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Summary: The demi-gods were peaceful until Loki began to die, then he was suddenly healed, though a little stranger.

Had to write a Loki/Gabriel fic, at least from my point of view

"First, Show me in the Bible where it says you can save someone's soul by annoying the hell out of them. " Chuck Holten

Chapter Ten


Much of the dialogue is from the actual "Lokasenna" poem




"My friends, I come asking for mead to quench my thirst, my journey has been long to partake of the famous mead of the gods."

He was met with silence.

"Does your arrogance render you mute? Assign me a place at your table, or tell me to begone."

Bragi stood from his place next to Freyja, "How dare you? You shall not have a place at this feast, you were not invited, the gods know who is worthy to invite."

Loki ignored his scolding, turning his attention to Odin who glared at the trickster.

"Do you remember, Odin, when in bygone days; we mixed our blood together?

You said you would never drink ale unless it were brought to both of us."

The king of Asgard did not reply to Loki, merely turned to his son Vidarr, "Lend this man your seat my son, so his tongue will be silenced among the mead."

Vidarr did so, pouring Loki a glass. Before the trickster would drink, he toasted the gods, but left out Bragi from his praises.

At that point he should have known the night was sunk, he should have kept his mouth shut from that point on and just merge into the feast quietly.

But he didn't.

Bragi growled loudly, "I shall give a horse, a sword, and a ring from my holds so that I do not bring hatred upon the gods."

"Oh like you could provide it! You shall be short of these as you're are wary of war and shy of shooting, your hunts return barren and you shall never pay homage to those of greater stead than yourself."

Loki's claim was met with a half roar from Bragi, "Be us outside of this hall, your head be in my hand as reward for your lies!"

"Oh please! You're a bench ornament! Brave when seated yet you flee when one greater spirit then you grows angered!"

Iounn stood, resting a hand on Bragi's arm to calm him, "Be still sir, as service to the rest of us to point blame upon Loki in this hall."

Loki snapped, "Shut up man crazed whore! You wrapped your cleaned arms around your brother's slayer the night he was laid to rest."

Iounn glared, "I do not point fingers Loki, as I have silenced Bragi from his beer talk, you should not fight."

Gefjun, the goddess of farmers, stood at this, "Come now, they do not quarrel, Loki is a tease Iounn, and all living things love him."

The trickster snorted loudly, rolling his eyes, "Says she whose heart was stolen by a mortal with a jewel, your thigh thrown over him as if he was a horse."

Odin stood at last, glaring at the trickster to be silent, "Loki, do not make Gefjun your enemy, her wisdom rivals my own and surpasses it."

"As if! You fail to give honor to those worthy, the receivers of your praise are weak-hearted scum, belittling the rightful holders of glory."

"If this was true, you had still resided within the belly of the earth for eight winters, milking cows and bearing children. How dare thou?"

Loki glared angrily, fingers shaking faintly as if wishing to snap and end this, "Says he who appeared as a wizard on Samsey, throwing about magic. How dare thou?"

Frigg was growing irritated at this, rising and moving to stand near Loki, "What was done is done, do not bring it forth again! Ancient lies shall remain in the past Loki.

"How's your sire Frigg? The Earth? How was the night Villi and Ve fell into your bed for an embrace?"

"If Baldur or his likeness were within this hall, you would know the wrath of the gods Loki!"

The trickster didn't back down, even as Frigg's anger drove the heat away from the room dangerously.

Loki's amber eyes flashes, a cocky smirk on his face as he leaned close to the goddess' ear, speaking sweetly.

"I killed Baldur sweetheart, don't warn me of power."

Frigg wailed, distressed at the turn of events of this feast.

Freyja turned to her, watching as she howled for a moment before coming to stand nearby.

"Frigg knows the fates Loki, she does not say it, do not remind the hall of your deed and the loss of Baldur." Freyja's tone warned for no retort, but Loki had long since past sensible speaking, let alone thinking.

The trickster glared heatedly, "Everyone in this hall minus your father and mother and myself have been your lover, man, elf, or god!"

"Cease yelping of wicked things, the lying fiend you are!"

"Malicious witch! You've ridden your brother the worst!"

That statement drove Njodor, Freyr and Freya's father to his feet, bellowing about Loki's incompetence and perversity, reminding them of bearing his own children.

"Oh please, shut up hostage!"

"At least I earned my place!"

The arguments were long and loud, from Tyr threatening to bind Loki as Fenrir was bound as well, (Loki reminding Tyr it was Loki that bit off his hand), to Freyr and Byggvir threatening Loki and the wolf to be bound until Ragnarok, to Heimdallr accusing the trickster of being drunk and witless, wondering why he would not cease to speak.

"Shut up! My life has been hateful, as it is fated to be. Yours with your muddy back and weary eyes as the worthless watch-servant of the gods."

The venom in his voice went unnoticed, all were furious except one...Byleist.

SkaĆ°i spoke next, growling out at the trickster, "You appear lighthearted with your playing and tail-wagging, but you shall be bound to the bones of the earth with your son's own flesh binding you to the stone."

"If that is my fate. I shall be bound with the knowledge that I was among the first and foremost of killing your father."

"Your advice is baneful to others ears yet plains to me, I know they are lies flowing from your tongue."

Loki snorted, "You didn't say that before, you were gentler in your speech when you called me to your bed to recall thy shameful deeds."

Sig stood slowly as the anger rose to maddening silence, pouring Loki's mead into a crystal chalice, even sipping it to prove it was safe before holding it out to the trickster.

"Drink, for you are blameless..."

Loki took a sip before shrugging, "As blameless as you who claimed many for lovers other than Thor, myself included."

Beyla suddenly spoke up, "The mountains shake! Thor is returning!"

Loki and Sig turned to watch Freyr's servant.

"He shall settle this quarrel."

The hall doors banged open.

Thor was home.

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