Ratchet and Alister:

Good vs Evil


Chapter 7:


As Talwyn and Zephyr made their way down a street on the left hand side of the city, they looked down every allyway or place where Ratchet could be. It's been about an hour and still no sight of the Lombax.

"It's no use, Miss." Zephyr spoke up. "We can't seem to find that boy, and none of the other's have reported back either. Maybe, he's gone off to another planet?"

"He can't of done. My nav-unit is connected to his, so I can see if he if we're on the same planet. The only down side is that it doesn't show where abouts he is." She sighed sadly, then looked up at the stars. I just wish we find you soon Ratchet, before you cause any-

A loud scream cut through her thoughts, it was a male; but it didn't belong to the their fuzzy friend. Talwyn then ran into a sprint, to where she heard the yell. Contacting everyone, she called down the holo-phone. "Guys, I believe I might know roughly where Ratchet is! Just follow mine and Zephyr's pin-point!" After that she ended the call.

It didn't take too long before everyone re-grouped back together. The screaming lead them to a dark allyway. Heasitly, they carefully and slowly stepped further in. Four dead Blarg bodies were all in piles of blood as they went on. The sight made their stomaches turn.

It all went silent.

Suddenly, Ratchet popped out of the shadows and laughed. Then disappeared again with his laughter following. "It seems you have trapped me." His voice appeared, but no sight of the Lombax. "But I don't want to hurt you innoccent people. I'm just doing my job, being a hero. Getting rid of all the bad people."

The younger emerged from the darkness once more, however this time he stayed. That evil grin wasn't stuck on his face like last time. It was a long frown, like you get on a sad clown.

"Like you 'Captain' Qwark. Such a fake, untrustworthy person. Who steals people's credit and uses it for himself! Who's really a coward behind the scences!"

The golden Lombax stepped closer to the group.

"I still remember all the bad horrible things you did years ago. Trying to kill me, who was only a 15-years-old kid, and Clank, who was made hours ago." Another Step. "Teaming up with Chairman Drek for money. Making all those Protopets for fame and more money."

He swiftly turns to the elder, and his frown transformed into an angry expression. "And you, General. How could I even trust you? How you you just stand there and watch the Lombaxes burn down to Tachyon?! Letting my parents die right in your arms! Huh?!"

Rage started to fill Ratchet's body, he started to shake. He kicked down bins towards the others. "It's all your fault! And now you have to live with it!" Another step. He reached white ears and whispered. "Because of you, I never had a family."

Alister, who was on the edge of crying, knew that Kaden's son was right about some of the stuff. But still he glanced at the shorter Lombax in sadness. A guilty expression fell upon his face.

"I didn't mean for any of that to happen. I didn't want that to happen in the slightest. Tachyon lied to us. Tricked us." However the Azimuth got a little angry. "But don't you ever say that I just stood there and let it all happen! I fought for my race and planet with my own life! I saved as many people as possible!"

Then the memories came back to him. That haunting night. He collapsed on his knees as the tears made their way down his face. Everyone, apart from Ratchet, started at him in shock. He had never cried in front of them before.

"I tried my best to help your father, but he didn't want it. He said that he was way beond help. But I revused." Looking back up at the younger, he continued. "I wanted to save him; heal him with all my nanotech, but by the time I got it our... He... He was already gone.

And that was when I was exiled by the other Lombax generals before they went into the other dimension."

It was quite after he finished his speech, before the yellow Lombax spoke up. He glared at Alister and bent down to him.

"You still could of been quicker though. You still could of saved him, both of them... But you were just too slow." He said, slowly and quietly.

Alister opened his amber eyes and sighed heavily. "Grab him."

Emerald eyes grew wide in shock when the other said them words. Before he could think twice about getting away from the scene, Qwark came up behind Ratchet and grabbed him by the arms tightly so he couldn't escape.

This pissed off the Lombax, as he started to thrash his feet and legs around. "LET ME GO!" He yelled at the top of his voice. Clank walked up to him and looked down sadly. "I am so sorry, Ratchet. But you need help." He said.

As they took him back to the ships, the younger screamed and tried to break free with all his might. It was useless. Qwark was just too strong for his little body. Everyone climbed into their ships.

They all set course for the hospital on the planet, where Jarvis was informed that they were on their way with a peed off Lombax as soon as possible.

Well, here's chapter 7 folks! I hope you enjoyed it because I certainly enjoyed writing it! ^_^ Stay tuned for chaoter 8, that will be up soon enough X3