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"Ah, so we meet again."

"Yep, here we are."

"I must say, for a human; you're very persistent."

"What can I say? I go beyond long lengths to see you again."

"My, you are a charmer. When was the last time we've met?"

"Just two years ago. Right before I attended the Horitsuba academy."

"Ah, yes. You have told me about it. I hope it's was to your liking. Making any friends?"

"Yeah, but the whole time I was there I kept thinking of you."

"You have?"

"Of course. How I can forget someone like you?"


"Wow, you never thought that I wouldn't come back?"

"….Human lives are fleeting. They go into one thing and leave without a moment's notice."

"But I'm not just some other human, Yuui."

"No…you're not, Syaoron."



"….I have waited, you know….to see you again…..time just moved so slowly without you with me."

"Yeah, I know the feeling….I'm stuck on land while you…."

"Yes…if I could, I would be beside you for the rest of my life."

"And if I could, I would be with you right now. Swimming into the great ocean and sharing some of that magic that you have as well….I just can't believe that you're cursed."

"After all this time, I couldn't believe it either."

"Speaking of, where's Fai; your brother? Last time I saw you, he wasn't there."

"Oh yes, well; his curse was broken before the last time I saw you. He found this other human named Kurogane and since then, he's been happier then I have ever seen him."

"So then….you're alone…."


"Oh Yuui….I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. I'm happy for my brother and I'm happy for you."

"But you deserve some happiness. I can't stand seeing you like this…"


"Yuui….I promise to do whatever it takes to break that curse. Then you'll be happy; we'll be happy. Just….try to wait a little longer. It'd be over soon; that I can assure you…."

"…Oh Syaoron….do you really mean that?"


"….Then…then I wait for you….just a little longer for you….I'll do my best on this end too. Then this will be over…."

"It'll fine. You'll see…."

"I certainly hope so."

What those two didn't know that in the months that followed, the young man was on a cruise ship and there was a huge storm. If not for a particular being, he would have died. A huge surge of magic glowed beneath the sea and the storm dissipated as a huge beam of light shot out of the sky.

The policemen were called onto a nearby beach when a witness found a tattered-clothed young man under a very naked older person on the shore. They were rushed to the hospital and were cared for.

The blonde could only remember his name and the person next to him while the other knew the blonde and foggy bits of memory in his past.

However it was no surprise to the both that something rekindled between them and had since lived in a home by the sea. Their bodies remembering what their minds could not. And they have lived and loved for many years; never leaving each others' sights.

This was the tale of the cursed mer-person and the love that set him free.


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