"Rabbit Bait"

There once was a student,

His name was Misaki.

And let's say his life was just a little bit rocky.

His grades were bad, his parents were dead,

But most of all his brother had a gay best friend.

But this gay, Usagi, had a brilliant mind,

And this put Misaki in a bit of bind.

Each day after school, go to the rabbit's hole,

And study his ass off to not flunk out of school.

But when he went to said hole,

Much to his chagrin,

He picked up the wrong book

On an incredibly wrong whim.

In this tome he found,

Some genre called smut

Young boys being debaunched

And his brother…wait, WHAT?

"Come out here you asshole!"

Misaki hauled off and screamed,

"Why are you writing the nasty?

Just what does this mean!'

The rabbit peaked up

Groggy and dazed,

But the jailbait before him,

Had his bunny "ears" raised.

Like a cougar he pounced

On the delectable boy,

Unclothed and squirming

His new favorite toy.

"Wait! Hold up!"

The poor boy cried.

"I'm straight as a line!

I can't fuck with a guy!"

"Dear boy," Rabbit chuckled

As they thrusted end to end,

"I think you will find that

Such 'straight' things can bend."

On and on they banged,

Till Misaki fell dead.

And as he closed his eyes

He felt a hand on his head.

"I love you," Rabbit said.

Blowing Misaki's mind,

"I want you to stay here.

"Be with me, all mine."

So now Misaki lives

In that damn Rabbit's hole

And all of their "burrowings"

Take from him quite a toll.

But still, Misaki found

That he didn't quite mind

That horny stupid bunny

Well…some of the time.

So he would live with the jerk

For the time being wait,

Even if he hated that he

Found himself being…Rabbit bait.

Three couples, three poems

I think you will find,

Will appear in this story.

Fuck...why did I have to rhyme!