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"BRUCE!" Diana yelled, as she saw the caped crusader down the the hall of the Watchtower.

Batman turned to look at the angry Amazon. "Can I help you Princess?" he asked in his normal stoic voice.

"You can explain why your company is making inflatable sex dolls in my likeness?"

"My company?" he asked.

"Yes." she pointed her finger and jabbed him in the chest. "And don't deny it. I traced Novelty Items back to a company called JL Industries, founded by one Bruce Wayne."

"Yes," he admitted. "But it's not my company."


"When forming the League, it became apparent that we needed a source of income," he explained. "So I founded JL Industries. Their profits are what pay for the Watchtower's expenses, as well as all of our shared equipment and the javelins and their maintenance."

"That still doesn't explain the sex doll!" she said angrily.

"Do you remember that paper I passed out, that I had everyone sign, about two months after we started using the Watchtower?" he asked.

Wonder Woman paused. "Yes. I know John refused to sign."

"But you did," he pointed out. "Did you read it at all?"

"Of Course," Wonder Woman protested. A bit sheepishly she asked, "But just as a reminder, what did it say?"

Batman smirked, slightly, very slightly. "It was permission for JL industries to use your likeness in any products they, or their subsidiaries such as Novelty Items, made. And For the record, the only ones that didn't sign those were me and John. And I know the others read them, except for possibly Clark. Hawkgirl was actually amused at the movie they made about her."

"Movie?" Diana asked.

"Hawkgirl does Metropolis," he said with a straight face. He watched Diana's shocked face for a moment before continuing. "Flash actually asked if we could make a sex toy based around him, J'onn has a whole line of dildos he designed himself, and boyscout has a line of underwear. Though admittedly I don't think he knows. I don't think he shops in the woman's section. And the the only reason John didn't sign was that he, 'Represented the entire Green Lantern Corps,' but I get the feeling he wanted something. He was rather jealous that 'Hawkgirl' has sex with 'Superman' in her movie."

Wonder Woman stood there for a moment with her mouth open in astonishment for a moment. "You mean I basically gave my permission for that...thing to be made?"

Bruce nodded. "Yes. And while we can stop production, about twenty-five thousand have already been sold."



Wonder Woman was silent.

"Princess?" Batman asked, a slight edge of concern entering his voice.

"Uhhh. Yes. Please, stop production."

Batman nodded, before walking away. Leaving a still stunned Wonder Woman standing in the hallway. Smiling he said, under his breath so that Diana wouldn't hear, "Personally I'm looking forward to Hawkgirl does Themiscyra. I think I better get the ball rolling on that."


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