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June 26th After Colony 203

The mission was simple, get in save the target get out. So then why did it have to be so difficult? Making it to the prison cells silently was harder than it used to be. But he managed with ten minutes left to spare, throwing the cell door open it reminded him of a similar time were he planted a gun at his targets head and like last time Duo Maxwell was not going to die. Taking in the sight of his longtime partner Heero Yuy was shocked at the sight of him. Blood covered his body from the many cuts laced throughout it and bruises formed ugly black and blue marks. His face was a mess one eye was swollen shut and blood was still rushing from a cut along his cheek. But the thing that shocked Heero most was his hair…

"Hey… Heero" Duo's weak voice cut into his assessment "what took you so long?"

"Status" Heero said in lieu of an answer.

"Alive" Duo said coughing, blood splattered to the ground from his mouth, not good. Heero thought and was not in the least amused by the joke. Albeit a little relieved that his friend was still in the condition to make jokes.

Heero stared blankly at Duo. "What's the matter? Can't take a joke? I thought I had you trained" he sighed "back to the drawing board I guess." Heero only raised an eyebrow.

"fine" Duo said defeated "fractured ankle, broken leg, both on the left, broken rib " by this point Duo tried to get up and failed, falling back hissing in pain "make that three" Heero stepped over to Duo picked the lock on his handcuffs took off his own bullet proof vest and handed it to his friend. "Hey that better not be yours " Duo queried

"It's not" Heero lied. Duo stared into his partner's eyes for a long moment trying to discern if he was in fact lying. After a while he shrugged winced at the pain it brought and said

"Fine whatever, if you get shot and die don't go blaming me."

Heero had him shrug on the vest and grabbed his left arm hulling him up and letting him use him as a lean-to. After handing Duo a gun they walked, or rather limped, out of the building.

"Soooooo…" Duo said to make conversation. "What've you been doing the last month I've been gone?"

"It's only been a week Duo"

"A week? I thought it was longer than that"

"Being tortured will do that to you… Duo next time you go gallivanting off to save your wife, bring some backup"

"Couldn't" Duo said softly "they had her Heero… they had her and she was scared… she hid it well but I could tell… " Heero looked at his friend worried. Suddenly Duos head snapped up "crap if Hilde's still in the building then that defeats the whole-"

"It's ok" Heero cut in "Hilde's fine Wufei's with her" Duo sighed

"Good I starting to worry there" his eyes widened "wait did you say Wufei is with her?" at Heero's nod he cursed "man I got to get home quick" at Heero's confused look (which was a rarity at best) Duo explained "come on you know Wufei's not the most … tactful when it comes to women" at Heero's nod he continued "and in Hilde's current condition Wufei is most likely going to get killed"

"Wufei can handle himself" Heero said simply.

"Heero if there's one thing I know about pregnant women it's that they can be scarier than death, I wouldn't subject my worst enemy to that!" Heero's reply was cut off by the loud ring of a gunshot and Heero throwing Duo to the ground wincing at the yelp of pain his friend let out. "Ok scratch that; we should tie that guy to a chair and let Hilde have at him!" Heero smirked at his angered friend and couldn't help but wonder what he would do when he found out they cut his hair. Taking cover quickly behind the door that led to freedom they both started shooting out of it. "Ok so if we survive this I'm naming my second son after you" Duo smirked

"Don't" Heero said rolling his eyes "the kid will have enough handicaps being your son"

"Hey!" Duo said with hurt tone, he then smiled. "Anyone important you want me name him after then?"

"No, everyone I know wouldn't be the best role model for a kid"

"Come on there's gotta be someone" Heero shook his head.

"Trust me the kid has enough handicaps" Heero glanced at his watch and smirked "times up"

"Huh?" Duo questioned.

"Our backups coming" by pure chance Heero looked behind them at that instant and saw the man crouching with the gun aimed directly at Duo's head "DUO!" he yelled as the shot rang out, using the wall for a push he jumped in front of his friend twisting his body so that he was facing the shooter and all at once three things happened.

1) A lucky shot was fired through the door and hit Heero in the lower abdomen.

2) Heero fired his gun with perfect accuracy and eliminated the threat.

3) The shot fired at Duo hit Heero in the chest just nicking the heart.

"HEERO!" Duo shouted. Ok running to your partner when bullets are flying at you, is not the best of ideas. Duo did it anyway there was nothing but him and Heero at that moment.

"Hey man I'm the one who's supposed to be injured" that brought a laugh from the fallen man.

"Sorry" Heero said there was a brief pause "Duo, listen… I… don't have much time" Duo could tell he was having trouble talking so he shook his head.

"Don't worry Heero we'll get you out of this soon, just save your strength ok?" now it was Heero's turn to shake his head.

"It's my time Duo"

"You thought it was your time when you blew up the Wing" Duo countered as he assessed the damage. Bullet wound to the abdomen not good, bullet wound to the chest defiantly not good.

"Duo shut up and listen" Heero was agitated now "Relena and I weren't ganna tell you guys till tomorrow but she's pregnant." Heero started coughing, bad sign.

"Hey congrats, when is it due?" Duo asked smiling stupidly even though his insides were churning. Heero was dying and they both knew it.

"This is not the time for that Duo" Heero said shooting him a weak glare, really bad sign. "Relena wanted*cough* wanted me to name the kid *cough* so I thought long and hard about it… I want you to tell her for me"

"You can tell her when you get out of the hospital" Duo said still clinging to the hope that he was invincible. It worked before. Heero was sweating now.

"Duo please *cough* I'm dying you know it and I know it… stop pretending" Duo looked his comrade in the eye it was hard to imagine the fire in those eyes fading out.

"What's the name?" he asked solemnly.

"I*cough* I don't know the kid's gender… we only found out last week *gasp* but if it's a girl I… I want her to be named Raylin *cough *cough* and if it's a boy… I want him to be named-"

At that moment the shots became louder and Duo had torn his eyes away from his dying friend to see that the enemy had gotten closer. Five left, Duo shot quickly and got two before cover fire had come from Quatre and Trowa. They're backup had arrived.

"Looks like they made it" Duo said "Now what was the boy's name?" he turned to his friend and his throat caught. Living on the streets of L2 made it pretty easy to spot a corps when he saw one. Duo hung his head. How was he going to tell Relena this one?

June 26th 206 A.C.

Relena Peacecraft Yuy stared blankly out the window of her family limo, or rather the limo that her and her son occupied. It was a bright warm day perfect for anything really. But it did not reflect her mood. Of all days to be bright and sunny it had the anniversary of her husband's death!

"Mommy" Relena turned her attention to the little three year old boy sitting next to her.

"What is it Heero?" she asked. Heero Raylin Yuy shifted himself to lean more comfortably against his mother.

"Are we going to see daddy?" he asked now looking into her eyes.

"Yes dear" she answered calmly.

"Will he come back with us?" Relena choked at the innocent question. How do you tell a child that you're visiting a grave? That no matter how much one may wish otherwise the one in the grave is never coming out.

"Mommy" the voice startled Relena out of her daze. Little Heero reached and using his thumb wiped a tear from his mother's face sticking his now wet thumb in his mouth he grimaced "salty" Relena couldn't help but laugh.

"Now what did you do that for?" amusement evident in her voice.

"Uncle Millrado said that heroes always brush the tears away and I'm a Heero" this caused Relena to burst out again in fit of half chocked sobbing laughter much to the confusion of the three year old.

Up on the dark curved hill overlooking the petite grave yard the assassin known as Cyclopes was preparing for his mission. Cyclopes was an interesting assassin; one rarely saw him and when that happened all that was ever seen was a darkly clad figure with what looked like a red eye in the middle of its forehead, hence the nickname, the eye in question was in fact a scope used in night vision and long distances. This was something he made for himself and he was quite proud of it. Completing the sniper rifle (stolen of course) he lay in wait. He was a very meticulous person. He liked to have everything perfect, the gun being stolen, no fingerprints anywhere, he even stole his shoes. As a matter of principle the assassin never even let his clients know his identity, or see his face. This is one reason why he has yet to meet the same fate as his old teacher, Odin Lowe. Yes the same man who trained the man whose grave was being visited by Cyclops's targets.

Cyclopes smiled as the black limo pulled up and his targets stepped out one after the other. He had two, one average height, female, age twenty six or there about, honey blonde hair. The other again average height, male, age three, hair also honey blonde. He watched as they walked to where he slept. Too bad this job was going to be boring. Cyclops's smile vanished when he saw the young brown haired man running up to and waving the targets. Logic told him that this man was a threat and that he should be eliminated first. Cyclops smiled again. Logic never was his forte when it came to having fun. He took carful aim and fired.

Relena led her son to the grave of his father, little Heero wasn't quiet old enough to understand these visits yet but he will soon. Relena stared at the grave of the man she loved so dear and smiled not wanting even metaphorically to let him see her cry.

Heero Yuy

A.C. 180 – A.C. 203

A Beloved Husband, a Cherished Friend

Celebrated Hero

The grave didn't do him justice. The stone was of the best marble and rather large, Heero would have wanted it simple, small with maybe just his name and dates on it.

"RELEENAAA!" She turned at the familiar voice and her smile widened when she saw Duo. He was smiling at her and waving his hand as if she needed it to help her find him in the deserted grave plot. He had grown taller in the last three years and his hair was now back down to the length of his shoulders in a small tight braid. He stopped and patted the grave and then ruffled Heero Raylins hair.

Upon reaching the grave site, Duo wasn't too surprised to see Relena and her son there. He called her name and did his usual ritual of patting Heero's grave and then ruffling his best friend's son's hair (which he didn't like) but before he could give Relena her hug the shot rang out and she fell to the ground. On instanced Duo grabbed the kid and hid behind the grave stone. Unfortunately the stone wasn't big enough to hide all of him and the second shot got his arm.

"Dang it Heero" he cursed "why couldn't you have gotten a bigger grave or maybe even a statue?" he knew he wouldn't receive an answer but it felt good to vent.

"Mommy!" the child cried. Duo kept one arm around the boy who was struggling to get to his mother. Taking a risk Duo peeked from his hiding place and was rewarded with a glimpse of red and a spray of grave stone dust in the face. That was all he needed… minus the grave stone. Taking a breath he took his gun stood up and shot. The guy didn't see it coming and was dead in a matter of seconds.

"Uncle Duo?" the little boy sniffled beside his mother "why won't mommy get up?" Duo looked at the innocent child. Gave him a smile that didn't quiet reach his eyes and said

"Mommy's going to visit daddy now" little Heero cocked his head.

"Is she coming back?"

"No kiddo, she's not coming back" Duo said silently, dang it didn't they fight to prevent this?

"But Uncle Millrado said that I had to protect her, she's not safe" the child protested, just as strong as his father.

"Don't worry kiddo, daddy's ganna protect her"

"But" the boy sniff "I'm ganna miss her"

"Yeah me too kid me too"

October 16th 218 A.C.

His hands trembled as he clutched the brand new newspaper that read ESUN TIMES June 26th A.C.204 in his right hand fourteen year old newspaper that read the same in his left. They were the same exactly the same right down to the misprint on Heero's name. that was why he chose this newspaper.

"I did it" he said "I…I did it" he laughed loudly if a bit… hysterically and ran out the room. Turning the corner he ran into the one person he wanted to see.

"Hilde!" he exclaimed gabbing her petite frame he kissed her with a passion that he hadn't done in years. Not that she was complaining; though the next words he said to her made her wonder whether or not she should be calling the men in white coats "I did it Hun I found the way now we can get them back!" and with one final hysterical laugh he ran down the hall screaming "I have to go call the guys!"

Chapter 2 small preview

"You might wanna put your hands up"

"You have to destroy it Duo"

"You've been captured haven't you?"


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