The first person she saved (alone)

I edged up the stairs quietly, gun in hand. I defiantly wasn't going to mess this up, Ray had trusted me, more than he had trusted anyone else and it showed a lot that he would trust a convict with a gun, by herself. This case was brutal, a fugitive, Richard Bell had escaped from Sing Sing correctional facility. He was a serial rapist and murderer and was on death row, he was to be given the needle in 2 years, maybe the fact that he only had about 712 days left to live made him run. He had a history Lloyd was particularly interested in, he killed and tortured animals as a kid and by the time he was 12 he had been arrested for grievous bodily harm, the charges didn't stick though, his parents paid of the DA. The guy was sick and twisted, and he had captured the ADA who had prosecuted at his latest trial, the one that had gotten him the death row. The ADA is only 26, the same age as me.

I reached the top of the stairs and knocked on the apartment door, I hoped this wasn't another false location, as good as Julianne is, she can't do much without access to the FBI's files (which is where his confidential file is). No one answered the door and I turned to leave when I heard a muffled cry.

I swung around and kicked open the door, "hands up and stay where you are" I yelled. Suddenly I felt the cold steel of a glock pressed against my temple "Now listen here lady" I heard Bell say in his southern drawl "I don't wanna hurt nobody, you see, me and this lil' lovely" he guestered to the ADA, who squirmed yet held eyes full of steel "got some unfinished business, you see? So if you'll just put down that gun and back out slowly and come back in, say 2 hours with your police friends we'll be done and you can take the credit for takin' me downtown" he smiled a sick smile, exposing his teeth that had gaps as big as Asia. This guy makes me sick, I smile reassuringly to Alicia, the ADA bound and gagged sitting in the chair.

I raise my eyebrows at Bell, and I say "well, if you let me take you down, I'd get months off my sentence, Eh…" I looked over to Alicia, and her eyes were wide, I hope I didn't just mess this up. "Okay, I'll back up slowly, but I can't leave my gun here, the U.S. Marshal's will be suspicious." I slowly take one step back and suddenly I raise my gun and shoot, I see him clutch his stomach and drop to the floor and I tackle him and handcuff him as I smile in satisfaction, but… that's before I finally notice the tearing pain in my shoulder.

I swear in my head and grit my teeth as I make my way over to Alicia, who I then notice has several knife cuts, a few bruises, and my heart swells with sympathy for this young woman, who was just doing her job to keep this world a safer place. As I untie her my shoulder feels as if it's about to fall off, but I keep going until the sobbing woman collapses in my arms, muttering a thousand thank yours. I sigh in relif, hold her, and stroke her hair until the blackness finally consumes me and I pass out, the last thing I remember being, sirens wailing and Alicia yelling at some paramedics. But I know I'm going to be alright, because well, for one thing, I don't just give up, and it was just minor blood loss, that did cause me to pass out but, it's okay.

Because I saved someone's life today, by myself, and I could have chosen to do nothing, it doesn't make up for everything else, but for the first time I feel content with my actions.

By Melissa Yeung

8 Britton