I swear I didn't forget about this story but like I told those of you that have PM me, I've had half of it written out for a good few weeks but just didn't know how to finish it.

But without further ado, here is the last part, enjoy.

Part Three

Rachel's nose twitched as a bead of sweat rolled off the tip and dripped onto her arm. Her eyes fluttered open as she squirmed uncomfortably at the heat pressing against her. Her eyes now fully opened she squinted into the still semi-dark room and encountered Santana's face inches from her own as the other girl radiated immense body heat. With a groan she detangled their feet and arms gently as not to wake the sleeping girl and began to back away from her, stopping after a few inches as she nudged into something solid behind her. She tensed as an arm wrapped back around her waist and pulled her tighter to a solid chest. She'd forgotten that Puck was right behind her and so she debated whether to lie still or not but she was still sweating from being pressed between the two of them and didn't think she'd last the next couple of hours like this.

She shook the arm around her waist a little to gain his attention, "Noah."

She blushed when he let out moan and shifted so his knee was tucked between her legs and his lips were pressed against the crown of her head. She thought for a few minutes of how she could move in this new position before rolling her eyes as she shoved backwards with her ass, which unfortunately pressed right against Puck's crotch but succeeded in waking him up.

He snorted once as he woke before murmuring, "W-wha- Baby, go back to sleep."

She squirmed in place, "I can't, it's too hot. Swap with me?"

"Jesus." He reluctantly detangled himself from her before lying flat on his back, "Up and over, babe."

"Um-" She stammered before swinging a tentative leg over his waist pausing when his hands shot out to grip her hips; stopping her for continuing for a minute before he let go.

She sighed in content when the cool air hit the back of her neck and snuggled back into her arms, peering up through her lashes when Puck turned back onto his side to face her. They held each other's eyes for a moment before Puck swiped his thumb along her top lip to wipe away the moisture that had gathered there. Rachel flushed and then scolded herself for finding a boy wiping off her sweat as attractive, clearly the heat had went to her head.

Her breath stuttered when his face shifted closer to hers, "What are you doing?"

"Figured it was my turn to kiss you goodnight."

She hesitated knowing that his kiss goodnight would be far from her previous innocent peak on the lips, "What about Santana?"

He craned his head so he could get a good look at the other girl before turning back to her with heated eyes, "She's out like a light."

"Okay." She responded quietly, unsure of what exactly she was agreeing to.

He brushed his nose along hers as his fingers curled around her hip in preparation to pull her closer, "Yeah?"


The word had barely left her mouth before his lips were on hers and as she suspected it was far from a chaste kiss. He was unrelenting in his approach, a mix of demanding and coaxing to gain a response from her. He let out a satisfied moan when she opened her mouth to him and his tongue swept into her mouth without further ado. For the moment she completely forgot Santana was even in the room as she pressed herself against him. One of her hands tugging at the short hairs of his mohawk at the nape of his neck while the other slipped beneath his shirt and splayed against the tensing muscles of his stomach. Puck wasted no time in returning the favour as he snaked his own hand up her shirt and sweater and ran his thumb along her bra before dipping under the material and kneading the flesh there. She didn't even bother to move his hand from her breasts because she was all too aware of his other hand skimming along her thigh and toying with the edge of her panties.

She detached from his mouth with a wet gasp and panted lightly for air; satisfied when he did the same, "Wait-we can't do that here."

He mouthed along her jaw before hot air blew against her ear as he asked, "Why not?"

"Because we're in the choir room." She paused to moan when he nipped at her neck with his teeth before breathlessly continuing, "And Santana's lying right next to us."

A sole finger slipped beneath her panties and ran along her folds causing her to jerk back at the sensation and hiss, "Noah."

He grinned back at her and popped the digit into his mouth before releasing it with a pop, "You'll like it, I promise."

She blushed and ducked her head, "I'm not saying I won't, I just never planned to do it with someone else right next to us."

"Just be super quiet." He nudged her head up and kissed her softly, little feather light kisses that made her head fuzzy, "Trust me."

She nodded hesitantly before capturing his lips in a proper kiss. He wasted no time in delving his hand back into her panties and groaned into the kiss when he felt how wet she was. She tensed a little when his fingers first entered her before relaxing as he started a steady rhythm, his fingers curling to reach the right spot. She was only slightly ashamed when she realised that it wasn't going to take her long before she came.

Puck jerked when Rachel tentatively pressed her hand against his crotch before tightening her grip as her orgasm overtook her and left her panting for air. He watched her face before carefully gripping her hand to stop her progress into his jeans and kissed her again.

"You don't have to."

Rachel was more than a little surprised at his response but nodded in assurance all the same, "I want to."

She moved so she was between his legs and shuffled down as she lowered his zipper, however before she could make another move Santana let out a disgusted groan from the other side of them and Rachel leapt away from Puck like he was on fire.

"Are you two kidding me? Jesus, you could at least ask a person before you do that shit right next to them!"

Puck frowned down at her, "You couldn't have lain there quietly for like another half an hour."

Santana scoffed, "You are giving yourself way too much credit there."

"Shut up."

"I am so sorry, Santana." Rachel squeaked out more than mortified that she had let things go so far considering where she was.

Puck snorted in disbelief, "What? Don't apologise to her, she's done way worse than that, in way more public places."

"Most of those times were with you or are you neglecting to tell your new girlfriend that? He break you in good, Rach?"

"Shut the hell up, Satan. Don't talk to her like that."

"Oh, my god. You are so pussy whipped for a girl you haven't even banged yet." Santana laughed.

Puck scowled back at her as he climbed to his feet to tower over her, "Seriously if you were a dude, I'd break your face right now."

Not to be outdone Santana sauntered to her own feet with a smirk firmly etched on her face, "But I'm not so deal with it."

Rachel's eyes widened and she dashed in between the two of them before things could escalate. She didn't think Puck would actually harm a girl but she had no doubt that Santana had no problem with resorting to physical violence to get her own way.

Santana's dark eyes shifted to the petite girl now stationed in front of her and smiled, "You know you should really let me show you how it's meant to be done."

Puck snorted out a laugh, "That'd be a real good idea…if she was into chicks!"

"I'm sure I could convince her to try it." She declared as she wrapped an arm around Rachel's waist.

Rachel for her part let out a miserable sigh and remained silent knowing that no matter what she said the argument would get more out of hand. Besides she knew Santana wasn't actually serious she just knew the best way to push Puck's buttons. And from the way he was gripped the back of her sweater she was willing to bet he was responding in exactly the way she wanted.

In the end no one had a chance to do anything else anyway when the doors opened and light flooded the floor. After blinking to adjust to the sudden light the trio encountered Mr Shue and the glee club gaping at them from the doorway. They'd forgotten that there was an early meeting this morning before homeroom to discuss fund raising ideas. The three of them must have made a pretty picture with Santana tightly gripping Rachel, both girls with mussed hair and Rachel's red puffy lips. Puck probably looked no better with his own kiss stung lips and unzipped jeans.

Mr Shue parted his mouth to obviously asked what was going on but decided he really didn't know if he wanted the answer to it, "We-You-Let's talk bake sales?"

Santana raised a brow at the older man, "That's seriously all you've got to say right now?"

Puck took note of Santana's distraction and looped an arm around Rachel and tugged her out of Santana's grip and back into his arms with a smug smile.

Santana whipped back around to face him with a thunderous look, "Give back the Berry!"

Dead silence filled the room as the Glee club watched Puck and Santana stand-off while Rachel buried her face in her hands with a groan.

"What the hell happened in here last night?"