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Pregnant, what a way to start my 7th and final year at Hogwarts. Even worse is being a pregnant man. Luckily, I was not forced to spend my summer holiday with my family, or something may have happened to the baby. Saying my uncle is not fond of me or magic is like saying that Voldemort just needs a timeout. Then again, if I was with my family over the summer, I would not be pregnant now. The worst thing about being pregnant is other than me no one knows. I cannot tell the other father; he decided at the end of last year for some reason that we can no longer be together. Well, that is not fair; he does have a very good reason. He is a spy for the light side, and if it got back to Voldemort that we were in a relationship, he would be killed. So I am alone in this for now. I will tell my friends soon, I would have told them as soon as I found out, but I was in a safe house and was not allowed any contact with anyone other than my wonderful bodyguard. I was lucky I got to spend the time with my godfathers Sirius and Remus. Sirius had been cleared at the Department of Mysteries when Pettigrew was captured.

I was going to have a hard time explaining how I even get pregnant, since I was not supposed to have seen anyone other than the two. On the full moon, Sirius and Remus had to leave, so he told me he was forced to come and stay with me, but I found out later that shockingly enough he volunteered. Since everyone else thinks he hates me they were shocked enough to agree. Somehow, after arguing, we ended up in bed together. And two months later, I realized I was pregnant, two weeks later I am sitting here on the train trying to keep the contents of my stomach in my stomach. "Harry, are you sure you are alright?" Hermione asked.

"I'm fine," I mutter. "Its just motion sickness."

"You have never had motion sickness before." Ron said frowning.

"That was because before I had at least sometime in a car. This summer I did not, I spent it locked up in a cottage, not even allowed outside." I snarled.

"Oh," Hermione said, "why don't you close your eyes and try to sleep until we get there?"

I did not respond just laid down on the seat closing my eyes. As I was about to fall asleep, the face of the man I love came to mind and it was all I could do not to sob his name, Severus.


I know this is very short, it will get longer after this. I have a hard time writing in first person. So after this chapter it will be in third person. Just to put it out there this is disregarding parts (or all) of OOtP, HBP, and DH (Or any parts of any of the stories that I feel did not go with my story.) Obviously, Severus, Sirius, and Dumbledore are still alive! Because they should not have died! That was just wrong!