Well, Wheatley and Chell were here, so I could gather data when the time came. I really wanted revenge on Wheatley but he seemed to start to develop friendly emotions toward me, so I decided to put revenge on hold, just for now. Apparently, we had an 'Espionage' mission. I had never heard of that. Then again, I was a Turret. What did I know? We started by going into a 'rug shop'. I was really excited. It sounded like the coolest thing ever. We went inside, and the weird looking human lady person thing held up a message that she called a 'sale'. I put on a confused look."It says 'This room is BUGGED', Turret." Chell whispered.I nodded. "What does that mean?"She , we were hired to do some spy work or something. I hoped I'd get to be a test subject. All my Turret friends would recognize me and we'd go to the magical land of ponies and rainbows and flowers and stuff. Anyway, we didn't get to be subjects, so Pony Land would have to wait. The lady thing pulled back a rug which revealed a monitor. Another weird looking lady gave us some info about our mission. We continued into a secret elevator, that started down. Suddenly, the lights went out. Lots of people started screaming. Wheatley the loudest, but he'd never actually write that in his POV of the story. "Get down on the ground to cushion the impact if we start to plummet!" Chell yelled. Wheatley screamed louder."It's ok! I have my iPod!" I took out my amazing newly obtained iPod and lit up the room. The lights came back on, the elevator stopped, and we got off into a room with lasers. I immediatelystarted running through, and made it to the end. I sat down to catch my breath, but sat on a laser. An alarm went off, and a security guard came out again. I punched him in the face and he fainted and everyone called me a hero and gave me a medal and hoisted me up and-Ok, so maybe that didn't happen. Maybe I hid like a scared little girl. Maybe. Anyway, we shut down a terminal and went into the next room. There was a big box in the middle. I knew what to do. I immediately started working on the codebreaker, and finished it in about 30 seconds flat. The box opened, and a bomb rose out of it. It was counting down. We scrambled to defuse it, and succeeded. As we started to celebrate, it re-armed itself and started counting down again. We ran into a nearby room to escape. The doors shut and the bomb went off. We were fine, but the door was stuck. We had to align batteries in certain areas to give it power again. We opened the door, to find a room filled with smoke. We received a translation on the beat-up monitor that we had failed the mission, but the bad guy was found and caught by someone else in the organization. When did I sign up for any secret spy organization anyway?! We left the room, and guess what? We were rewarded. With cake. Wheatley went literally insane. Finally, it was time to present the gifts. Wheatley's was last. It was a Portal 2 T-Shirt. She jumped up and hugged him.I sat there, feeling no real emotion. It was kind of...fun, I guess.

Finaly a chapter some of the things in this chapter are from my editor who finally got back to me