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Summary: The demi-gods were peaceful until Loki began to die, then we has suddenly healed, though a little stranger.

Had to right a Loki/Gabriel fic, at least from my point of view

Chapter One

Odin's Mercy


Loki inhaled a rattling breath, coughing feebly as he lay among his bed or warmed furs.

The Norse Trickster was dying...

Odin shifted from where he sat vigil with the lesser god, eyes never leaving his frail friend as he suffered.


"Aye my friend?"

"Father..." The Trickster croaked hoarsely, "Help...me..."


Odin wandered the oak, cedar, and pine tree forest outside of Loki's lodge style hall. His mind blank even if his heart was racing.

He wished he could help Loki...but there nothing he could do...

Odin looked up at the dark sky, huge gray-blue thunder clouds rumbling angrily and covering the stars.

The lightning flashed, streaking above and across the skies in brief, turmoil-ridden bouts.

One such flash was too slow to be lightning as it plummeted to the ground, impacting with enough bone jarring force to send Odin to his knees.

The god quickly rushed to the smoking crater, gasping at the form of light and swirling feathers.

An angel...

The being cried out softly in pain, shying away as Odin moved closer.

"You need a form do you not?"

The angel ducked its head, wings folding over its bleeding body.

"You need a form. Do you not?"

This time it nodded faintly, still scared, or actually it was crying, shaking with sorrow laden sobs as Odin pulled it to is feet, trying to ignore the searing heat from the light.

"Come with me."


Loki was gasping and shaking in pain when they returned, glassy eyes looking upon the angel's light and smiling.

"Come here young one...be one with me as I journey to Valhalla, take my place...as thou seeks shelter among our kind from thy own kinsmen."

The angel hesitated for a brief second, before moving forward, the light easing into Loki's body.

Odin watched, barely able to see by the faintly glowing coals in the hearth. The angel had retreated into the demi-god, seemingly at peace until Loki started screaming, voice tinged with high pitched shrieks from the angel.

He was burning the sickness out.

Loki's screams began to fade away, replaced by the out right screeching of the angel, then those too died off.

By the time Odin could look upon the bed of furs once more, the sight before him wasn't Loki.

Loki had been on old, shriveled, frail gnome like man, gray skin, ash white hair, and arthritic movements.

This...whatever it was...wasn't Loki.

The softly tanned skin was smooth and youthful, the peacefully sleeping face brushed by honey-red-brown locks that graced the form's shoulders. Soft, innocent hands...bare feet, and brown wool shorts...

Loki or the angel or whoever was now a five year old boy.

Odin settled a soft fur over the boy before settling by the hearth, stoking the coals into a warm blaze as he stared into the flickering flames.



Odin turned to see the young boy, now about seven less than three hours after the 'incident'.

The little one curled into the other god's lap, tucking his face against the wool tunic shivering let the boy cuddle, his arms wrapping protectively around the young one. Loki's power was thriving under the soft skin, but so was something much more extraordinary.

The boy was scared as he clung to the older god, whimpering slightly in fear. The merging of the angel's power and Loki's magic had changed the being into a child to grow and adjust, it would be less than a day until he was "grown-up", but for now Odin had an armful of a seven year old pagan.

"Hush little Loki, Don't say a word

Odin's gonna catch you a Mockingbird.

If that Mockingbird won't sing,

Odin's gonna make you a golden string.

If that golden string dares break,

Odin's gonna find you a clear blue lake.

If that clear blue lake runs dry,

Odin's gonna get you a butterfly.

If that butterfly blows away,

Odin's gonna build you the finest slay.

If that fine slay runs off course,

Odin's gonna catch you a wild horse.

If that Wild Horse runs you down..."

Odin paused, looking down as the boy shifted in his arms, hair lengthening slightly as he now appeared to be about eight years old.

The god carried the child back to bed, placing him in the thick furs and covering him once more.

"Odin will still love you...all around."




Odin slept deeply that night, waking to to sunlight streaming in the house, all the shutters were open to let in needed light and air.

The boy was now a young man, looking about...just shy of eighteen...smart, but not quite mature yet.

He was wandering around the lodge, inspecting everything with his hands, his voice was soft, broken a little, as if Loki was talking part of the time and then the angel was slipping through.

Odin watched as he gave himself a tour, using Loki inside...or whatever...as a guide...finishing by running his hand over the mantle, the carved red wood glistening in the sunlight.

"Good Morning young one, the question is now what to call you as you are growing."

"Loki" looked towards Odin, bowing his head slightly as the once pale green eyes of the god were now bright honey amber, watching him curiously.

Odin stood next to the short demi-god, making sure he met his own gaze before continuing.

"Why did you flee your celestial home young angel? Pagans do not take kindly to intrusions."

The young man shook his head, burying his face in Odin's tunic, "I...can't..."

Odin only nodded, sighing heavily before hugging the demi-god.

"In return for sanctuary and hiding among the pagans, you get to take Loki's place among us, understand?"

The young man nodded, power humming beneath his skin.

"Alright, your cover is that as your original form began to decay, to shape shifted into a younger form to refresh your body, leaving your memories a bit...scrambled."

At that there was a hint of a smirk, Odin couldn't tell if it was Loki or the angel doing so.

"And that you will need time to readjust back to your position, I will assign a helper to you once we have returned to Aesir."

The body in his arms stiffened, but nodded hesitantly, following the god out to the waiting sleigh drawn by the team of dark, mahogany colored reindeer.

Odin slid into the one seat, pulling the young man, who was now looking almost twenty, up next to him tucking a spare cloak around his shoulders over a set of clothes Loki had once worn.

The ride through the clustered forest known as Loki's Woods was silent, only broken by the soft pants and steps of the reindeer.

Another day had passed by the time the Great Asgard Hall was in sight, by now a young thirties man sat beside Odin, watching with silent interest. His honey amber eyes now had tiny flecks of green, and his honey-red-brown hair was leaning more towards a ginger color than gold.

Loki was merging with the angel.

No, Odin thought to himself, Loki was the angel, and the angel was Loki now. They were no longer two, but one.

Servants, gods, and goddesses alike bowed to Odin as he approached, pulling the team to a stop just before the doors and stepping down before aiding Loki from the sleigh. No one recognized the demi-god, but his power was bright and peaceful, albeit shy and nervous.


Frigg watched her husband coolly as he entered the banquet Hall, the newborn Forsetti in her lap. Baldur must be proud, and he was as he sat happily next to his wife Nanna, waiting to feed her by hand.

"My dearest, my love, I beg pardon for my tardiness."

Only Frigg was higher than Odin, but she smiled before looking to Loki.

"And who is this?"

"Loki my love, he has shifted to a younger form to rejuvenate. But currently he is still weak and his memories are failing him."

Frigg nodded before standing, grabbing three tankards of wine.

One to Odin, and one to Loki.

"Praise Valhalla!"

"Praise Valhalla!" The crowd echoed, but none sipped from the toast, Loki had not done anything yet.

He looked up, his hair brushing his jaw faintly as he stood nervously, he looked right into Frigg's cold blue eyes, but saw the silver warmth behind them.

"Praise Valhalla...and praise to thou finest lady, may your life be at its finest until Valhalla calls for your grace."

Frigg smiled, nodding to Loki before returning to her seat.

Odin looked around before motioning to a young demi-god to come forward.

"Byleist, you and Baldur take Loki to one of the private chambers, spare yourselves the agony of Loki's trouble and help him readjust to being among the hall."

Byleist nodded, grabbing Loki's arm and dragging him to a side dining room, Baldur following after bowing to Odin and kissing Nanna.

The room was warmed by a roaring fire pit, fur piles and beds all around and food laid out on and bare surface of the small room.

Byleist removed his heavy boots, leaving him in his wool socks that stretched to his knees under his brown pants, matching his brown belt and dark green tunic and light tan vest. Baldur entered soon after, dressed in similar garb only in blue and black.

Loki stood off to the side, watching as they arranged the furs to suit themselves, he glanced down at his rich dark green clothes and deep brown pants and vest, accented by a gold belt and embroidery on his sleeves and hems.

"Loki? Come relax now my friend, be glad you don't have to listen to another of Thor's tales this eve."

The demi-god moved forward, settling down on a pile of furs so the three demi-gods made a triangle around the fire pit.

They ate silently for a few minutes until Byleist snatched up a honey treat and climbed over to Loki, kneeling next to him and offering the treat to him.

Loki didn't move.

"Come now...take it, it's your favorite Loki, do you not remember?"

The god shook his head faintly, staring into Byleist dark green eyes and seeing the true Loki behind them, seeing a family that he didn't belong in.

The angel started to try and pull away, until the merged Loki began to feel pain, hurting both of them.


Loki was gone...only the angel was left, but he couldn't say that.

"Something's different about you Loki, what is it?"

Baldur had noticed.

"Loki" shook his head, meeting Byleist gaze after much insisting.

"Brother? What is wrong? I do not care about these changes, I just want you, my brother back and well."

Loki smiled, hugging Byleist before realizing the honey treat was his favorite, snatching it away and eating it quickly.

Byleist and Baldur laughed, continuing to feed the god sweets and telling tales among them. They both saw Loki return to his normal self, but in this younger and more vibrant form.


Odin found them sound asleep hours later, Byleist and Loki sleeping back to back with Baldur's legs draped over theirs.

Yes, Loki may have changed, but he was their Loki no matter what.

A start to my version of Gabriel's story, this will involve many of the myths tied to the Norse god so you are forewarned. Loki's kids' tales will be told.

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