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June 26th 203 A.C.


So far the plan was successful… except for one detail…

"I told you to stay with Relena" Heero said lowly to the young man, who was 'hiding' in the back seat, unfortunately they were about halfway to their destination before he had noticed; Raylin huffed and looked out the window "Why do you want to die so badly?" Raylin shrugged

"I don't know… maybe it's in my genes" Raylin said somewhat sarcastically


"Considering my mother ran around the Sphere after the man who promised to kill her and my father blewhimself up on several occasions-"

"That was only on time…" Heero cut in, then after a moment's thought he added "and I had a very good reason" Raylin just shrugged

"I'm just saying suicidal tendencies must be in my blood" Heero sighed as he parked about a mile from his destination then he turned to Raylin and said in a commanding tone

"Stay in the car" Raylin nodded and said

"I could stay in the car"


A little while later


The mission was simple, get in save the target get out. So then why did it have to be so difficult? Making it to the prison cells silently was harder than it used to be. Also there happened to be an annoying teenager who was now in big trouble.

"I thought you said you would stay in the car" Heero growled

"No I said I could stay in the car… I never said I would" Raylin smirked

"Go back now before I shoot you myself" Heero said while glaring at Raylin

"Um… we don't have time to argue" Raylins smirk widened, he had the upper hand in this conversation and they both knew it, Heero growled

"Fine… stay close" as soon as this is over I am practicing my fatherly right to Ground him into next week Heero had completely forgotten that he was going to die.

Managing to get there with about seven minutes left to spare, Heero threw the cell door open. He was shocked at the sight of his longtime partner and friend. Blood covered his body from the many cuts laced throughout it and bruises formed ugly black and blue marks. His face was a mess, one eye was swollen shut and blood was still rushing from a cut along his cheek. But the thing that shocked Heero most was his hair…

"Hey… Heero" Duo's weak voice cut into his assessment "what took you so long?"

"Status" Heero said in lieu of an answer.

"Alive" Duo said coughing, blood splattered to the ground from his mouth, not good. Heero thought and was not in the least amused by the joke. Albeit a little relieved that his friend was still in the condition to make jokes.

Heero stared blankly at Duo. "What's the matter? Can't take a joke? I thought I had you trained" he sighed "back to the drawing board I guess." Heero only raised an eyebrow.

"fine" Duo said defeated "fractured ankle, broken leg, both on the left, broken rib " by this point Duo tried to get up and failed, falling back hissing in pain "make that three" Heero stepped over to Duo picked the lock on his partners handcuffs, he took off his own bullet proof vest and handed it to his friend. "Hey that better not be yours" Duo queried

"It's not" Heero lied. Duo stared into his partner's eyes for a long moment trying to discern if he was in fact lying. After a while he shrugged winced at the pain it brought and said

"Fine whatever, if you get shot and die don't go blaming me" that made Heero flinch slightly (though Duo didn't notice)

Heero had him shrug on the vest and grabbed his left arm hulling him up and letting him use him as a lean-to. After handing Duo a gun they walked, or rather limped, out of the door; adjusting his eyes to the light Duo immediately noticed Raylin

"Who's the kid?" he asked, before Heero could answer he continued "I mean geez Heero I didn't know you took interns; much less took them on dangerous missions"

"He's not an intern" Heero said

"Then who is he?" Duo asked

"Someone who shouldn't be here" Heero said looking at Raylin pointedly. For Raylins part he was sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck.

"Oh" Duo said and for a moment there was a silence around the group "Soooooo…" Duo decided to make conversation. "What've you been doing the last month I've been gone?"

"It's only been a week Duo"

"A week? I thought it was longer than that"

"Being tortured will do that to you… Duo next time you go gallivanting off to save your wife, bring some backup"

"Couldn't" Duo said softly "they had her Heero… they had her and she was scared… she hid it well but I could tell… " Heero looked at his friend worried. Suddenly Duos head snapped up "crap if Hilde's still in the building then that defeats the whole-"

"It's ok" Heero cut in "Hilde's fine Wufei's with her" Duo sighed

"Good I starting to worry there" his eyes widened "wait did you say Wufei is with her?" at Heero's nod he cursed "man I got to get home quick" at Heero's confused look (which was a rarity at best) Duo explained "come on you know Wufei's not the most … tactful when it comes to women" at Heero's nod he continued "and in Hilde's current condition Wufei is most likely going to get ki-" he was cut off by the loud ring of a gunshot and Heero throwing him to the ground, Heero winced at the yelp of pain his friend let out.

"Raylin stay in the corner" Heero yelled and for once his son wasn't stubborn and obeyed him.

"Heero we are surrounded" Duo exclaimed

"So I've noticed" Heero said

"The kid any good?"

"Not if I can help it"

"Sorry, its only that I don't think we have enough fire power for all of them" Heero shook his head

"Don't worry" he said "backups on the way" I'm the only one who dies today

"I'm just wondering why you brought the kid along if he's not an intern" Heero sighed

"He's from the future"


"He's about to witness a death" there was a long pause

"I die don't I?" Heero stared at Duo you actually believe me? "Well?" Duo asked "Do I die or not?"

Heero looked behind him; the man was positioning himself for the kill shot, just as Raylin had said. Looking his best friend in the eye Heero stated simply

"No Duo… I die" the shot rang out, using the wall for a push Heero jumped in front of his friend twisting his body so that he was facing the shooter and all at once four things happened.

1) A lucky shot was fired through the door and hit Heero in the lower abdomen.

2) Heero fired his gun with perfect accuracy and eliminated the threat.

3) Raylin stepped into the path of the next bullet.

4) The shot fired at Duo (which was supposed to hit Heero) hit Raylin in the chest just below the heart.

"HEERO!" Duo shouted. Ok running to your partner when bullets are flying at you, is not the best of ideas. Duo did it anyway; there was nothing but him and Heero at that moment.

"Hey man I'm the one who's supposed to be injured" Heero waved him off

"I'm fine" he said "watch my back" Duo nodded and Heero crawled to his son "Raylin you're an idiot" Raylin just laughed

"Sorry I don't really know what came over me" he's my son alright…

"You should have stayed with Relena… or in the car"

"It's a little late for that don't you think?" Raylin coughed


"I don't see any time monkeys" Raylin joked

"…" Raylin then sighed; he knew his time was short.

"I know you probably don't wanna here this but I really did envy my cousin Trace"


"Duo's son" Raylin gulped "every night Uncle Duo would tuck us both in and he would almost say my name… but he would choke and say 'goodnight Raylin' then he would *cough* he would go to Trace and say goodnight… *cough**cough* he would have that… fatherly look in his eye *cough* and I would just think… I want someone to do that to me *cough* me" he was breathing hard "I want someone to say my real name… I guess thath why, why, why" he was slurring, that was bad "why I wanted to do this" and he laughed, it was more of a weak chuckle really "I guess you were right… It was a stupid idea" Heero shook his head, he only know one thing to do for his son now, bending low to his sons ear, because he knew he couldn't see him, Heero whispered the words his son longed to hear.

"Goodnight Kaiden Yuy"

"Kaiden… that's a good name" his son said before closing his eyes for the last time. Heero smiled softly and grabbed his gun; he then crawled back to his partner.

"How we doing on time?" he asked

"I'd say our backups late" Duo said taking a shot in the chest, luckily he was wearing the vest

"Glad I gave that to you"

"Psh... whatever… when's that backup supposed to arrive?"

"Twenty minutes ago" just then the heavy fire ceased

"About time" Duo muttered "I'll grab the kid"

"The kid's dead"


"He took the shot that was meant for me"

"Crazy kid… what was his name"

"Kaiden" Heero said his eyes were getting heavy "Kaiden Yuy"

"YOU IDIOT!" Duo suddenly yelled, now noticing the wound Heero had taken, catching Heero he hailed his friends over.

"Quick before the idiot dies of blood loss" Trowa came up and grabbed Heero (who was only semi awake) and Quatre helped Duo up, as soon as they were in the car both injured slumped in their seats

"Man Quatre what took you guys so long?"

"You were hard to track down… sorry" Duo simply waved it off

"Don't worry about it I'm just glad we made it in relatively one piece" Quatre looked at his friend good he's not worried about it "hey Quatre could you give me a hair band? They took my hair down… I kinda want to put it back up"

"Um… Duo…"

"They cut your hair Duo" Heero coughed

"WHAT!" Duo yelped reached up for his beautiful hair and saw that yes they had—"those slimy jerks! … How dare they cut my hair! Trowa turn around I'm ganna—"


They hadn't quite gotten out of the blast radius so they felt it from where they were; looking behind them they saw the remains of the building they had just left, Heero blinked, it was all over…




June 26th 206 A.C.



Heero looked up from the report he was writing, hearing the pound a tiny feet he smiled

Three year old Kaiden Yuy opened the office door wide, wearing yellow whole pajamas he looked at his daddy with a pout "you said you would tuck me in" he accused crossing his arms in a typical pose "why are you still woking?" Heero chuckled at his sons sometimes lisp

"I'm sorry Kaiden, I got distracted" Heero replied, but his son wouldn't hear of it, he grabbed his father's hand and pulled him strait to his room, forcing him to sit on his bed.

"Alright" Heero said amused "what shall it be today"

"I want my future story!" Kaiden said excitedly

"Are you sure? You've heard that one a lot"

"But I save daddy in it" Heero sighed

"Alright" Heero smiled and began to recite "once upon a time you're uncle Duo got kidnapped by-"

"Yucky bad guys" Heero chuckled again

"Yep yucky bad guys… so anyway daddy had to go and save him"

"But he got huwt"

"Yes daddy got very hurt and had to go way up high… higher than the colonies"

"Did you like it up there?"

"I don't know… I suppose I did… but I bet I missed you and mommy a lot" he poked his son making him giggle "what happened next? Daddy"

"Well, mommy was really sad"

"Because she missed daddy"

"Yes… but she had a beautiful son with honey gold hair and deep blue eyes that she loved very much"

"That's me!" Heero nodded "but mommy got huwt too"

"Yep she had to join daddy"

"And I was awone…"

"Yes but uncle Duo built a time machine"

"And I used it" Kaiden said excitedly

"Uh huh you came back a week before the yucky bad guys kidnapped uncle Duo"

"But you didn't know me"

"Not yet, but mommy was going to get you. See she wanted to surprise daddy"

"I bet daddy was surprised" I guess I'll let him see the tape when he gets older

"Yes I was surprised, but anyway daddy didn't believe you were from the future"

"Untwil he carried mommy on his shoulder" Kaiden giggled

"Yep that was about the time when daddy figured it out; anyway daddy didn't want to get hurt"

"But he didn't want the monkeys to get him" Heero laughed

"That's right daddy was afraid of the monkeys"

"But I wasn't afraid"

"No you weren't, you were very brave"

"And I talked to the monkeys"

"Yes you talked to the monkeys and told them to leave daddy alone"

"And they did" Kaiden said smugly

"Yes they did and you saved me from getting hurt and having to go away"

"I did a good thing didn't I daddy?"

"A very good thing… goodnight sweetie" Heero said and kissed his son on the forehead

"Goodnight daddy" Kaiden said and yawned widely before turning over to go to sleep; Heero turned off the lamp and waked over to his five month pregnant wife, who was standing in the doorway

"Did you finish your work?" she asked quietly Heero shook his head; Relena smiled and looked in on her son "to think… in a few years he's not ganna believe it's real"

"It doesn't really matter" Heero said kissing his wife and then smiling at her

"I wonder if this little one will have to come back and save you?" Relena said while rubbing her belly

"I hope not" Heero laughed and hugged her "I doubt Duo can take having his hair cut again"

"What makes you think Duo's hair would be cut?"

"Hmm…" Heero breathed in her sent "because I'd cut it personally" Relena laughed

"Well guess that would teach him not to play with time" closing the door to their room they both thanked their son for giving them both a new future.

The End.



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