"Why did I react that way? Why must I have this curse? What have I done to Luchia!? Luchia..." Allen shook his blonde hair and continued running but not to Pearl Piari, but back to his, Well techinally Luchia's, home. The ocean.

When he dove into the icy water, he instantly felt at home. He smiled slightly as he continued his merry way, just drifting along in the cool water.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here? A pink pearl prince?" a familiar feminine voice chuckled and Allen gulped and slowly turned around. "What do YOU want" he snarled at the Black Beauty Sisters. Mimi swam forward, "We only want you and your pearl...What is your name young prince? We haven't seem to catch it quite yet" she finished and let her elder sister continue. "Not that it matters once Gaito-sama has yo and your pearl, as well as the other mermaids!" Sheshe laughed harshly before pulling out her microphone. "So, shall we begin?" The party was only just getting started.

A couple of hours later, there was still no sign of Allen or his pearl anywhere, this was starting to worry Rina as she knew of the dangers now in the ocean because of Gaito and his minions. She sat waiting at the front door. She sighed, "Allen? Are you okay?" she thought as there was still no sign of the blonde haired boy.

"A majestic wind, blow across the seven seas...Reflecting, the seven colours of the rainbow..." Rina's ears perked up to the familiar lyric of a song she knew oh so well. "Could it be-?" Rina thought as she stood up and followed the majestic sound.

"And before the dawn, I could hear a melody..." Kaito lifts up his head, "Could it be...HER?" he whispered aloud and starts to follow the melody.

"It's a very nostalgic song of hope...And the birds, they will fly..." Kaito and Rina continue to follow the voice in hopes of finding the owner. As the pair near, they bump into together. "Kaito-kun!" Rina said, surprised. Kaito's eyes widen, "You hear the singing too?" he questions. Rina nodded hesitantly.

As they near the voice, it is clear that two people are singing, one male and the other female. "Towards the Eastern sky, And I will wait here for you...!"
The song stopped for a second, only to start again and was being sung by a female voice.
"We will sing together in our paradise!"

Then a male voice, possibly Allen sung.
"After the chaotic, stormy night, someday I'll prove my love for you!"
Then their voices harmonized as they sung together,
"I'll sing just to prove it's true! I will sing the Mermaid Melodia, with the hope and dreams set high in our hearts! Someday we'll come back to you and you should know, we wouldn't forget!"

Two mermaids sat side-by-side, joining hands and faces so close their noses were touching. They looked overjoyed as they sat and sung to eachother. "Luchia...Allen" Rina muttered softly when she saw them, Kaito joined her soon after.

Kaito let out a small gasp as he stared at the pair, "It's her..." he whispered as she stared at the singing pair.

"But, who is she with!?"