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Chapter 6

Thank You

The Vongola guardians were a terrifying team.

Especially when they are angry.

Cavino was learning this the hard way as he kept his attacks against the flames and punches that kept coming at him. He groaned and rolled away as Ryohei released a series of punches that were too fast to be seen. He quickly grabbed a stray wood and slammed it across the boxer's face.

Immediately the sun guardian was thrown off thanks to the strength of his robotic hands, but he knew that wasn't enough. He then dodged to the side as a sword sliced towards where he once stood and held up his hands to block the blade –only to be surprised as the weapon vanished like smoke as it made contact.

'An illusion!'

"YAAAAHH!" He turned around in time to see the real rain guardian who quickly swung his weapon. Cavino bent back and watched as the blade whizzed past his eyes and cut a strand of hair. He slammed his hands on the ground and straightened his legs for a kick. As Yamamoto bent forward from the attack, the other bent his arms and pushes the ground for support, successfully kicking Yamamoto hard on the stomach.


He watched as the baseball star slam against the nearest wall before turning to catch a glimpse of a certain bomber who knelt beside his unconscious boss, checking his injuries with a pale face. He noticed that the orange flame on the brunet's forehead was gone and his gloves turned into… mittens?

His observation was cut off as Lotus vines erupted from the ground and wrapped around him. He looked up and saw Chrome running with her trident pointing dangerously at him. He shut his eyes and concentrated.

Just as he hoped for, he went through the vines and dodged the pointy trident at the last minute. He tried to slam his hand towards Chrome but the illusionist was quick to evade.

Chrome jumped and slammed her trident at his weapon-hand. This time, thorny vines erupted from where the blade touched the machine. The weapon cracked and sparked as the vines tightened around it. However, Cavino did not seem bothered as he stared at the mist guardian, "You seem to know me."

Chrome glared and merely pursed her lips.

The Corvo boss just raised his eyebrows as he noticed he won't be receiving any answer. And before Chrome could react, the hand slammed against her waist and she screamed as she crashed on the ground. He straightened himself and watched as the thorny vines and the cracks of his weapons disappear.


Seeing that most of his opponents were now (temporarily) down he turned to look at the students who had been watching in silence. He smirked as he spoke, "Apparently these classmates and schoolmates of yours are part of the Mafia!"

There were small murmurs as everyone exchanged uncertain looks.

"And they are the guardians of a very powerful family, called Vongola." His eyes glinted with pure malice as it landed on the unconscious brunet, "And I am here to assassinate the heir for more power!"

His eyes then landed on one of his men that stood next to the kids. Apparently a traitor. He glared at the ex-assassin who stiffened in response. He then turned to Tsuna only to be blocked by a certain bomber who had summoned his bone loops and flame arrow.

"Take one more step and I'll kill you, Corvo!" Gokudera snarled.

Cavino raised an eyebrow before picking up a handful of stones.

"That's not gonna work!" The storm guardian let a shield hover near them.

However, the boss merely smirked as he pointed it at Gokudera, making the other prepare for the oncoming attack only to be shocked as Cavino turned to the students instead and started flicking the stones at them.

There were screams as everyone tried to duck and Gokudera cussed before quickly moving the shields towards the students that successfully deflected the stones. He tried to concentrate at the random directions the rocks kept coming at and was momentarily left defenseless as Cavino lunged at him.

He only had enough time to turn his attention back at him and shoot storm flames that fortunately threw the other's course off. Gokudera needed the shields back but the Corvo boss picked up a stray gun and started shooting at the students' direction while running towards him.

Screams loudly echoed.

"Kuso!" Gokudera shot another jet of flames, and once again the attack was a fail as the enemy dodged. He then took out a dynamite and lit it.


They were immediately shrouded by smoke and Gokudera wasted no time as he picked Tsuna up, bridal style and ran blindly for refuge. He couldn't let his boss die. He bit his lip as the teen groaned in pain.

"I'm sorry Juudaime. Just please hold on." He coughed and looked around, "Turf-top… where the heck are you?!"

"Storm man, over here!" He turned to see Chrome who was trying to wave off the smoke and went to her.

"Where's turf-top?"

"I-I'm not sure. I think he was knocked off somewhere else."

Gokudera cursed softly before gently setting Tsuna down. He paled as he noticed his arms were covered in blood, "Juudaime needs medical attention stat."

Chrome opened her mouth to speak but was cut off as she suddenly pushed Gokudera to the ground. A piece of concrete flew above their heads.

"Did he find out where we are?!"

"Nay…" Chrome's eyes narrowed, "He's only attacking at random directions."

The bomber frowned and gave her a calculating look, "Why do you know him?"

The illusionist was first surprised at the sudden question before slowly looking down. Her eye darkened before finally answering, "Mukuro-sama wants him dead."

"What? That pineapple freak? What does he have to do with this?"

"The Corvo Family…" Chrome gripped her trident tightly, "…were the ones who helped the Estreneo Family with the experiments."

Gokudera wisely kept his mouth shut. He remembered Tsuna once sharing to him about Mukuro's past that obviously involved the creation of his mysterious powers.

The smoke then slowly disappeared and the two guardians were immediately on alert. They quickly heard a slashing of a blade and saw Yamamoto attacking Cavino from afar, and alongside him was (much to Gokudera's relief) Ryohei. He also noticed the students were safe, however some seemed to be injured and were currently being assisted by Hana, Kyoko and the ex-assassin.

He looked back at the fighting guardians and knew he needed to alert the muscle brain as soon as possible. But he didn't want the enemy to see where they were nor did he want to risk leaving Tsuna just to get the boxer.

"I'll go." Chrome spoke as she noticed the conflict in the bomber's face. She stood up and Gokudera suddenly grabbed her by the wrist.

"Chrome." His eyes narrowed almost threateningly, "I understand that you want to kill that bastard for revenge, but…"

Chrome stared at him, and they stayed like that for a couple of seconds when finally, Chrome's eyes softened as she nodded, "I understand. Boss' safety comes first."

And just like that she vanished.

Gokudera pursed his lips before turning back to his boss and ripping his already ripped uniform to redress the bleeding wound while applying more pressure. He looked back at the battlefield with a scowl, 'Hurry'.

Unfortunately, the bomber did not notice the shadow behind him.

"Becatta di Rondine!" Yamamoto thrusts his blade multiple times, but much to his shock, Cavino deflects them all without breaking a sweat, 'The weapon's too good.'

"MAXIMUM CANON!" Ryohei unleashes his powerful blow only to be stunned as the enemy merely leaned to the side and slapped his hand away like the fist weighed nothing. Ryohei was quick to dodge at the powerful blow headed towards him, 'He EXTREMELY dodged it!'

As they continued their battle, Yamamoto noticed a certain mist guardian appear behind Cavino, who must've sensed her as he turned and swung his weapon hand at where Chrome was, but the illusionist disappeared like mist and appeared behind the two as the Corvo Boss was temporarily distracted.

"Boss needs you. Immediately." She said as she looked at Ryohei.

It then dawned to the sun guardian what Chrome was trying to say and nodded.

"Wait, you can't go yet." Yamamoto quickly said, "He might try to stop us if he finds out about our plan. We… we need to distract him or something."

"Leave it to me." And without warning, Chrome then shrouds them in an illusion.

Cavino looked back at his enemies only to find them gone, "Hiding won't help you win." He caught a slight movement at the corner of his eye and attacked, only to find nothing.

"More illusions?" He growled, "I gotta admit, this is a little stronger than the last one."

He looked at the students and smirked, "If you won't come out… then I'll make you come out." He sprinted at the students and some screamed. Kyoko looked up and was surprised to see the ex-assassin appear in front of them, his gun directed at Cavino.

However, before Cavino could even get near, a blade appeared and intercepted him.

Kyoko was relieved, she turned to see her brother from afar. She wanted to call out to him but quickly stopped herself. There was a reason why he wasn't alerting the enemy of his presence after all.

But then she noticed something was wrong. Why was he just standing there?

She looked at where he was heading and her eyes widened in horror. She couldn't help herself as she screamed.


Yamamoto and Chrome were doing a good job fighting Cavino off. They had managed to actually cause damage on his robotic hands as Yamamoto pulled off an unsuspecting attack, thus causing Cavino to shield himself in the wrong angle which resulted to Yamamoto's blade to dig into the joint –its apparent weak spot. A little bit more and they would've defeated him completely—

If it weren't for a certain scream that stopped them in their tracks.


"NOBODY MOVES!" This successfully halted Chrome and Yamamoto from attacking, but the illusionist kept their presence hidden. They turned to the one who yelled the order and their blood ran cold as they saw the situation before them.

Gokudera was on the ground writhing, an injection filled with what seemed like poison was stabbed on his shoulder and a man stood beside him with Tsuna as his captive and a gun pointed on his temple. The long scar on the stranger's face was familiar and they immediately remembered him. He was the assassin from earlier who was in charge of finding the Vongola Decimo.

"Show yourselves, or else he gets it!" The man pressed the gun harder, "You don't want your precious boss to die now do you?"

Chrome bit her lip. She could kill Cavino right there while he was distracted. Just one thrust of her trident and her mission would be complete.

"Chrome." Yamamoto silently spoke, he looked alarmed, "Do what he says."

The illusionist looked at the Corvo boss. The person who had helped with the suffering of her Mukuro-sama was just in death's reach. Slowly she turned to her boss and saw Tsuna crack an eye open with difficulty. His breath was ragged and to be forced to stand up with an injured thigh must be torture for him.

Boss' safety comes first.

She shut her eyes tightly before letting her shoulders sagged in defeat. The illusions answered to her will and slowly she and Yamamoto appeared.

"Let Tsuna go!" Yamamoto exclaimed.

The man sneered, "Hell no, as if I will."

"Good job." Cavino panted as he eyed his comrade in approval, "Now finish him off."

"N-NO!" Gokudera grabbed the other's ankle but was kicked aside. The enemy scowled at him, "Shut up."

Suddenly, the man turned to Corvo, "You're not the boss of me anymore."

Corvo looked stunned at this. So did the others as they looked back and forth at them.

"Kajetan. Don't you dare disobey your Boss—"

"I'm the new boss." The man, Kajetan exclaimed, "Don't you see? I have the brat's life in my hands." He pushes the brunet's chin up with his gun, "And once I kill the Vongola Decimo, I'll be the one worthy to be called Boss. I will earn the power!"

He puts the gun back to the brunet's temple, "Say goodbye to your boss, Vongola!"

"SAWADA!" Ryohei ran towards him; so did Yamammoto and Chrome.

"DON'T!" Gokudera weakly stretched an arm out.

Kajetan wickedly grinned and touched the trigger.


Ryohei was stopped in his tracks. All the students turned in shock and Kyoko slowly puts a hand on her mouth. Gokudera's eyes were wide as saucers as he eyed the blood that came out, "No way…"

Cavino growled and bellowed in anger, falling into his knees as he realized his defeat.

Kajetan's wide and deranged eyes slowly looked down at the blood on him. He let out a chuckle, "I can't believe this…" He felt blood drip down from his mouth before slowly turning around to see a certain raven-haired teen with piercing eyes holding a smoking gun.

The man lets go of Tsuna and Gokudera quickly caught the brunet with a painful grunt.

The man quickly collapsed on the ground and the teen throws the gun away before taking out a familiar pair of tonfas. His glare was filled with anger and rage.

"For disturbing Namimori's peace." His eyes never left the Corvo boss who was on his knees,

"I will bite you to death."






"I'm so glad this is all over." Kyoko said with a sigh as she watched the medics and policemen ran around the school grounds.

"It's a good thing everyone was EXTREMELY safe." Ryohei grinned as he healed the cut on her sister's face. Beside him, Gokudera huffed and spoke, "Of course they should be. This was nothing."

"Haha, maa maa… this famiglia was pretty hard to defeat you know." Yamamoto pointed out, "If it weren't for Hibari, we would be dead by now. Good thing he was able to escape and asked for the antidote for that poison."

"I don't think ask was the right word." Gokudera grumbled, begrudgingly admitting that he was impressed with the skylark's performance.

There was a silence as they watched the other students. Yamamoto noticed some of the students that passed by would whisper and point at them, "It seems like they found out about the mafia game."

"Obviously." The bomber decided to ignore the 'game' part, too tired to argue with the baseball jock.


They turned to see some of their classmates approach them. They exchanged looks before turning to them questioningly.

"We…" One of the girls looked nervously at her fellow classmates then back at the guardians and Kyoko, "We would like to say- T-THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

"E-eh?" They watched as they all bowed at them.

"If-if it weren't for you guys, we would probably be all goners." One of them spoke.

"Aren't you-" Yamamoto hesitated, "Aren't you guys mad that we caused all this trouble?"

"Well you still protected us, didn't you?" Another one of their classmates insisted.

"But we're from the Mafia! Aren't you afraid-?"

"So? We don't care if you play this mafia game of yours. It's kind of cool." All of them murmured in agreement and Gokudera had to hold back the feeling of blowing them up.

Kyoko exchanged looks with Ryohei before giggling softly. Ryohei then laughed, followed by Yamamoto and no sooner was everyone laughing except for Gokudera who looked like he wanted to hit his head.

"Man, maybe I should join in!"

"Yeah, me too!"

"Oi-!" Gokudera started but was interrupted by someone clearing his throat.

"Sorry, but a person with exceptional abilities are the only ones capable of being part of Tsuna's Family."

They all turned to see Reborn. The students immediately gave way as the infant passed. The arcobaleno smirked as he looked up at Gokudera and the others, "Good job. You have defeated the enemies. I had reported to Ninth of what had happened and he is now currently planning a proper punishment for the Corvo Family."

"R-Reborn-san!/Kid!" Gokudera and Yamamoto chorused.

"Reborn-kun, where did Chrome-chan go?" Kyoko immediately asked.

"She already left. Though she wants you to know she would like you to know she appreciates for helping her defeat the famiglia as well as helping her learn her priorities." Reborn turned to Gokudera and the bomber couldn't help but smirk.

"You've done a job well done protecting the school and defeating the Corvo Family. But most of all, for protecting your Boss." Reborn looked at the side and saw Hibari standing not that far, "You have proved to the enemies that Vongola is a truly powerful famiglia. And we even made an ally. I presume you remember the assassin who helped you."

Kyoko's face brightened while the remaining three looked at each other in surprise.

An applause erupted and the guardians were surprised at this. They looked at the grinning faces of their classmates and no sooner did nearby students applauded as well.

Gokudera turned to Reborn, "Reborn-san, excuse me for asking this, but where have you been?"

"I was supposed to be leaving for a mission…" Reborn trailed off as he turned to look at a pair of medics who were carrying a stretcher.

Yamamoto and Gokudera followed his stare and immediately recognized the person on the stretcher. The claps slowly died and the two rushed out of the crowd.


"Haha, excuse us!"

They all watched as the two friends took their positions on each side of the stretcher. Gokudera had grabbed Tsuna's hand as the medics gently transferred the brunet to a wheeled bed and push it towards the ambulance. The last glimpse they saw before the three entered the vehicle was Yamamoto saying something (probably a joke) as he laughed and Gokudera's face lighting up as Tsuna smiled and gripped his hand.

Reborn smiled at the bond the three shared before turning around to help clean up the mess of the school. A task he had assigned to himself for not being able to help the brunet. He took out his phone and dialed a number.

"Ciaossu Dino."


"Hey Tsuna… remember what you said about protecting us?" Yamamoto grinned as he walked beside the stretcher.

Tsuna turned to look at him, "Y-yeah?" He felt Gokudera grab his hand and turned to see the bomber looking at him worriedly. He felt the medics transfer him to a bed and was about to tell the other he was fine, but Yamamoto interrupts him with a laugh.

"Haha… well apparently you were wrong Tsuna." The swordsman's eyes softened as he looked down on his friend, "Because we protected you."

Tsuna was a bit confused at what the rain guardian was trying to prove her, but in spite of this, he couldn't help but smile as he gripped the bomber's hand. Gokudera lightened up and the brunet's smile widened so much that he was sure that the people from afar would've seen it.

"Yeah… guess you did." He shut his eyes as he let go of his consciousness. Not afraid to be defenseless knowing that his friends would be there to protect him no matter what. He felt his grip loosen but Gokudera merely held on. He had always thought it was his duty to protect everyone… but apparently it was also the others' duty to protect him as well.

"Thank you…"


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