My Own Pokémon Journey Chapter 1: The Beginning

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokémon or anything from any other show.

Finally it is the day of Hurley's 16th birthday and finally time to start his pokémon journey. He is 5'10" and skinny with brown hair and blue eyes, who wears glasses and dresses casually and he currently live in pallet town in the Kanto region. It is dawn and he has decided to leave before the rest of my family wakes up. They've known this has been coming for a few years now and haven't really paid that much attention to him and probably won't really notice he's gone for a day or two so he might as well get an early start on his journey. He gets dressed and places a cap on his head and then packs up a backpack with some sets of clean clothes, some provisions, and a few books to read when there's time and straps a sleeping bag to the backpack. After packing up he goes to wake up Riolu, a gift from his father on his birthday 3 years back when his dad was working in the Sinnoh region on a construction site, but it was an egg then.

"Come on Riolu it's time to get up" Hurley says

Riolu opens his eyes and then closes them again.

"This is no time to be sleeping" he says as I start shaking Riolu "It's time to start our journey"

After a few minutes of shaking Riolu he finally gets up and they start sneaking downstairs trying to make sure not to wake anyone up and once they sneak out of the house they start traveling down the road.

"Now it's time to go visit Professor Oak to get registered and then we can really start our journey" Hurley says.

Riolu just nods and we walk down the road and up a path to Professor Oak's lab. When they get there Hurley rings the doorbell, but no one answers so he ring it a couple more times.

"All right I'm coming" they hear from inside "Just be patient" and the door soon opens up to reveal Professor Oak "Do you have any clue what time it is?"

"Sorry about that professor" Hurley says "I just really wanted to get an early start to my journey"

"That's all right" Professor Oak says "I just wish that you would have told me so that I could have been better prepared"

"Yeah" Hurley says "I wish I had thought about that before"

"Well, what's done is done" Professor Oak says "Come on in" and they decide to enter

Professor Oak walks over to a machine and opens it up to reveal 3 pokéballs "First off, which Pokémon would you like to choose as your starter?"

"No offense professor, but I would like to start with my Riolu if that's ok" Hurley says

"That's not a problem" Professor Oak says "but are you sure? These pokémon are very hard to find even though they live in this region"

"I'm sure" Hurley says "It wouldn't feel right if I started out with anyone besides Riolu"

"Ok then" Professor Oak says "Come right this way and we'll take a picture to download into your pokédex to use as identification and then register you as a trainer" and they walk over to a camera that is hooked up to a computer.

Hurley stands in front of the camera and Professor Oak says "Alright, now smile for the birdie"

"Don't you think I'm a little old for that?" Hurley says

"So sue me for trying to be humorous" Professor Oak says and takes the picture

After hooking up a pokédex to the computer, downloading the photo to it, and registering it Professor Oak hands it to Hurley and says "This pokédex is very important. Not only is it identification for you but it also is your bank account. As you win battles against trainers money gets deposited into an account for you which you can use to purchase items and food, but if you lose money gets taken out to pay the other trainer"

"Well, I just have to make sure I don't lose then" Hurley says

"Your pokédex can also let you know what moves your pokémon know" Professor Oak says "Here's how it works: you open it up and point it at your pokémon or a pokémon in a pokéball and a list comes up with the moves it knows" and takes the poke'dex, opens it up, and points it at Riolu "See, your Riolu knows Quick attack, Foresight, and Endure"

"That's really cool" Hurley says "Is there anything else it can do?"

"Yes" Professor Oak says "It can also keep track of the pokémon you've seen and caught as long as it scans the Pokémon, but it can't do much else right now. It is just a basic model, but the good thing is that we can keep upgrading it as we discover ways of improving it"

"Thanks so much, Professor" Hurley says as he takes the pokédex and puts it in his jacket pocket "I guess I'll be going now"

"Hold up a moment" Professor Oak says "You don't want to forget these" and hands over some pokéballs and a belt that the pokéballs attach to "Here are some pokéballs to start catching wild pokémon and before I forget to tell you, the belt wirelessly connects to the pokédex to let you know where each pokémon is located on the belt"

"Thanks" Hurley says "That's important to know" and I take the pokéballs and hooks the belt around his waist "I'll be going now then" and start walking with Riolu next to him.

"Don't you want to put Riolu in a pokéball first?" Professor Oak asks

"The way I figure it" Hurley says "Part of pokémon battles is your pokémon having the stamina to continue and if I have Riolu walking with me then that can increase his stamina"

"But then your pokémon will be too tired to battle wild Pokémon" Professor oak says

"If Riolu needs a rest then I'll let him rest in a poke'ball" Hurley says and turns towards Riolu and asks "Does that sound good to you?" and Riolu nods his head.

"Alright then" Professor Oak says "You take care then"

"I will" Hurley says as he walks down the path towards the road to lead him out of town and walks out to start his journey.

What adventures await him out on his journey, who knows, but if you want to find out then keep reading.