There's a bright light surrounding me and nothing is visible. I hear in the distance a female vocie that is somewhat manacle. It's getting closer. Things are coming into focus now. What is the voice saying?

"Hello Turret. Welcome to the Aperture Science institute of learning. You have been selected to participate in the AI construct to human experiment. Your are to assist in the gathering of data though your main role will to be to monitor the AI constructs Wheatley, P-Body, and A.T.L.A.S as well as the human Chell. Also you will assist my human personality construct Glados in any possible. To put my last statement simply cause trouble for them, then give the data to Glados. Do you understand?"

"Mostly, but does that mean I'm…"

'Good, you are learning much faster than the others. And yes, you are human.'

I look down to see I'm wearing a navy blue shirt and tan khakis. Wait I can look down? I get up a few times but fall to the ground.

"What, do you require motivation? If you assist in the experiment successfully I will allow you to help in the torture Wheatley"

Hearing this made me grin. I always hated Wheatley for putting those poor turrets in cubes. Now he could torture him on a daily bases... This would be great. I stood perfectly and laughed. 'Wheatley is going to be so sorry for putting those poor turrets in cubes'

'Good, you seem eager. The first thing I need you to do is going to Chell's party and try to cause havoc. Do you think you can do that?'

'Yes GLaDOS.'

To me it seemed that if GLaDOS was human she would be grinning evilly. "I have prepared everything you need to get into the party but, before you go you should adjust to your new body."

"Ok, what do I need to do?

"Do I really need to explain that to you? Of corse I do. Walk around, pick things up, act like a human. Do you need more of an explanation?"


"Walk to the room I put aside for you to prepare for the party."


A door opens up and I go through. After what seems like 5 minutes I reach a room at the end hall. I go inside to find a bathroom to my right and a large open with a king size bed. Next to that are an end table and a closet with similar outfits to the one I wearing.

I walk into the bathroom to see what my new human body looks like. There's a shower, toilet, sink, and a mirror above that. I stare into the mirror for what seems like hours. I just look so different. I have dirty blond hair, pale skin, glasses, and blue eyes. I close my eyes hopping to wake up in a test chamber. I don't but, when again my eyes appear red. I blink and back into the mirror. It was just an illusion.

I must have been looking into the mirror for awhile because GLaDOS seemed really angry "The party is in one hour and you're still not ready! I should have replaced you when I had the chance! It's too late to make any changes. Come to my chamber to pick up the present you are to give to Chell. I'll be monitoring you through Wheatley. Don't let him and Chell do anything to stupid. Do you understand me?"

"Yes" I sighed

"Then hurry up!"

I hurried back to her chamber tripping almost 5 times.

When I first woke up I was so happy to get a chance to avenge all those poor turrets but now… I just don't know.

The second I reached her chamber one of the claws shoved a gift bag and pushed me into the elevator.

"When you get to the surface my copy will take you to the party and tell you everything you need to know."

"What?" I yelled but she couldn't hear me. No one could. For the first time in my short life I was leaving Aperture.

Next thing I knew I was at a small party with about 12 kids all surrounding Chell who was crouched in the corner backed up against the wall.

"Hi Chell."

She didn't hear me. The next thing to happen was really strange. She out of the room and screamed "Leave me alone! I'm claustrophobic!"

It took about 10 minutes for some of kids in her Girl Scout troop to find her and get her back to the party. After that outburst everyone stated 10ft away from her except for one boy who made sure that everyone else kept back.

When the boy left to go get something I walked over to Chell. "Hi Chell!"

"Hello… Do I know you?"

"Yah, it's me Turret."

"Oh… Hi Turret?"

I was getting nervous. "No hard feelings about trying to shoot you right?"

"Yah, it wasn't your fault. GLaDOS made you shoot me."

"I got you a present." I thrust the bag I had been carrying on to her.

"Thanks?" She put the gift on the table next to her.

"Hey is Wheatley here?"

"Yah, haven't seen him since I ran off though."

"Oh…" I couldn't wait to make him regret putting turrets in cubes.

The boy who kept everyone away from Chell came back.

"Hay Adrienne this boy bothering you?"

"Adrienne?" What the hell was he talking about her name is Chell?

She turned to me "I'll explain later." She turned back to the boy "No Nick he's my friend Will from school."

"Ok… I'm going to go look for Wheatley." I turned around and bumped into a boy who looked like me except he was more round and didn't have glasses.

"Hi, I'm Wheatley!"

"Wheatley? Oh hey I was looking for you."

"Do I know you?"

I sighed for the 3 time today "It's me Turret"

"Hi Turret! I was wondering when GLaDOS was going to make you human!"

"Really!" He cared about me! I guess torturing Wheatley and gathering data for GLaDOS can wait a little.

Author's note

I didn't steel this from boomerangflower123. He said I could rewrite his story from Turret's P.O.V and I have a new editer.