Just some short Pirates: Band of Misfits (which STILL doesn't have it's own category) stories. I already posted them on Deviantart, but I thought I'd post them here in case anyone wanted to read them. I really do like writing for these characters, their personalities are so much fun, and it's just enjoyable. I may not have frequent updates on this, most likely I'll just write the stories whenever I get an idea or some inspiration. I hope you all enjoy :)

Warning: contains/ may contain small spoilers for the movie (If you haven't seen it yet, go see it now, it's awesome)

1. Home Again

A gentle breeze rocked the ship, making it feel like sitting in a large rocking chair, drifting back and forth. The smell of salt water was in the air, and the night time sky held a certain calmness. The old floors creeked, even with no one except for the occasional weevil or rat walking on them. Every once in a while, the call of an old gull or a giant humpback was heard outside the large vessel.

These are the sounds the Pirate Captain usually listened to as he drifted off to sleep. But tonight, the ship felt different. It felt, in a word, right.
As he lay in his hammock, the Pirate Captain heard the snores of his crew (the walls of the old ship weren't too thick, so the snores were easy to make out). Even if it was sometimes hard for him to remember their names, he could still recognize all their snores. The Pirate with gout and the Pirate who loved Kittens and Sunsets both had loud snores, though the latter had a different snore. The Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate had a soft, gentle, almost lady like snore. Albino Pirate made small noises in his sleep, and the Pirate with a Scarf had a quiet snore but not as quiet as Curvy Pirate's.

As he finished counting off the snores in his head, the Pirate Captain heard a small purr coming from right in front of him, or rather on top of him. Polly, their beloved dodo bird, sat on his stomach purring, already fast asleep. The Captain smiled at the bird, and stroaked her feathers, getting another purr from her. Purring was just her version of snoring.

One would think with all the snoring (and a big bird on your stomach) that it would be hard to fall asleep. But for the Pirate Captain, it was the exact opposite. Hearing all the familiar snores on the ship, it just reminded him that his crew had come back, that they were still his crew. Like the familiar creeking or the call of the gulls, the snores comforted him.

London had been an interesting place to visit, and their adventure had been fun, most of the time. But one thing was for sure, the Pirate Captain was glad to be home. Back on his ship, with his crew and dodo bird, snoring the night away.