"Opening Night"

By Lee Homer


Disclaimer: I do not own spider-man. Marvel and now Disney does. I own rights to the story and this is for fan fiction purposes early. This is set in the early years of Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter One

"Research is the way of the future. All the wonders of technology and science are here to serve mankind today. The city relies on it, scientists and professors thrive on it. Science is the key to the world's riches and fame. You see ladies and gentlemen, we live in an age where computers guide us and protect us during everyday life. My father, Howard Stark had dedicated his life to ensure this and today, I wish to continue on his legacy. I give you, the Stark Industries Tower, the central hub for our technology today. Thanks to my proud and noble sponsor, Norman Osborn, Stark Industries along with Oscorp will give this city the security it deserves."

"And just like that, you've jinxed it." Spider-Man thought as he perched himself above the busy crowd below. "Nice one Stark. Now you're going to have to put your reputation on the line. No doubt about it, ol' Spidey will have to be the nanny."

Firing a webline at the building opposite, Spider-Man swung off into the night skyline of New York City. As Peter Parker, he had a busy typical Monday morning. J. Jonah Jameson had him running all over the place chasing the Stark story which left the poor twenty year old college student wondering what was going to happen next. Swinging over the busy traffic, deep thoughts about the Stark building entered his mind. He always got thinking on the big things. They always led to theories.

"Now Stark has his business booming, he's going to attract a lot of tech nuts." He went on. "I mean we have the Green Goblin out there, we have Doctor Octopus, Mysterio and even the sumo giant himself, The Kingpin. That's the big mistake for Stark; the city will never be safe. Sure they'll be a security shield over the city, but it's the trouble that lingers under it not over it."

His mindless thoughts made him lose track of time as he approached the Daily Bugle. Before he decided to swing home, he wanted to drop of the pics for the evening edition. Luckily, he was going to see Joe Robinson, co-editor instead of the old biggard Jameson himself. Climbing through the air vent, he landed in the men's room and changed into his civilian clothes. It was now time for Peter Parker to wrap up the day. He was in there only half an hour when Betty Brant, Jameson's secretary approached him. Peter always admired Betty, but never had the courage to ask her out as he was never around long enough to ask. She always treated him as a person unlike Jameson and he took it personally. She was also stunningly beautiful.

"Hey Pete." She said as her smile warmed his body from the inside. "I see that you've dropped off the late edition. I'm glad I've found you. I eh was wondering if you wanted to do something sometime after work. Well would you?"

"W-well I-I'd love to, Betty." Peter replied, dropping his words in surprise. "Wow, it's been a while since I've been out with a girl, especially one as kind mannered as you."

He enjoyed flattering Betty, but the experienced was short lived with the departure of his child hood sweetheart, Mary Jane Watson. He could still remember the day he kissed her goodbye. He blamed himself for that day when MJ was nearly killed in a fire which was caused by an encounter with The Hobgoblin. Peter saved her as Spider-Man from the blaze, but the shock of the experience was enough to drive her away to Paris. Since then, his life had been empty without her and he hoped Betty would be the one to make him happy again. Betty knew that Peter was still suffering. She could see it in his eyes and she really felt sorry for him.

"It's okay to feel nervous." She assured him as she stroked him on the shoulder. "I don't bite honest."

Peter chucked at the joke as he turned to leave. He needed to get home and see his Aunt May, who had left on her own for some time now. He always worried about her ever since the death of his Uncle Ben.

"I'm free tomorrow if you want to go and grab a bite to eat sometime?" he said as he waited for the elevator. "Say seven?"

"That'll be great." Betty smiled as she waved Peter go by. She liked him but just like the 20 year old student, she was too shy to admit it.

Across the city in Forest Hills, Peter returned home to an empty bedroom which was shrouded in dim lighting. As he always did, he whipped off his spidey duds and crept across the wooden floor in hopes that his Aunt May wouldn't hear him. As far as he knew, the dear old lady was asleep in her armchair when he left.

Heading downstairs, he noticed that his faithful Aunt was in the kitchen making the dinner. Greeting her, he sat at the table and tucked into his Monday night usual. On the TV, Tony Stark was on the news headlines as he was being interviewed by the local news correspondent. Peter sneered at his smart dress sense as the billionaire showed off his expensive suit and styles in front of the camera. He had read Howard Starks work and Tony was certainly not like his dad.

"Oh isn't that Mr Stark a genius." May said, idolising the man. "He's going to change this city and I believe in him. If only that awful Spider-Man was like him. Then Mr Jameson would say nice stuff about him."

"He's doing it for the cameras." Peter replied as he played with his food. "Behind closed doors, he's just your average businessman who cares nothing but money."

"Now Peter don't say such things if you haven't met the man in person." May countered as she waved her finger. "What's the matter with you tonight? You've been down and depressed since this morning."

Peter didn't reply and hinted his aunt to look at the calendar which was hanging up on the wall. She then realised what was going on. It had been a year since MJ left their lives which proved to be too painful for her young nephew. Getting up, she placed her arms around her loving nephew and gave him a hug.

"I know it must be hard for you right now, but you must move on." She said. "What Mary Jane did was for the best. You both knew that she wouldn't be happy if she stayed here so you had to let her go. To tell you the truth, I am so proud of you. Only that of a selfish mind would force her to stay, but you knew what to do, you faced the problem and you let her go because you wanted her to be happy. You're going to find someone else soon Peter. You're the kindest boy I have ever known."

"Well maybe it is time that I moved on." Peter muttered as he looked up at his aunt. "I have a date tomorrow night with Betty Brant."

"That nice girl from the Bugle?" May asked with a smile. "That's great. I don't see why you're feeling that way?"

"MJ was like family, Aunt May." Peter replied. "That's what hurt me the most. Sure we had a connection, but I loved her like a sister that I never had more than the average girl next door romance thing. Surely you must understand?"

"I do." May smiled as she returned to her dinner. "And I'm sure she misses you too. Now eat up and try to look forward to your date with Miss Brant tomorrow. This is really a new start for you so don't mess it up with all this negativity."

Peter always admired his Aunt May. He always took her advice and he knew deep down that she was right. Taking a deep breath, he finished his dinner and headed upstairs for an early night. He was too tied to do what he would usually do. Just as he entered his bedroom, he was alerted to a message on his computer screen. Viewing it, he was surprised to see that it was an email from his best friend Harry Osborn. He was coming home in a week and he wanted Peter to meet him at the airport.

"At least I have two things to look forward to now." He thought as he lay back and slowly drifted off to sleep.

At the Osborn house, tensions were stirring in Norman Osborn's private chamber, two distinctive voices echoed throughout the dark halls of the manor. One was Norman's himself but the other was a cold, dark, evil voice that let out the most evil spine chilling laugh. Yet Norman was the only man present in the building. In fact he was talking to himself in his bedroom dress mirror. Norman Osborn had a split personality and his demon had finally caught up with him to taunt him. Amongst the self babbling and arguing, Osborn's demon made his intentions clear. He was The Green Goblin and he was going to raid the Stark Tower.

"Come on Osborn, I need you this time!" the Goblins voice shrieked. "I need a plasma weapon to make my glider invincible and Stark has just the technology that I need. With your knowledge, I'm going to get it whether you like it or not!"

"But Stark is a good friend of mine. You can't do this Goblin. Not now!" Norman begged as he broke out into a cold sweat. "Why not steal from the Kingpin! Do you know who Stark really is?"

"Shut up you petty cry-baby!" The Goblin chuckled. "The Kingpin is a tool and as for Stark, being in an Iron Man suit doesn't stop the Goblin! You don't have a choice in hell!"

Just then, the Goblin took full control of Norman's body, pushing his soul into the dark region of his conscious. Walking towards the bookshelf, he pulled back a book which acted as a lever, revealing a secret room. The room contained his Goblin suit along with his iron plated glider and an armoury full of pumpkin bombs. He suited up and then mounted the glider. The roof doors opened and with full speed, the Green Goblin shot upwards into the night's sky. His engines roared, causing him to soar threw the sky at incredible speed. His menacing laugh echoed through the night sky and his silhouette casted a shadow on the streets below.

"Watch out, Tony Stark!" he sneered. "You're going to make a Goblin very, very happy. Then once I have the weapon, the city will fall before the tyranny of the Green Goblin! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

As Peter sat there in his room, the phone began to ring which caught the young man's attention. It was Betty calling up for a chat. Just hearing her voice made Peter's heart thump. He really did like her a lot.

"It was nice of you to call me." He said as he lay back on his bed. "You truly are special you know that?"

"Why Mr Parker I'm flattered." Betty replied. "We both know why I called. Mr Jameson has an appointment with Tony Stark and he wants you to come in and help me run the place until Mr Robertson starts his shift."

"Well sure Betty." Peter smiled to himself. "I'll be right in. I guess J.J.J just wants the publicity. You know how needy he gets."

"Well actually, I was hoping we could talk about out date tomorrow." Betty relied as she sounded shy. "It's been hard for me to say this as I care about you, but I'm interested in you. You're such a nice guy and I think we should get to know each other more personally."

Peter's heart raced into overdrive. This phone call was for real so real that he was left speechless for a few seconds. As he finally regained his courage and words, he finally replied;

"I'll be right over."

Putting the phone down, he grabbed his jacket and raced down the stir well. He told Aunt May where he was going as he displayed a smile on his face. As he changed into Spider-Man and swung across the street, only one thought crossed his mind.

"Betty likes me, Betty likes me, Betty likes me, Betty likes me!" He thought out loud as he swung into the night. "I think this is it. I better not have bad breath. Oh Parker what the hell are you thinking!"