkey business." Gohan blushed.

Selene glared and chuckled at her mate and his choice of words. He undoubtedly didn't even realize what just such a comment means to a Saiya-jin. "Hercule! How many times do I have to tell you?" said the female Saiya-jin as she buttoned up Luciandra's coat. "You couldn't hurt him if you tried. And besides, it takes two for monkey business and I doubt Videl would object to it."

"Mother!" exclaimed Videl as her and Gohan's cheeks burned in embarrassment.

Little Luciandra looked up at her mother with curiosity filled eyes and asked, "Are you guys talking about sex?"

"W-what?!" stammered Hercule.

Selene's eyes widened in surprise, "Luciandra Satan!"

"What momma? Roshi-san said that monkey business is another name for..."

"That's none of your business young lady," replied Selene while making a mental note to pay the old man a little visit when they got back from their trip.

Far away on a tropical island Master Roshi sneezed, rousing him from dreams of large breasted women in tiny bikinis. The dirty old man looked around his small home for a few seconds before grabbing the phone and calling his sister. He had a feeling that it would be good for his health if he visited her for a while in the near future.

Videl had somehow managed to talk her parents into letting her stay home while they went on the week long publicity tour. Sitting around in front of dozens of cameras and large crowds wasn't her thing after all. And when Videl had mentioned that she was staying home alone to Chi-Chi she had unintentionally gotten her approval to allow Gohan to stay with her. In fact, Chi-Chi had insisted on it and said that he had to protect her future daughter-in-law from burglars and rapists and other evil people who might try to break in.

"Why is it that they tease up" asked Videl once her parents and sister had left.

"Because they think we want to" replied Gohan.

"Yea! Like we'd want to have sex!" said Videl, causing her and Gohan to laugh nervously. Their laughter died suddenly as they made eye contact.

After several tense seconds of silence Gohan cleared his throat. "I want you for dinner."

Videl shook her head to clear it of 'evil' thoughts. "W-what?!"

"You ok? I only asked what you wanna do about dinner," replied Gohan while looking at her curiously.

"Oh. Oh! Hehe...yea. I'm fine. Umm...let's uh...uhh...order pizza!"

Sakura leaned on her desk and smirked at her friends. "So," she paused for dramatic effect, "what happened last night? I want all the details no matter how perverted."

"I d-don't know what you're talking about Sakura," replied Gohan.

"You're a terrible liar Gohan-kun," said Sakura before turning to Videl. "Think you can do better?"

Videl looked her straight in the eye and unflinchingly replied, "Nothing happened." Sakura blinked several times before sitting up.

"Really? Nothing? And here I was sure that you two would get it on." The three looked up at the sound of books falling to the floor to see Erasa standing there.

"Oh hi Erasa!" chirped Videl.

Erasa's cheeks reddened as she stammered, " s-s-s-ex?"

Sakura cracked a smile before laughing out loud. "You're more embarrassed about it then they are!"

Gohan and Videl shot to their feet, their chairs flying backward, "WE DIDN'T HAVE SEX!" A silence so profound settled over most of the school that a pin drop would have sounded like Super Saiya-jin burp.

At the front of the room the teacher raised an eyebrow while rubbing at her ringing ears. "Uhem...thank you for sharing that Mr. Son, Ms. Satan. And because you two have chosen to so kindly share your...interpersonal relationship with half the school I think it only fitting that you read part of today's lesson to the class."

"Yes Sensei," replied Gohan and Videl.

"Now, take out your biology books and turn to chapter eight. Begin reading when you're ready Mr. Son." Gohan and Videl's cheeks reddened upon reading the title of the chapter, The Human Reproductive System. Beside them they heard Sakura snicker.

"You two should know all about this stuff," whispered Sakura.

"Shut it Sakura!" grumbled Gohan and Videl through clenched teeth.

Gohan collapsed onto the large overstuffed couch in the living room of the Satan home with a sigh. "I can't believe Sakura! She knows we haven't done anything!"

"Does she?" Videl sat next to him and leaned her head on Gohan's shoulder.

"I...well...I don't know. She should."

at it from her perspective. We make out a lot, we sleep in the same bed more often then not, and we're practically always together." Gohan sighed.

.. I suppose you're right."

"Of course I'm right! I am the one with the brains after all," replied Videl while smiling up at him.

"Oh really? So that's why I've gotten the higher score on the last ten tests we've had?"

"Gohan, we've both gotten a hundred percent on the last ten tests."

Gohan looked at his fingernails, blew on them, and then rubbed them on his shirt as if to polish them. "So? My score was still higher then yours!"

"How so Mr. Pompous Ass?"

Gohan smiled at her and said, "Because I said so. And who are you calling a pompous ass?"

Videl giggled at the look on his face and kissed him on the cheek. "I am! Now get in the kitchen and make me some pancakes!"


"Yes," Videl crossed her arms, "pancakes. And bacon, and toast, and scrambled eggs, and hash browns."

Gohan shrugged and stood up, Ok. But..."

"But what?" asked Videl.

Gohan smirked and picked her up, slinging her over his shoulder and causing her to squeal in surprise, "You're gonna help me."

"Hey! No fair!!"

Gohan smiled and replied, "All's fair in war and food."

"You mean all's fair in love and war."

"Whatever," Gohan placed her on her feet in the kitchen. "I'll get started on the pancakes if that's ok with you, master."

"Don't take that tone with me slave!" replied Videl while laughing lightly and getting the pancake mix for Gohan.

Gohan chuckled and grabbed the eggs from the fridge. "So do you-- Watch out!" exclaimed Gohan as he and Videl, neither of whom had been paying too close attention, collided. Sending the pancake mix and eggs into the air to come crashing back down on them.

"Now look what you did!" yelled Videl in mock anger as the cold and gritty mess slid down her face.

"What I did? You ran into me!"

"No! You ran into me!" retorted Videl.

"Nuh uh!" said Gohan before picking up an unbroken egg and squashing it on top of Videl's head.

"What was that for?" asked Videl while glaring at him.

"No reason. Just thought you could use some more egg there."

"Why you...!" Videl picked up a handful of pancake mix and threw it in Gohan's face.

"Hey!" cough, sputter, cough. "That wasn't very nice!"

"Paybacks are hell," chirped Videl before standing up, only to slip and fall. Sending up a cloud of pancake mix.

"Clumsy tonight aren't you?" chuckled Gohan before seemingly rising to his feet with ease.

"Hey! How did you...oh..." Videl trailed off upon feeling Gohan using his energy to hold him up.

Gohan looked down at himself, Videl, and the surrounding mess, "I guess we better clean this up before we do anything else."

"Yea," Videl floated up enough so she could stand, "I think you're right."

"You know what?" said Gohan as he looked over the now sparkling kitchen. "I think it's cleaner now then before we made the mess."

Videl laughed and replied, "Yea, it's not every day that a couple of Saiya-jins clean it." Gohan smiled at her and ran a hand through her still filthy hair.

"Why don't I start cooking while you go take a bath."

Videl looked down at herself, "I am a little dirty aren't I? Well then, I'll leave everything up to you for now chef Gohan," said the raven haired girl before kissing him on the cheek. "I umm...Gohan-chan?" Gohan turned to see Videl standing in the doorway, her face flushed.

"Something wrong Vidy?"

"No I...uh...was wondering if...uhh..." Videl nervously rung her hands and looked at the floor. Why did I stop? It's stupid...I mean... Suddenly she found herself being held by Gohan.

"What's wrong?" he asked gently. Videl mumbled something in reply but Gohan couldn't hear her. Gohan kissed her on the forehead. "What?"

"D...d-doyouwanttobathewithme!" Videl buried her face in Gohan's chest in embarrassment.

Gohan's eyes widened slightly in surprise as his mind slowed and processed what Videl had said. ...bathe with Videl?

He had been dreaming of such a thing for a while now but fear kept him from broaching the subject. Fear of his Saiya-jin half and what it would do if suddenly presented with nude Videl. Fear that he wouldn't be able to control his own body. Fear that he'd force her to do something she didn't want to. Fear that such a thing might result in something that neither of them were prepared for.

"Videl?" Gohan looked into her eyes. "I...I want to but...I..." Videl grinned at him, she had been afraid he'd reject her offer. No wait, he had said but.

"But what Gohan-chan?" Did she want to know? What if he liked her but not in that way? No. It was too late for such concerns now. He'd either agree or not and if he didn't then it would happen later.

"I...don't trust myself," said Gohan while looking away in shame. "I don't know if I'd be able to control my instincts if you and I were...n-naked."

"Gohan," she kissed him lightly, "I...I would have asked you months ago but I didn't trust myself either. But you know why I asked you now?" Gohan shook his head slightly as he gazed into her eyes. "It's because I realized that no matter what may happen I'll still love you. And that together we can face anything that the universe can throw at us."

Gohan sat in the warm water of the bath, his back to the door. The young Saiya-jin's mind raced as he stared blankly out the windows towards the setting sun. He jumped slightly and moved to cover himself at the sound of the door opening. Why had he decided to go in first wondered Gohan as he heard Videl's soft footsteps on the tile floor. Gohan knew that Videl was wearing nothing but a robe. She always took off her outer garments and put on a robe while in the seclusion of her room. It was kind of strange in a way since Videl had her own private bath.

Videl's hands trembled visibly as she pulled at the belt of her robe to undo it. She couldn't take her eyes off of Gohan's form, silhouetted against the setting sun. They had accidentally seen each other naked on a few occasions since they met those years before. But this was the first time they would deliberately be without clothes.

An audible gulp came from Gohan as his Saiya-jin hearing picked up the sound of Videl's terrycloth robe sliding down her well toned form before falling to the floor. He found himself biting his lip as Videl stepped into the tub, small waves lapping against his back from Videl's intrusion into the warm liquid.

Silently Videl moved to the spot farthest from Gohan in the pool like bath and sat down with an arm across her chest. Minutes seemed to pass as each bit their lip and thought that maybe this had been a mistake. Videl's mind fought over what to do, whether to get out or to make some kind of other move.

Videl tried to talk but found her vocal cords unmoving. Like a deer frozen in the headlights of an approaching car. With a deep breath to steady her nerves and a fist full of courage she forced herself to talk. "Go-han?"

For several seconds she was answered with silence for Gohan was having the same problem she had a moment ago. Both found it strange that even though they spent so much of their time together and knew each other better then they knew themselves that this would cause fear. After all, they had seen each other in swimsuits or other revealing clothes many times before. And wasn't this something they both had wanted? Wasn't this something they had both thought about?

"Y-yea?" Videl visibly relaxed slightly at the sound of Gohan's voice only to tense up again as words formed in her mind.

" you want me to...w-wash your back?" She could see Gohan's muscles contract as he tensed up.


Videl blushed heavily as she gently applied a soapy washcloth to Gohan's back. If she could see his face then she'd have seen him blushing even more then her. As she washed lower on his back she could feel Gohan tense up more and more until he suddenly jumped as her hand brushed against his tail. The furry appendage snapped to the side, brushing against a rather sensitive portion of Videl in the process and causing her to jump away from him.

"S-sorry," said both teens as they turned red from head to toe.

Minutes passed in silence as they sat unmoving when Videl suddenly realized something. She was the one who had initiated this. She was the one who had asked him. And she was the one who should push aside any fear or uncertainties aside and move forward. But she wasn't the kind of person to stand by and let anyone or anything control her, even her own fears. With a deep breath she moved in front of Gohan. The boy's eyes widened in surprise before looking away.

"Gohan, don't turn your head. If you want to look at me then look at me. We both knew what this would be like. And I'll be damned if I'm going to sit in a corner like some scared little girl just because the guy I love is bathing with me." Gohan's eyes flicked to her then away again in a fleeting glance. Videl sighed before placing a hand on either side of Gohan's head and kissing him. Instantly she could feel herself relax and sense Gohan relax as well. "There," said Videl as she moved away from him a bit.

"Err..." Gohan's cheeks reddened. "Thanks. I needed that."

"You and I both," replied Videl as they both laughed.

Knock knock knock! Ding dong! "Geez...where are they?" asked Sakura as she stood at the front door to the Satan home. She knew that Gohan and Videl were there. That is unless they learned to throw their ki like a ventriloquist throws their voice. As she turned to leave a thought popped into the blue haired girl's mind, Videl's balcony door is probably unlocked.


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