I had just gotten home from work and stumbled into my shared bedroom. I knew I was exhausted and I knew I had pushed myself too far. Staying awake for a couple days with Sherlock on a case and then working a twelve hour shirt was not the brightest idea I have ever had.

Tripping over my own feet, I managed to flick the light switch near the door on. The room filled with a blinding brightness and I nearly lost my footing. Collapsing onto the bed, I could not even be bothered to take my shoes and work clothes off. My face lay smothered in the blanket while our cat, Arthur, purred contently in his sleep.

"John!" I could hear Sherlock call from the other room. I wanted to get up and answer him, but I could not find the strength to even more my fingers. I heard his footsteps grow ever closer before he was in the doorway. "John I-" his voice cut short as he must have seen my crumpled form on the bed.

I half expected him to make a snide remark about my position but instead I felt his warm hands on my back, rubbing and easing the tension out. I sighed in relief as his fingers worked their magic. He stopped momentarily to flip me over and slip my shoes and pants off. The shirt was the tricky part, but we managed.

I once again flopped over onto my stomach and eased up next to Arthur. Sherlock did not say a word and continued to massage out all of the kinks in my back. It was sweet of him. I smiled into the pillows.

"Mmm," I hummed as he worked out a particularly tricky knot near my scar. I heard him give a small chuckle from where he sat on the bed.

He was still in his pajamas from this morning. With the case solved and me leaving for work, he figured he would have nothing to do all day. I, only in my boxers, relished to feel Sherlock's body snuggled up to mine. On the right side of the bed seeing as Arthur occupied the left.

Reaching my hand back and nudging his arm, I pointed to the empty space on the full sized bed next to me. He understood what I was asking for and quickly curled up next to me. His arms wrapped around my chest and his legs entwined with mine. Then he pulled the blanket up around the two, well, three of us.

"Love you sweetie," I mumbled, nuzzling my face into the hollow where his neck connected to his shoulder. He placed a soft kiss onto my forehead before cuddling up closer.

"I know," he answered immediately in his calm voice. I wanted to object but he silenced me with another kiss to my forehead. "Love you too, Watson."