Warning: Minor language

Wolfram was lying on the solid white floor. She was in a place where everything was completely white. The texture of the floor, she couldn't tell. She could no longer feel it. She didn't know what time it was or how long she had been staying here. She was alone, but it didn't make her sad. Well, not too much.

She had been lying here for as long as she could remember. She would try to press her face against the floor but still, she couldn't feel it. It was as if she was floating on thin air. She had spoken here once, just to know if she could still do so.

She liked it here. For her, this peaceful white place served as her heaven. The only thing missing was him.

Not a second had passed that her mind wasn't full of thoughts of him.

'How is he?'

'Is he doing fine?'

'Is he eating well?'

'How is he handling the situation?'

'Is he thinking of me?'

'I hope he is.'

But every time she thought of him, she was filled with feelings of regret.

"I should have told him. I should have told Yuuri that..." she trailed off.

"Tell me what?"

Wolfram froze. That voice. That voice she would recognize any where, any time, no matter what the situation was. Even if she was dead and lying on something unknown, she knew this voice. This voice was the voice of a wimpy angel.

She got up slowly, precisely. She turned and looked around. A black figure materialized. She strained her eyes to see clearer.

There he was, standing like some sort of run away model with a curious look on his gorgeous face.

Wolfram couldn't find her voice. Is she dreaming? This is impossible. How in the world is Yuuri here? Is he dead? No, that can't be. It can't possibly be. Could it be that...?

But almost instantly, all her questions disappeared when a smile broke across Yuuri's face. He opened his arms and without thinking, she ran into them.

"Tell Anissina-san to prepare another one of that" Murata said, indicating the box where Wolfram was being kept.

"Again with that?" Anger was clearly indicated in Gwendal's voice.

"Please, do as I say. Trust me on this one," Murata pleaded.

Gwendal eyed him down and he wasn't going to bulge if Conrad didn't speak up.

"We need to hurry up," he said. He was cradling Yuuri's body. "Call Gisela!"

With this, Gwendal finally moved. Gunter went along with him, leaving Murata and Conrad to deal with Yuuri's dead body.

Conrad looked calm but Ken Murata knew that under that calm facade, he was panicking inside.

"I'm sorry, Lord Weller, but I can't do anything about the wound," he apologized.

Conrad gave a shaky laugh. "That makes two of us."

"What do you mean, make another one?" Anissina asked Gwendal. He had suddenly barged in her room while she was sleeping and shook her frantically awake.



"Can you or can you not?" He asked impatiently.

"I already have one! But why? Did the other one broke?"

"No... there's no time to explain."

"I think 3 minutes wouldn't cost you a life time," Anissina argued.

"The king... he's... he's dead."

She looked at him like a dumb person would do. "Why?" she whispered.

"Committed suicide... right beside her," Gwendal said.

He bowed his head. Anissina knew how much Gwendal loved his little sister. And even though he may not show it, he cared for their king.

Anissina touched his shoulder and gave him a reassuring smile. "Give me a minute to get dressed. Get the machine in my office and wait for me. I'm coming with you."

Gwendal nodded and left. He was thankful for having her as his childhood friend, even if it meant being her guinea pig.

He ordered guards to help him get the machine. They prepared a covered wooden cart to protect it from the rain. Just as he was mounting his horse, Anissina came running.

He outstretched his hand and she grabbed it. He grabbed her upward and helped her get on. When she was safely seated on the horse, hugging his waist, he ordered for their departure.

Their clothes were clinging on their skin and it was piercing cold. Gwendal had offered that Anissina ride along the cart but she refused.

"Do you think Gunter and Gisela are already there?" She asked. She had to shout a little because of the noise the storm was making.

"Most probably!" Gwendal answered.

They were nearing the temple. The lady guards helped Anissina get down.

"Don't let anyone know about it," Gwendal told them as they were running towards the room where Conrad and the others were.

They entered and saw the state of things. Yuuri was wearing something similar to what Wolfram was; a plain white outfit. He was still holding her hand. The blood has seemed to stop.

"Well?" Gwendal asked Gisela.

"It's alright now. We just need the machine to prevent the body from decaying," she replied.

They positioned the box next to Wolfram's, placing Yuuri in and Anissina did her magic.

She was putting wires here and there. Trial and error, it seemed. After what seemed like hours, it was working. No one could even tell that they were both dead.

"This can't hold up any longer."

"How long?" The great sage asked.

"No longer than a week. Maybe less."

"I believe he can do something in that time."

Everyone looked at him questioningly but they knew better than to ask.

'Yuuri, hurry up.'


"Hey," the double black replied. Wolfram hugged him tighter. She felt totally a bliss before she remembered the verdict that accompanied this happiness.

"How in the world did you get here?" she asked, pulling away.

"I... uh..." Yuuri was having a hard time deciding how to explain.

"Yuuri... did you...?" she trailed off. "No... no... it can't be. This is just some illusion right? Right..."

"No, Wolfram... this is real."

"What do you mean? No, that's just impossible."

"How is it impossible? What aspect of dying is impossible?" he blurted out.

Upon hearing this, Wolfram visibly shook. "It can't be..."

She was shaking so hard that Yuuri started panicking. "Wolfram... I..."

"You... you... you fool!"

Yuuri raised an eyebrow at her.

"Were you even thinking?" she asked.

"And you're the one to ask?" Yuuri shot back.

"Excuse me?"

"Was I THINKING? Why, were you? Did you even think of me when you decided to get pierced by that fucking arrow? WELL? DID YOU? Cause if you did, YOU WOULDN'T ALLOW YOURSELF TO DIE. YOU WOULD HAVE STAYED BY MY SIDE. Just as you promised."

"You would have died if I didn't do that! Imbecile!"


"Are you retarded or something? Are you forgetting the fact that you're a king?"

"And are you forgetting the fact that you promised to stay by my side?"

"Don't be childish."

"Sure," Yuuri agreed. A drip of sarcasm in his voice.

"Don't you dare, 'sure' me. You left... you left Greta..."

"Why, you didn't?

"I left her with you!" Wolfram screamed.

"You don't know how wounded she is because of your death."

"You poured salt on the wound,"

"No, what I'm doing is healing that wound."


"How the hell am I going to explain this," he said to himself. Unable to think of a way, he came up with the last resort he had. "Don't just stand there and watch! Help me with this!"

Wolfram looked at him. "Who are you talking to?"

"Him," Yuuri said. Just like how he came, the first king materialized.

"My, my. Seeing that you could so easily kill yourself, I thought you didn't need my help," he said.

"Well I do now," Yuuri said.

"What can I do for you, My Chosen One?"

"Explain it to her."

"Ah, but wouldn't it be better if you did?"

"But I can't explain it well enough!"

"Wait, wait. What the hell are you talking about?" Wolfram asked.

"You do it," Yuuri told Shinou.

"Very well. Listen here, my descendant. You have two choices; you stay or you go back."

"Go back? Go back where?"

"To our world of course," Yuuri replied.

"Both of you are talking gibberish. The dead cannot be revived. No means of magic or sorcery can do that," Wolfram said.

"Oh, but that only works for the normal humans and demons. You, my dear child, is gifted." Shinou explained.

"Again with this gifted thing? I already get the fact that we practically won't die."

"Oh, but that is only one of the few perks of being gifted."

Wolfram raised an eyebrow.

"You are well aware that the Gods love you?"

"Yes," Wolfram and Yuuri said in unison.

"Well, they love you more than what you imagine. Love you enough to kill you if ever that something bad is about to happen."

"So you're pointing out that I was only killed because they wanted to save me?" Wolfram asked.


"Great," Yuuri said sarcastically.

"To make things clearer, do you wish to see glimpses of the future that awaits you?"

Before they could reply, Shinou did an odd flick of his fingers. Images floated around.

Bad images.

Horrible images.

Men being killed. Innocent men.

Women being raped.

Children tortured and used for work.

Horrible things.

And all of this were happening in Shin Makoku. All of this were happening to their people.

Wolfram fell on her knees. Tears streamed down her face. "Why?" she choked out.

"Because it is written on the book of life," Shinou simply answered.

Yuuri felt like throwing up. This would happen anytime now. That tragedy was going to happen.

"Now, would you still come back?" Shinou asked.

Wolfram looked at him. "Come back?" she repeated.

"Yes. All of the gifted are given a chance to come back if they wanted to. But would they actually want to go back if this is what awaits them?"

Yuuri hugged Wolfram. She was having a hard time breathing.

Both of them knew that the choices that they have were simple: Live peacefully here or let their friends and family face the challenges themselves. The first choice was tempting.

"If we do come back, can that future be avoided?" Yuuri asked.

"A wise question. But we all know that everything written in the book of life cannot be undone. This future was decided from the very start. Now, it's just a matter of deciding if you're going to help fight or not."

Wolfram tugged on Yuuri's clothes. "Make it go away," she pleaded.

"I'll give you time to decide," Shinou said. He disappeared, along with the images.

After a while, Yuuri decided to talk with Wolfram. "Wolf... it's okay now..."

"How is it okay?" she asked.

"You know... we can stay here, Just the two of us... forever," he whispered in her ears.

Wolfram felt something strange in her. She knew that it was a selfish thing but at that moment, what Yuuri said made her heart leap. In the moment, it was all she ever wanted. It was all she would ever want. She was tempted to ask.

"Can we really? Can I really be granted that kind of happiness?"

Yuuri felt guilty. "Wolfram, you deserve all the happiness in the world."

"You're lying," she said. Tears started to run down again.

"Wolf... Wolf... I'm sorry," he said.

"Sorry for what?" she said in between sobs.

"For everything. For everything I've done to you. For hurting you. For not giving you what you deserve. For..."

Wolfram pulled away and held his face close to hers. "You shouldn't be sorry for anything Yuuri."

"But all I ever did was hurt you," he said.

"Yuuri, I chose to be hurt. And you know why?"


Wolfram was shocked.

"You love me."

Wolfram stood up. She was blushing and her emerald eyes had gone wide. "How..."

"Seriously? Do you think I'm that stupid? You show it in your own ways, without you knowing it. And... you speak it out. When you dream."

Now, Wolfram's face was blazing red. This was absurd. They were stuck in such a complicated situation and this topic had to pop out. Shit.

"Yuuri, I..." she had to find a way out of this but she couldn't make herself deny it. Her inner self kept screaming for her to tell it to him.

Tell him.

Tell him how you feel.

Tell him how much you love him.

"I love you," she whispered. She was staring straight at his eyes. Now there was a river of tears on her face. "I love you, Yuuri."

Yuuri smiled. He got up and pulled her into a hug. "I know."

"This is so not me," Wolfram said. She tried to laugh but could only manage a cough.

'I love you too...' Yuuri thought. But now wasn't the right time. He had decided to tell her, but not now. All he could do was hug her to him, trying to make the tears stop.

"Wolfram... understand that I want to stay with you, okay? You don't know how much I want to stay here forever. But I'm asking you this... would you come back with me? Things would surely be difficult. But would you be with me at those times? I'm asking you to renew your promise... would you stay with with me forever?"

She stared deep down into those onyx eyes that she loved so much. Now she was determined to keep her promise.

"Forever and always," she replied.

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