Chapter Four

Ponyboy's POV

The slam of a car door awoke me from my feverish slumber. Dimly I shivered in my big bothers hold and stared up into his pinched face. Why did he look scared? Did something happen? Suddenly a cool breeze washed over me and we stepped inside a place of nightmares. Ammonia and atheistic filled the air around us and I gagged as the lights blazed over me. It was all too much. I hated hospitals. This was where so many of my loved ones died….Starting to shake in Darry's hold I whimpered. I didn't want to die too….

Sodapop's POV

I held Ponyboy's hand as we all traveled up to the receptionist's desk. Steve followed behind us a little uncertain on what to do. The woman behind the desk was old and wrinkled but she had a warm smile. "And what can I do for you boys today?" She asked her accent showing. I blinked in surprise. "Pardon me Ma'am but where are you from?" I asked squeezing Pony's hand gently. "Michigan." She replied pushing her glasses farther up her nose. That's when she noticed Ponyboy in Darry's arms. "Oh my!" She gasped. "What happened to him?!"

Darry grimaced. "We need help Ma'am. He's really sick." The nurse nodded suddenly all serious. "I'll call someone to get a gurney." We waited for a few minutes as she talked on the phone, me pacing around, Steve trying to calm me down and Darry stood there quietly talking to Pony. "What if he dies Steve?" I asked in a panicked whisper pacing around the room once more. Steve laid a hand on my shoulder halting me. "Stop it Soda. Ponyboy will live. He's…a strong kid." He murmured with a little difficulty. I knew it was hard for him and Pony to get along but I knew he cared for my brother. Wiping a stray tear off my cheek I pulled him into a tight hug. "Thanks Steve."

Pushing me away after a few seconds his face a little pink Steve said: "I think I'll wait out here while you go with him." I chuckled nodding and then walked over to my family as the gurney arrived. A male nurse took Pony from Darry's arms and I saw terror in his eyes. Ponyboy screamed as the nurse laid him down spreading his legs out so he wouldn't have to touch the bed. "Ponyboy!" I shouted rushing over to his side as the nurse finally got him to lie in the bed, he was shaking badly. "Soda." He croaked latching onto my hand with a fierce grip. "I'm scared."