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More silence. John took it as a hint almost instantly and decided to stop talking about it. Sherlock clearly wasn't interested or was biting his tongue to keep from lashing out. He shifted slightly on the bed, placed his tray down and the small table off to the side. It was no use talking anymore. A therapist would only tell him things he knew were lies and Sherlock wouldn't even reply, and if he did it was usually to shout at him. "Do you still want to marry me?" He asked softly, his voice giving out.

The question confused Sherlock. His brows furrowed and his lips creased into a frown. He looked up to John. "Yes, of course. Although, to be honest I was sitting here wondering if you still wanted to marry me." He faltered for a moment and looked away. "It is obvious I can't give you what you need right now, probably never will be able to. You deserve better. Someone who has more to offer than I do."

"You are the only person I could ever see myself with," John stated almost instantly, looking at his fiancé with a tilt of his head. " are perfect, Sherlock. I know that you don't know what to do right now but I don't expect you to. I'm not sitting here wishing you would do something different because I know you." He shifted on the bed and reached his good arm out, grasping one of Sherlock's hands gently. "I don't deserve anything better than you. You have enough to offer me. More than enough."

A joke. Humor made tense situations like these better, right? Sherlock looked back over to John, with a small smirk. "It is the sex isn't it? Can't get enough of me, because I'm amazing at it. It's okay, no need to be coy with me, my dear doctor." The smirk broadened, his tense body finally relaxing.

John let a loud laugh echo through the room, squeezing Sherlock's hand. "Oh yes. That is exactly what it is," he shot back with a grin. "I mean, you aren't exactly the best but you do in a pinch." His eyes sparkled as he spoke and he slowly started relaxing as well. "How ever did you know?"

The smirk only got bigger. "I'm a consulting detective, deducing is what I do. I am the only one in the world, so naturally I am the best at it." Sherlock put the tray of food down with his one free hand, stood up and moved to snuggle with John on the bed. "I can't wait to be married because on our honeymoon, I am going to show you just how good I am in bed. You will be begging for more all night long." He tilted his head up, whispering the last part in John's ear.

Oh, that sounded like quite the promise. John took a sharp breath in, attempting to quickly stop the arousal that shot through his body. "Christ," he whispered, closing his eyes. He could feel the blush spreading across his body. It wasn't a question that Sherlock was good in bed. The man knew exactly what John wanted all of the time, if he wasn't focused on fucking him into the mattress in the first place. "You will have to be careful." He turned his head and smirked when their lips touched marginally. "I am still a bit injured. So are you," he said against Sherlock's lips.

"We will just take an extra long honeymoon then. Just long enough that I can properly screw you before we go." Sherlock continued to breathe the words into John's ear. He smirked a bit and shifted so he could see his fiancé's face. "Another month hiatus? Like in Scotland? I think we deserve another vacation, don't you?" Would John want to spend that much time away from Amy though?

If Sherlock didn't stop John was fairly sure they would break the nurse's orders. "I get to screw you, too, y'know," he whispered brokenly, swallowing hard in order to distract himself from the growing bulge appearing under the light blanket. "Our honeymoon could be a month." He pressed a soft kiss to Sherlock's lips. "A month with a private beach and a bed, me and you." Another kiss, this one deeper and longer. He almost mentioned Amy, how he wanted to spend time with her as well, but didn't want to ruin the moment.

Sherlock smiled behind the kiss, returning it readily. "Love you," he murmured. All this talk about having sex had made the consulting detective begin to squirm into John's body. It wasn't feasible of course, even if it was slow and steady. Christ, that sounded like the most wonderful idea in the world. He took a shuddering breath and tried to think of something else, and decided to distract himself by sucking on his fiancé's neck.

"Love you too," John managed to say as he felt Sherlock's mouth on his neck. His hand moved to scratch at Sherlock's arm, leaving dark red marks across his skin. "Ah, please, Sherlock." He had the right of mind to unplug the heart monitor. At this point he didn't care how much pain he was in or would be, he wanted Sherlock now. "Can find something... bathroom... won't have to move much." He was begging now, pleading for his fiancé to agree with him.

Sherlock halted sucking on John's neck to look at the other man. "Are you sure? What about the deal? Or did we nix it after giving each other hand jobs?" The thought was extremely alluring to him. He was just worried for his fiancé. "If we do…perhaps you should be on top and in control? We can do it slow and easy, like that time at Mycroft's. I will make so much noise, the whole hospital will hear me." He smirked a bit. Sherlock didn't mind the idea of John taking control this time around; in fact he quite fancied the idea.

"Fuck the deal," John growled. The moment Sherlock said that he should be in control he smiled, a predatory gleam in his eyes. "You on top of me," he whispered. "I will shag you from down here." He gently met Sherlock's lips. The idea of his fiancé making noise in a public area should have been embarrassing but it excited him. "Won't have to move as much that way."

"I would rather fuck you," Sherlock replied with a grin. "I will be right back my dear doctor." He got off the bed, stripped naked on the way to the door and frowned when it didn't have lock. He improvised by reaching over, grabbing the chair and shoving it under the door handle. It would have to do. He walked over to the small nook off the wall that contained medical supplies. Tongue depressors. No. Thermometer. No. Ah, this would work. He found some petroleum jelly, prepped himself and walked back over to the bed. Before climbing in next to John, he prepped his fiancé as well, massaging the cock a little longer than necessary. He smirked, dropping the container onto the floor without a care and climbed on top of the army doctor carefully. "If my weight on you becomes too much, tell me. I don't want to hurt you…" He reached up and ran his knuckles along John's cheek lightly.

Everything going on was perfect. Sherlock's hand on his cock, and then weight on his hips. John nodded obediently to Sherlock's statement and closed his eyes, leaning into the touch. All of this was so wrong but he didn't care. He needed this. Sherlock needed this. He lifted his hips slightly, a soft moan coming from his mouth. "Please, Sherlock." His hand moved to rest on Sherlock's hip, moving around to squeeze his ass. "Now."

Sherlock didn't need to be told twice. He shifted his body so John could enter. He let out a whimpering moan, leaning down to nibble lightly on his fiancé's good shoulder. Once the army doctor was inside, he decided to let the man below him to set the pace. John was in control after all. He continued to trail his knuckles along his fiancé's face and neck. His other hand sought out John's and then gave it gentle squeeze.

"Yes," John moaned and squeezed Sherlock's hand, slamming his eyes shut. It had been too long. This intimate contact with his fiancé was what he had missed the most. He slowly lifted his hips, experimenting more than anything, dropped them quickly the moment his hips met Sherlock's. He turned his head and nipped at Sherlock's ear, lifting his hips slowly and dropping them quickly a second time.

Sherlock matched the pace set by John. "Christ, this feels wonderful. I can't believe you wanted to wait until we were married to do this again." He smirked a bit behind the nipping kisses. His fingers began to trail down the left side of his fiancé's body, stopping at the hips and then traveling back up slowly toward the army doctor's face. He stopped sucking on John's shoulder to meet the other man's lips, his tongue moving to explore the mouth immediately.

John almost surrendered to Sherlock's kiss before he remembered he was in control. His tongue shoved at Sherlock's before moving into his mouth running across the roof of his fiancé's mouth. He suddenly slowed his hips to alleviate the pain he felt in his chest. His hand pulled away from Sherlock's to grab his hip and hold him in place, his hips lifting in three quick thrusts.

"You okay?" Sherlock asked as he broke the kiss. He glanced down at his fiancé worriedly but continued to match the rhythm of the army doctor. It was feeling amazing and he didn't want to stop it but he needed to know John was okay. Maybe starting things had been a bad. It seemed like a really good idea earlier. His fiancé had begged him, so who was he to argue?

John nodded weakly, taking a deep breath and squeezing Sherlock's hip. "Ah, fuck yes." His body tensed and he let out a small shout. Shit. That had hurt. But he wasn't going to stop. He couldn't. His hips stilled for a long moment, his chest moving shallowly, before he gently rose his hips. Slow. He could do slow.

Sherlock continued to gaze down at John with a worried look. He leaned down and gave a light kiss on his fiancé's chin, and then kissed his way up to the ear. He whispered into the army doctor's ear, "Just take your time my dear doctor. No rush. Still feels good."

"Sorry," John whimpered softly. His hips lifted slowly twice, his eyes slammed shut as his chest felt too tight for a long moment. "S-Sorry," he repeated with a soft moan. The pain shooting through his body was too much but he didn't want to stop. Couldn't stop. "Ah, shit. Sherlo-" His hips stopped again and he squeezed Sherlock's hip so tight he was sure he would leave a bruise.

"Nonsense. Don't apologize. John, you are obviously in pain. We should stop." Sherlock brought a hand up to run along his fiancé's face tenderly. He leaned forward, kissing the army doctor's forehead. "It isn't worth it, if it is too much. Please my dear doctor, don't strain yourself." He leaned forward again, pressing their foreheads together, so they were eye to eye. His gaze held a concern he seldom had, if ever, for other people. He ignored the pressure on his hip and the rest of the pain his body was exuding all over his upper torso.

John shook his head almost frantically, his gaze locking on to Sherlock's like an anchor, something that would keep him grounded. They couldn't stop. Despite the pain rushing through his body he liked feeling this close to Sherlock, liked the contact and the murmured approval of every little movement. He couldn't just stop. "Need this. Need you," he whispered. "Helps." He brought his hand from Sherlock's hip to his neck, gently massaging it. "Please don't leave."

Sherlock stared down at John with a thoughtful frown before finally nodding. "Okay. It is fine. You are fine…well more than that, amazing really." Keep talking. Keep his fiancé focused on something other than pain the army doctor seemed insistent upon continuing. "Love you. Just take your time and I will enjoy every single second of it. Your touch. Our bodies pressed together. You inside me." His eyes closed, but his head remained on John's wondering if he was doing the right thing by letting this continue. Physically, it wasn't but he wondered if maybe it would help the mental torment his fiancé was going through. He was torn between which needed to be fixed sooner.

John took several slow breaths, lifting his hips slightly and letting out a huff of breath. Sherlock's words had calmed him slightly and that was all he had wanted. The physical pain he was fighting felt like nothing when he heard Sherlock talk to him like that. His hand gently squeezed Sherlock's neck as his hips lifted again, this time a bit slower. A soft moan escaped his lips. "Perfect. You are perfect," he whispered.

Sherlock smirked as he opened his eyes to look at John once more. "Oh I know. No need to tell me. It's hard you know. Being me, that is." The smirk broadened faintly. His fingers continued to trail up and down his fiancé's face, hoping the light touches would help as well. Talking seemed to be working but he wasn't sure what to say next.

A shaky smirk spread across John's lips as he lifted his hips in a stronger motion than he had the last few times. Leave it to Sherlock to take a statement of endearment and make John want to laugh. "Love hearing your voice. Calming. Want to make you scream." But he was too weak and couldn't do much more with soft thrusts and a fractional lift of his hips.

Sherlock moaned from the thrust and with effort he willed his body not to react and demand a faster pace. He smirked once more. "Guess you will just have to wait until we are on the private beach, assuming of course I let you have control while we are there. Besides, this is nice. Doesn't always have to be fast and rough. Like this. Different but like it. Still feels good." So far, he seemed to be doing a good job of distracting John from the pain.

John grinned as Sherlock moaned, clearly proud of himself. "Going to have control," he whispered with a small growl, ending it with a moan as he lifted his hips again. His head slid from the back of Sherlock's neck, running down the man's chest slowly. "Jesus, Sherlock." His hips stopped for a moment as his eyes slammed shut. Deep breath. Focus on something else. He moved his hand quickly, wrapping it around Sherlock's cock and giving it a quick stroke.

Sherlock was going to whisper more words of encouragement but any thoughts he had come up with were forgotten when John grabbed his penis. He whimpered, unable to stop his body from reacting this time as he squirmed with excitement. To help refocus his thoughts, he concentrated on his fingers still trailing along his fiancé's body. "Easy there, my dear doctor. Nice and slow. No hurry. Think about this. Us. How amazing the honeymoon will be."

John opened his eyes to meet Sherlock's gaze. The hand running across his body was wonderful, soft. He arched his back off the bed for a moment, hissing at the pain but enjoying the moment of contact with his fiancé's body. Sherlock's movement made him moan softly and he stroked his penis again, hoping to elicit the same response. "Love you," he whispered, lifting his head to gently meet Sherlock's lips as his hips lifted twice in slow movements.

"Shit," Sherlock moaned, his body once more writhing from the stroke on his cock. His eyes closed his breathing becoming a little more rapid. "Love you too," he finally managed to breathe out. It was amazing to him how every touch and sensation tingled his body. To say he was enjoying the sensations would have been understatement. There was a part of him that never wanted it to end. It was infeasible and entirely selfish. He opened his eyes again to look down at John. "You okay?"

John feebly nodded his head in response to Sherlock, slamming his eyes shut. God, no, he wasn't. His body was in pain, practically screaming at him, but everything felt so wonderful that he couldn't stop. He couldn't just leave Sherlock like this. His hand loosened slightly on Sherlock's penis, his hips resting against the bed for a while longer between tiny thrusts upwards. It was almost too much and he was now convinced he wasn't even going to finish. He was exhausted. But this wasn't just shagging each other. They were making love. Sherlock was whispering sweet nothings in his ear, keeping everything positive. It was as perfect as they could get in some hospital after being kidnapped and nearly killed. "Sorry," he whispered, opening his eyes to gaze at his fiancé.

"Ssshhh. Quit apologizing. Everything is fine. It is wonderful. You are wonderful." Sherlock leaned down and kissed John's head. "If it is too much, I can do all the moving. You can just lay still and enjoy it." He smiled softly, his thumb running along his fiancé's chin and jaw line. Tender lover was not something he would have described himself as until now. Seeing John suffer through it, was almost unbearable. Yet, the army doctor seemed to need this moment and maybe he did too. So he was doing everything he could to make it easier on his fiancé.

The proposition sounded wonderful and suddenly John realized he was nodding his head in agreement. "Please," he whispered, turning his head to nip at Sherlock's thumb tenderly. He paused a moment before opening his mouth and closing his lips around his fiancé's thumb, sucking on it gently. He let his eyes fall closed as he continued the actions with his mouth, marginally lifting his hips. There was a long moment where his body went completely limp until his hand tightened on Sherlock's cock and slowly stroked upwards, ending with a slight twist of his wrist. "Marry me," he whispered around Sherlock's thumb, opening his eyes and moving them to glance at his fiancé. "Be my husband."

Sherlock started a slow but steady rhythm with his body, sliding it up and down. The sucking on his thumb and stroking of his cock elicited a loud moan from his lips. So many things to feel at once. His body was in a state of bliss. His breathing once more became thready and for a moment all he could do was nod at John's words. "Yes. Of course," he finally managed to get out.

John let out a breathy moan, short and constricted due to the pain in his chest. "Ah, fuck, Sherlock." His hips lifted marginally to meet Sherlock's movements and bit down on his fiancé's thumb. "I want to-" his breath hitched and he slammed his eyes shut. "To wake up every morning with you." He moaned and swallowed hard. Pain. It was almost too strong now. He was thankful he had unplugged his heart monitor before they started or Sherlock would demand they stop.

The pain for Sherlock had been bearable since up until he hadn't been moving all that terribly much. However, lack of pain medication and now rocking up on down, even though slow, sent forth fresh acing waves through his chest and stomach. If John was going to muster through with a throbbing body, then so would he. He bit his bottom lip with a grunt, trying to focus on the man below him. "You will. From this day forward," he managed to say.

For a moment John was about to tell his fiancé to stop because now it was obvious they were both in pain but his thoughts were interrupted when his hips thrust up involuntarily. He let out a small shout and his grip on Sherlock's cock tightened momentarily. Talk. He wanted to keep talking. "I want to snuggle against you when it's cold," he gasped and his hand started moving in faster strokes over Sherlock's penis. "I want to make love to you before I go to work."

They had to be the most stubborn men ever, Sherlock thought wryly to himself with a smirk. The pressure on his penis brought him out of his thoughts. "Jesus John. 'sgood," he muttered. At this rate he wasn't sure if he was having difficulty breathing because of the pain in his chest or all the other sensations that were almost overpowering the aches in his upper torso. His mind was flooded with a myriad of feelings, it was difficult to think of words to say his fiance. "Love you," he said again as it was all he could up with at the moment. He wondered if he would be able to get John off before his body gave up and he passed out.

There was a moment of intense pain that shot through John as his entire body tensed, a loud shout ripping from his chest as he came. He hadn't been expecting it and slumped against the mattress with a soft groan, panting heavily and looking at Sherlock helplessly. Too much. Now it was too much. He felt everything physically. His face scrunched and he worked his hand weakly along Sherlock's cock. "Love you too," he whispered softly, his chest moving in quick and shallow breaths. "So much."

As soon as he felt John come, Sherlock rolled to the side and off his fiance. He collapsed in a panting heap next to the army doctor. He didn't even care about getting finished off. He muttered an apology, pain and weariness washing over him like a turbulent tidal wave before he passed out. His breathing was uneven and shallow, even now in a slumbering bliss.

John turned his head to look at Sherlock for a long moment, smiling softly. He had been in pain, too, and just kept going. It mattered for him because he wanted to help John. To make John happy. "I am the luckiest man alive," he mumbled tiredly, lifting his hand to push the hair from Sherlock's forehead away. He moved slightly to place a kiss on his fiancé's temple before falling asleep himself.

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So, this story was shorter than last two in comparison. The story will pick up with them back home in London. I'll be honest, it will mostly just be cute, fluffy Johnlock scenes with some smut thrown in. Basically it will be the wedding and the honeymoon. Probably not nearly, if any, of the drama like the last three stories. I should have the first chapter up in a week's time, probably shorter. I think the title is going to be 'Matrimony & Holiday' but that could change. Hope you all will continue to follow John and Sherlock on to the next part of their journey. Where it will stop? I have no idea. MAYBE NEVER!