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Chapter 1

Who's Decimo?

It was another beautiful morning for our favorite brunet. However, an annoying feeling that somehow settled in his guts started making him feel uncomfortable and unsure of whether he should sit up and prepare for the day or just stay under his covers and pretend he was sick.

But sadly, he seems to be forgetting about a certain home tutor.



And with that… the decision was made.

"Good morning Tsu-kun…- oh my! What happened to your head?" The current head of the household asked while looking mildly surprise and concerned.

Tsuna carefully rub the bump that was surely growing beneath his hair before replying with his usual sheepish smile, "Err… I just tripped on my way down."

"Taku, you should be more careful next time ," As expected of Sawada Nana to be so oblivious. She didn't even stop to reconsider the fact that she didn't hear anyone tumbling down the stairs moments ago.

"Gyahaha! Baka-Tsuna tripped!" Lambo crudely laughed at the no-good brunet.

"Lambo that not nice! Bad!" I-pin scolded with her eyebrows knitted together.

"Are you okay Tsuna-nii?" Fuuta asked the brunet, who sat next to him, with pure concern flashing in his huge honey-colored eyes.

Tsuna couldn't help but grin and pat the boy in assurance, "I'm fine… don't worry."

"You should be. As the future Mafia Boss of the Vongola Family, a small bump on the head should not bring or drag you down to accomplish tasks, like going to school." Reborn, the Spartan home tutor, entered the room with Bainchi, aka, Poison Scorpion, while sitting on the gorgeous strawberry-haired girl's shoulder, "That includes fractured bones, internal bleeding, blood loss and the most common of all, a bullet wound…-"

"R-Reborn! Stop t-that!" Tsuna exclaimed looking a bit terrified that the hitman tutor might actually push him to the brink of death and let him go to school in such a fragile state for his next training, 'And I'm not gonna be a mafia boss!'

"What? I'm just giving you helpful tips." Reborn said while shrugging.

"They're not helpful at all!"



"Ah, that must be Gokudera-kun and Yamamoto-kun." Nana cheerfully said, the thought of her son's friend coming over to just pick the brunet up made her feel all happy no matter how many times it had already occurred. I mean, before Reborn ever came to their lives, Tsuna would just oversleep and leave while screaming out he was late.

But now, here he was, hardly ever late… however…

"Ah! Tsu-kun! What about breakfast?" Nana watched as her son stood up and pick his bag up by the counter and grab a slice of bread.

It seemed like that her son had picked up a habit of skipping breakfast lately.

The little brunet approached his mom before giving her a small peck on the cheek, surprising her at the small affection he rarely gives, but nonetheless smiled. She would never dare ask why he did that, after all, it's apparent that if you ask, you're bothered. And Nana was not bothered by the kiss at all.

She giggled softly.

"This is enough!" Tsuna said raising his bread before placing it in his mouth and leaving for the door.

Fuuta and the others waved at him while telling him to stay safe.

Nana giggled once more, 'Our little boy is growing up just like you, anata!'

"Yo, Tsuna!" A bright grin embed itself on the baseball star's face as he watched his best friend appear by the door.

"Juudaime! Good morning to you!" The ever-so-loyal right hand man greeted with all politeness while doing a 90° bow.

"Good morning." Tsuna greeted back with a bright smile, making the two falter a bit.

Ah… he was just too bright. I need shades.

And so, the trio continued on their way with Yamamoto striking up random topics to avoid boredom. Gokudera would usually cut in and argue, but the oblivious rain guardian would just laugh off the insults targeted at him. Tsuna would sweat-drop and calm Gokudera down to avoid the bomber from taking out his fireworks (courteously dubbed by Yamamoto).

However, in the middle of their usual routine, the annoying feeling in his guts came back making Tsuna clutch his stomach. He didn't like this feeling. It was making him feel all nervous and uncomfortable.


"Is there something wrong, Tsuna?"

And as usual, the two would immediately notice this. Even with Yamamoto's obliviousness, he could actually be as observant as a hitman as long as it concerns to those who are important to him.

"Hm? Ah! No, it's nothing… just my stomach…" He wasn't really lying though, it was true… something was bothering him… in his guts, which coincidentally is by his stomach. "Probably hungry."

The seriousness in the baseball star's face immediately vanished before being replaced by his signature grin, "Haha! Why didn't you say so? For a second I thought you were gonna tell us we were being followed by assassins or something. I mean with that serious look of yours and all."

"You idiot! You might jinx us! Stop blabbering dangerous stuff!" Gokudera growled.

"Woah! You actually believe in those stuff?" Yamamoto said looking surprised and interested.

"Shut up! Gah! You're so annoying!"

"Haha! Maa, maa…"

Tsuna ignored the two for a moment as Yamamoto's words replayed in his mind.

"Woah! You actually believe in those stuff?"

Err… not that…

"Haha! Why didn't you say so? For a second I thought you were gonna tell us we were being followed by assassins or something. I mean with that serious look of yours and all."

'Assassins…?' The young boss thought slowly before looking behind, his eyebrows knitted together in worry. 'It can't be… can it…?'

Surely he could feel a presence approaching in full speed. 'No way!' The brunet gulped nervously as it got nearer… and nearer… and…


"Hiiieeee!" Tsuna predictably fell back on his butt in surprise.

"Eh? Juudaime/Tsuna?" Yamamoto and Gokudera said at the same time before turning to their fallen friend. They look up to see the source of why their friend screeched like that, only to see Sasagawa Ryohei come out of a turn while sprinting at their direction at full speed.

"Ah! Sempai!" Yamamoto cheerfully grinned while waving.

"Juudaime! Watch out!" Gokudera immediately pulled his precious boss out of the way, just in time as the over-active boxer passed by the place Tsuna once was without stopping… and still at full speed.

Strong wind rushed passed after the sun guardian, making a vein pop on the bomber's forehead. Feeling EXTREMELY pissed at how Ryohei almost hurted his precious tenth! If he wasn't there, Tsuna would've been run over! By a human who's always in his dying will state! That's worst than being run over by a truck! (At least that's what Gokudera think.)

"TURF TOP YOU IDIOT!" Gokudera called out, finally stopping the boxer from his tracks to turn at the person who had called him with such an insulting name.

The sun guardian then spotted the three and his face broke into a grin, "Yamamoto! Sawada! Octopus head! I didn't see you there!" he said in his usual loud tone before approaching them in a more humanly manner.

"EXTREME morning to you three!" he said with a huge grin.

Before either Yamamoto or Tsuna could reply, Gokudera immediately cuts in, "Don't just greet like the idiot you already are! Bow down and apologize to the tenth! You almost ran over him! You stupid turf top!"

"Eh? What do you mean?" Ryohei turned to Tsuna questioningly.

The brunet nervously laughed before replying, "I-it's nothing, never mind."

"What? But Juudaime-!"

"Maa. Maa Gokudera… it was an accident. Sempai didn't mean it." Yamamoto assured while patting the other in the back.

"Shut up! And don't touch me or else I'll blow you up!" Gokudera glared at the baseball star who just laughed his threat off.

Tsuna could only sweat drop. He was about to remind them that they were supposed to start heading their way to school, but was once again interrupted by a voice that called out, almost angelic in Tsuna's ears.

"Onii-chan!" They all turned to see the sister of the hyperactive boxer, Sasagawa Kyoko, running towards them.

"K-Kyoko-chan!" Tsuna exclaimed as he felt blood rush through his face. Of course, this always happens when you see your crush, neh?

"Tsuna-kun!" Kyoko smiled brightly making the brunet blush more, "Good morning."

"G-G-Good m-m-morning to you too!" The young boss timidly replied.

The auburn haired girl then turned to the other two, "Good morning, Yamamoto-kun! Gokudera-kun!

"Haha! Yoh!"


"Ah! Kyoko! What's up?" Ryohei asked his little sister while approaching her.

The younger Sasagawa pouted before taking out an obento, "You forgot your obento again!"

"I did? Thanks for bringing it to me to the EXTREME!" The sun guardian exclaimed before taking the lunch box and stuffing it in his bag.

"Today's menu is your favorite too." Kyoko cheerfully stated.

"Everything you cook is my EXTREME favorite!" Ryohei said with passion making Kyoko giggle happily, very glad to hear that her brother loves her cooking.

Tsuna watched the exchange and couldn't help but feel jealous that Ryohei gets to eat Kyoko's cooking every day. But who was he kidding, they were siblings! It's only natural that he gets to eat some of his crush's cooking… but still…


"E-eh?" Tsuna was immediately snapped out from his thoughts as the school idol called to him.

The said person was smiling at him with cheeks dusted in pink, "I kinda' made a lot of food. So I was wondering… if you would want to share lunch with me later?"

Tsuna's caramel orbs widen significantly and exclaimed while straightening up, "I-I'd love to-I-I-I mean, I don't mind!"

"That's a relief…" Kyoko giggled.

Yamamoto then realized something, "We better get going! We're gonna be late!"


"Ah! I forgot!"

"Let's go then?"

"Let's get going to the EXTREME! Come on Sawada!"

"E-Ehh?" Tsuna was roughly grabbed by the arm and before he knew it he was already sprinting with Ryohei, trying to keep his pace up with the fast boxer. "HIIIIIIIIIIEEEEE!"

"Juudaime!" Gokudera hurriedly follows them, "That stupid turf top!"

"Ah! Wait for me!" Kyoko jogs after them.

"Haha! This is gonna be fun!" Yamamoto cheerfully said before following as well.

As they all happily ran towards school without any worries about a certain prefect who'll bite them to death if they were even a second late, they weren't able to notice mysterious looking men hiding by the roofs of the house.

"It would've been better if we had shot them while they weren't aware!" One of them whispered.

"Are you out of you mind?" the one beside the person who just whispered harshly replied, "Shooting random people won't get us anywhere to the Vongola Decimo!"

"Kuso… this is the Boss' fault. He should've given us more information about the Decimo. Instead he only gave us one detail about him. He's a student of Nami-chu." The third one grumbled.

"And hacking for information makes everything more harder." Said the man who was currently leaning against the roof with a laptop on his lap, "The securities of the Vongola's files are too tight!"

"But anyway, don't you think what the black haired kid said was a bit suspicious?"

"What do you mean?"

"Remember? He said something about assassins probably following them? Coincidence? I think not!"

"And then there's that white-haired delinquent. He somewhat looked like mafia material to me."

"Also that kid who had a bandage on his nose. Did you see his speed? That wasn't human."

They all stopped to think. One of them then spoke, "I think that black haired kid is the Decimo! I remember rumors about Vongola boss' having strong hyper intuition! He must've realized we were following him with that hyper intuition of his!"

"Or-" the next one cuts in, "It could be that white haired delinquent. I also heard that the Vongola Decimo has a pair of piercing eyes that ones they glare at you, you can't help but freeze up! I saw him glare… and he looked like he was ready to kill."

"But it could be that kid with a bandaged nose!" another one shot up, "I heard that the Vongola Decimo also possessed inhuman speed and strength. Aside from the fact that the kid runs in lightning speed, the way he pumps his fist in the air, practically changes the air pressure itself around it! Which means, if a person was within range by that punch, it would be possible that he would be knocked out with just one blow or probably break a bone."

"I also heard that the Vongola Decimo can smile really bright… so it must be that cute girl." One of them dreamily said, only to receive a good hit on the head.

"Keep your little daydreams to yourself, pervert." Said the assassin who had delivered the hit. His eyebrow was twitching to plainly show his annoyance.

"So it's either one of those three." The one who was holding a laptop shuts the said item.

"Yeah. The brown-haired kid couldn't be the Vongola Decimo! I mean did you see how wimpy he is?" The other said in a joking manner.

"I don't think he can even hurt a fly!" They all laughed and teased the brunet they thought was wimpy, but was immediately silenced when the leader of the group approached them.

With a stern look he spoke, "We have forged a plan on finding the Decimo. Come, we need to meet up with the others."


End of Chapter...

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