Opening up the skype app on the side of his computer was more of a chore then it should have been for the warbler. Staying in Paris while his mother ranted about who got what between his father and her was beyond him and he had no intention of becoming involved. Staring at the screen he sat patiently as he waited for the name, the six letters that always managed to make his heart flutter, to appear online. Gazing out of the window, he was startled when his screen started to ring at him, informing him that someone was ringing him, not just someone, but Blaine. Clicking the green button, his face started awestruck at the beautiful face in front of him. Hazel eyes, perfect face, in Sebastian's mind, were all the same. What struck him was the ungelled hair of the ex-warbler, who was trying to gain Sebastian's attention through the little web camera. Coming out of his freeze, Sebastian tried to form words in his head but only managed rambled statements out of his mouth as he kept on looking at the natural curls of Blaine Anderson. After a couple of awkward minutes, the two began talking over nothing, questioning their days and wanting nothing but to see one another in person. Whilst this was all going one, Sebastian retained a genuine smile throughout the whole thing, finally getting to see the true Blaine, the ungelled Blaine, and in his eyes, he had seen nothing more breathtaking then that.