Just some fluff I got from a forum I participate in! Many congrats to .. (I hope I spelled that right) for being a KyoXTama fan! And anyone else who is and comments gets a Kuma-chan stuffie!

It begins!

"Kyoya!" The young man in question felt his forehead throb, nearly throwing his laptop at the blonde draped over his shoulders. "Kyoya, are you done yet?"

"Do I look done?" snapped the youngest Ootori, scowling at his computer screen. When Tamaki didn't reply, he looked over his shoulder at the blonde. "Do I, Tamaki?"

"No…" said the Host King quietly, giving his vice-president the puppy-dog eyes. "but-"

"I am not leaving until this is done. You've set me back enough as it is with your…"

"It was good, wasn't it?" Tamaki sighed, smiling as Kyoya tried to find a word for what they'd had. The smile seemed to scream 'sex-me-up' in Kyoya's ears and the Ootori pressed his lips together. He looked away from Tamaki's violet eyes before they could read his desire and kept typing.

"it was." Kyoya admitted, his voice neutral even though he was red as a cherry. Tamaki laughed genuinely, the sound music to Kyoya's tired ears and aching head.

"Ah, mon cheri, j'aime tu."

Kyoya's face, if at all possible, got redder, his glasses fogging up as they slid down his nose. He tried to hide the blush by burying himself in his work, but Tamaki sat on the small settee with him and draped his arms around Kyoya's neck. The francophone pressed fleeting kisses to Kyoya's jaw, trailing down from his ear until he could reach the teen's lips and press a kiss there.

"No," Kyoya swallowed, turning away. "I have work to d- damn it, Tamaki!" Kyoya's protests cut short as Tamaki's lips dove at his collarbone, biting at the most sensitive spots until he cured the blonde's talented mouth. Gripping one of the sofa's arms, Kyoya struggled to maintain a will to work with Tamaki teasing his neck and shoulder, finding it harder and harder as his friend left what would surely be a hickey there.

"Kyoya," Tamaki murmured, kissing the hyper-sensitive skin behind Kyoya's ear. "can't you take a little break, hm? For me?"

"Tamaki," Kyoya said suddenly, closing his laptop with a harsh 'klik'. His blonde partner stopped teasing his red-faced friend and pulled away, swallowing anxiously as Kyoya's already dark eyes glittered like jewels when he looked at him.

The Host King's mouth went dry: "Y-Yes, Ky-"

Tamaki groaned into Kyoya's demanding kiss as the black-haired demon lord kissed him senseless. He revelled in the fact that he was pinned, helpless, and couldn't hold off Kyoya's talented tongue. It swept through his mouth, lighting all the sensuous nerves in his mouth with a lusty fire, and traced every inch.

They parted for breath and Tamaki groaned, breaking their wordless silence.

"Mon amour-"

"Let's get out of here." Kyoya grunted, standing up and pulling Tamaki with him. "We'll continue this in private…"