My Own Pokémon Journey Chapter 4: Viridian Forest Day 1

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Previously on My Own Pokémon Journey Hurley catches a Pidgey for Hinata and they reach Viridian City, do some shopping, and end up meeting Chris and Tenten at the Pokémon Center. After signing up for the Pokémon League Team Rocket attack and ends up being defeated by a group of Pikachu.

Hurley and the gang wake up the next morning to the smell of breakfast and they meet up in the kitchen with all their traveling gear to see Nurse Joy cooking.

"What's going on?" Hinata asks

"Can't have you cooking all the meals" Nurse Joy says "and everyone needs a good breakfast, after all breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Go ahead and sit down a breakfast will be done shortly" and Hurley and the gang walk over to a nearby table and set their stuff down then sit down to wait, Hurley and Chris on one side and Hinata and Tenten on the other.

Nurse Joy walks over a few minutes later with a tray that has 4 plates of scrambled eggs, a plate with 8 sausages and 8 pieces of bacon, a plate with 8 slices of toast, and 4 sets of silverware along with a bottle of ketchup and deals out the plates of eggs and silverware and sets the bottle of ketchup and the plates of meat and toast in the middle of the table and says "Here you go" and walks away to start doing the dishes.

"This looks good" Hurley says and grabs the bottle of ketchup and puts some on his eggs then grabs his fork and starts digging in.

"I've never seen anyone put ketchup on eggs before" Tenten says and starts eating as well

Hurley stops eating for a moment and says "It's something that most people in my family does. I guess I'm just used to it" then grabs a couple sausages, pieces of bacon, and slices of toast and puts them on his plate and continues eating.

After everyone finishes eating Hurley grabs all the plates and silverware then gets up and says "Thanks for the meal" then takes everything to Nurse Joy who says "You're welcome. Have a safe trip on your journey" who takes everything from him then continues washing as Hurley goes back and grabs his stuff and walks out with the others behind him.

When Hurley gets outside and releases Riolu and Spearow he says "We might as well stop by the Pokémart and get some pokéballs for Tenten before heading into Viridian Forest, also known as the bug forest"

"I don't need any" Tenten says "I don't plan on catching any pokémon"

"I insist" Hurley says "One thing about being in this world is that you need pokémon to protect you. Beside that I'm sure there are some pokémon you will like, knowing your style of fighting"

"Ok fine" Tenten says "but I'm sure this is a waste of time" and they head to the Pokémart.

After visiting the Pokémart they start on the route between Viridian City and Viridian Forest, a plains area before the forest actually starts, and along the way they meet a wild Pikachu.

"I'll be catching this one" Hurley says "Go Riolu" and Riolu jumps from beside Hurley in front of him then Pikachu send a bolt of Electricity shooting from its cheeks aiming at Riolu and Hurley says "Riolu use Quick Attack to dodge" and Riolu dodges it but doing so results in Hurley getting shocked by the electricity" and as Hurley goes down Pikachu starts rolling on the ground laughing.

"Are you alright?" Hinata asks as Riolu looks back to see if Hurley is alright.

"I'm fine" Hurley says and gets a real serious look in his eyes "but now you've made me mad"

"But it was your own fault" Tenten says "You told your pokémon to dodge when it was right in front of you and the electricity was aimed at him"

"His name is Riolu" Hurley says "and I'm not mad about that. I'm mad that Pikachu started laughing. All I was doing was trying to protect my friend and might have gotten seriously hurt by doing it and all he does is laugh. That's not something that you should be laughing about" and looks at Riolu and sees him lightly glowing and then reaches in and pulls out his pokédex and points it at Riolu to see what's going on and flips it open and sees that Riolu has learned a new move called Force Palm and says "Alright Riolu, use Force Palm in combination with Quick Attack and keep doing it" and Riolu rushes at Pikachu using Quick Attack and knocks Pikachu back using Force Palm and keeps doing it but Pikachu gets serious and wise to the attack and attacks right in front of it using Thundershock, managing to hit Riolu and stuns it temporarily and during that time Hurley says "Shake it off and keep using that combination but keeps coming from different directions this time" and Riolu uses Quick Attack but at the last moments goes to the side and comes back around and hits with Force Palm and keeps doing that for a few more minutes, Pikachu being unable to keep up with Riolu's movements, and Pikachu becomes knocked out from taking all the hits but Riolu also passes out from extreme exhaustion.

"Good work Riolu" Hurley says grabbing Riolu's pokéball "Now return" and Riolu returns to his pokéball

"Now it's time to catch you" Hurley says grabbing an empty pokéball and presses the center button and throws it at Pikachu and Pikachu enters the pokéball and the pokéball just sits still until it dings then Hurley goes and picks it up and thinks "We probably got off on the wrong foot but I hope that we can still be friends" and puts it on the belt then says "Lets continue on then" and they continue walking towards the forest.

Once in the forest they walk along the trail but they don't see any pokémon.

"I thought you said this is known as the bug forest" Tenten says "but it might as well be known as the empty forest"

"You're right" Hurley says "I don't have a clue what's going on" and they keep walking.

A little bit later the hear the sound of crashing trees nearby and a tree falls across the path in front of them and they see a Scyther come out in front of them. Scyther turns and looks at the group then raises it arms to prepare to attack them but hesitates when he sees Tenten. Tenten takes a look at Scyther and when she sees that Scyther's arms are like twin scythes she gets all starry-eyed and grabs her scroll, unrolls it, and brings out a quarterstaff from it. Scyther sees this and immediately and turns and starts running away.

"There's no way I'm letting you get away" Tenten says and starts running after Scyther

"We better keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn't go crazy" Hurley says and runs after her with Spearow right behind him

"Wait for me" Hinata yells and starts running after them

"Don't leave me alone here" Chris says and runs after them

Scyther keeps running but turns back to see Tenten right behind him and starts cutting down trees as he runs to try and slow down Tenten but Tenten just hops right over them.

After a little bit of chasing Tenten darts into the trees alongside Scyther and keeps chasing after him.

Scyther looks back and doesn't see Tenten behind him and slows down thinking he lost her but at that moment Tenten comes out from the trees and smacks Scyther with the quarterstaff.

Scyther takes a step back from the hit and then slices up the quarterstaff.

"You'll pay for that" Tenten says and tosses down the pieces she's holding and grabs her scrolls, unrolls it, and brings out a pair of metal tonfas and goes to attack but Scyther starts running the other way and runs into Hurley and while they are both sprawled out Tenten just attacks and starts beating up both Scyther and Hurley. Spearow tries to attack Tenten to stop her but gets knocked aside by the tonfas and can't do anything to Tenten so he flies and watches from a nearby tree.

During the attack Hinata and Chris show up but just stay out of the way.

Hurley gets knocked out pretty quickly and once Scyther is knocked out Tenten takes a pokéball out of her kunai pouch and says "Ok, how does this work again" and looks it over "If I remember correctly his pushed this button" and pushes it causing it to enlarge "and then he threw it" and tosses it at Scyther who enters the pokéball and the pokéball sits on the ground, button blinking red until it finally turns white and Tenten goes and picks it up.

Seeing that it's safe Hinata rushes over to Hurley and starts shaking him to wake him up.

After a little bit Hurley wakes up and says "Man do I have a killer headache. What happened" and then it comes rushing back to him and he turns and looks at Tenten then says "You attacked me. Why did you attack me?"

"It was your own fault for being in the wrong place at the wrong time" Tenten says

"You still didn't have to attack him" Hinata says

"He was in my way" Tenten says "and that's what happens to people who get in the way of what I want"

"You still didn't have to attack him" Hinata says "You could have knocked him out of the way"

"And risk letting that pokémon get away" Tenten says "No way" and she turns away "Now let's go"

Hurley gets up slowly, obviously in pain, and says "She does have a point. We need to continue on our journey"

"No way" Hinata says "You're not going anywhere. You're in pain and could have a serious concussion"

"I can't be the one to slow you guys down" Hurley says and starts trying to move but collapses soon after.

"That's decides it" Hinata says as she grabs Hurley "We're setting up camp until you are better"

"Must keep going" Hurley says "Can't stop"

"Stop being so stubborn" Hinata says "You're in no shape to move"

"If you are going to insist on moving I'm just going to have to knock you out again" Tenten says

Hurley tries to move again but then passes out from the pain.

Hinata sets Hurley up against a tree and says "Even for you, you went way overboard this time Tenten. What do you have against Hurley?"

"That's none of your business" Tenten says and they start doing their own thing.

Many hours later when the sun starts going down Hurley wakes up and smells something cooking "What smells so good?"

"Oh you're finally awake" Hinata says "I decided to make curry with rice"

Hurley looks down and sees that he's bandaged up and asks "What happened?"

"It looks like you've got some bruised ribs at the very least" Hinata says "We were lucky it wasn't anything worse. I only have basic medical training, but you won't really be able to move for a few days"

"I'm sorry that I'm slowing you down" Hurley says

"It's not your fault" Hinata says "All we can do now is make sure you don't get any worse"

"Thanks for caring so much" Hurley says

"I'm not the only one who was worried" Hinata says "Your Spearow has been keeping watch this whole time" and points to the tree that Spearow has been sitting in the whole time.

"Thanks Spearow" Hurley says and Spearow nods his head

"Looks like the curry is done" Hinata says and gets a plate and puts it on with some rice and brings it over to Hurley.

Hurley takes a bite and says "This is really good"

"I'm glad you like it" Hinata says and grabs a plate with food and sits down next to Hurley.

After Tenten and Chris get some food Hurley gets some bread out of his pack and feeds Spearow who keeps glaring at Tenten, who is glaring at Hurley, who just keeps his head down and eats silently.

After supper Hurley falls fast asleep again and Hinata takes the dishes and goes to a nearby stream to clean them and Tenten is waiting and asks "Why do you such good care of him?"

"And I'll ask you again, what do you have a problem with him for" Hinata says "He's been nothing but kind and looking out for others. He's been a gentleman and you've just been mean to him"

"And you don't think that it's all an act" Tenten says "Nobody can be that nice"

"So you're judging him based on what may happen" Hinata says "You're being unfair to him"

"I'm headed back" Tenten says and as she leaves she turns back to look at Hinata and thinks "All I'm doing is looking out for you. You are too kind and too trusting and could fall for a simple trick. I don't want you to end up with someone you'll end up regretting" and continues to camp.

When Hinata gets back to camp she sees that everyone is asleep and she puts away the dishes then lies next to Hurley and falls asleep thinking "I hope that Tenten can see in you what I see"

Will Tenten ever grow to like Hurley and how will this delay play out. Keep reading to find out. Review or not, it's up to you.