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Chapter one: The menace

"Jimmy Neutron you've gone and done it again!"

"This is the second time this week I've nearly kicked the bucket!"

"I am so sick and tired of this already!"

"Why can't you be normal?!"

James Issac "Jimmy" Neutron, Retroville's some-what proud genius, timidly backed away from the angry mob that was currently howling at him. This wasn't a new thing, as this was probably the fifth angry mob in the last few weeks alone, so he was used to it by now. He never really understood what always got them so riled up, however, all he wanted to do was make life easier for everyone, why was that such a big crime?

"O-Okay, let's just all calm down everyone." Jimmy pleaded as he backed into a wall. "This is a misunderstanding, that's all."

"Misunderstanding? Braak! You just leveled Retroville park!" Elementary teacher Ms. Winifred Fowl hollered.

"A miscalculation I assure you," Jimmy tried to explain. "I was testing out my disaster device, or DD as I like to call it. You see it was supposed to generate nothing more than a miniature earthquake that would feel like a simple tremble, barely even a 3.0. However, in my haste, I must have accidentally turned the magnitude too high and-"

"Now we have a huge crater right in the middle of the town!" A loud, even angrier voice yelled from the crowd.

"Oh Einstien not now..." The boy genius groaned. "Please not now..."

The crowd began to slowly part as a blonde, beautiful teenage girl wearing glasses stepped from them, looking furious. "Why am I not surprised?" Cynthia Aurora Vortex growled crossing her arms. "I leave our date...err, I-I mean my 'monitoring' of you for five simple minutes and you're already getting yourself into trouble!"

"Ohhhh, now he's gonna get it, yeah!" Sam Melvick cheered. "Cindy's gonna teach him a lesson!" The crowd began giving cheers before the aforementioned Cindy held up her hand to silence them.

"I'll handle this people, you can all go on with your business," she spoke in her authoritative tone. "Rest assured, James will pay for what he's done and you can expect a brand new shiny park by tomorrow."

The crowd cheered once more and began to dissipate as Cindy glared at the town genius before her. Knowing her for as long as he did, ten years to be exact, he understood when she was liable to get physical with him. So before she could attack, he quickly held up his hands in surrender and quickly began trying to reason with her. "Now Cindy, I can explain, you see what happened was-"

"Spin kick!"

Jimmy didn't even get to finish his sentence before Cindy gave him a roundhouse kick to the face, sending him falling onto the ground. "Ow!" he groaned, clutching his jaw. "Was that really necessary, Vortex?"

"It's the only way I'm able to properly punish you! Because yelling never seems to work." Cindy told him, her hands on her hips. "Every day I have to monitor your every move so you won't kill us! You've actually been pretty tame this week, so I decide to I take my eyes off you to get you a treat and you decide to blow up the park? What if someone were actually there?"

"You don't understand," Jimmy protested. "I've been really backed up lately so I haven't gotten to properly test any of my prototypes. What was I supposed to do?"

"Hmmm," Cindy pretended to think. "Here's an idea, how about not making lethal prototypes? Why don't you invent something useful for a change?"

"My DD is very useful," Jimmy argued. "It...well it's going to help...uhm..."

"You see? You're just freelancing again, just like you used to when we were younger," Cindy sighed, shaking her head. "Maybe it was all fun and games back then, but it's different now. I'm sorry, I didn't want it to come to this, but from now on you will not be making anything without my approval!"

Jimmy arched an eyebrow, the shock evident on his face. "What?! I have every right to invent what I want! You can't tell me what to do!"

"You sound like such a child right now," Cindy told him, giving him a smug grin before pulling out a piece of paper. "Besides, the Mayor seems to think differently. Which is why he signed this legal document citing that so long as James Issac Neutron, that's you, lives here in Retroville, he is not allowed to invent anything without the approval of the beautiful Cynthia Aurora Vortex, that would be me."

Unable to accept that, Jimmy snatched the document from her and looked over it before letting his head fall in defeat. Even with his nearly super human reading comprehension skills, he could not find a single loophole in the document, it was air tight. Since getting into high school, it seemed that Cindy had managed to basically take over Retroville and act as it's defacto Mayor of some sorts, while the real Mayor sat on his ass and did nothing. The people always looked to her when she was nothing more than a narcissistic, angry teenage girl that happened to be the student council president of their high school.

As Jimmy sulked, Cindy let a look of pity cross her features. "Look, Neutron, maybe it's time to stop," she said seriously putting a hand on his shoulder. "We're not kids anymore, this isn't a game. I'm sure you can think of plenty other things you can do with that big brain of yours besides inventing deadly machines."

Jimmy bit his lip in frustration, trying his best to not start shouting at her in anger. Who was she to tell him what he should or shouldn't do, she didn't know what inventing things meant to him. She didn't know what anything meant to him.

"Look, I'm only doing this because I really care about you."

"Oh, now you care?" Jimmy spat, standing up.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"You know exactly what it means."

Cindy stared at him, a look of both annoyance and guilt on her face. "This isn't about-"

"Forget it," the boy genius didn't spare her another glance. "I'm going home now, unless you want to rip another organ out of me, again."

"Jimmy..." Cindy wanted to call for him to stop but he had already turned on his jet-pack and flown off. "You idiot."

Jimmy sulked into his house where he saw his mother, Judy Neutron, currently starting dinner for their family. "Hey Mom," he sighed, letting his jetpack fall onto the kitchen floor.

"Oh hi, sweetie, how was your day?" Judy asked chipper as ever. Jimmy didn't feel the need to answer and just made a small grunt, which caused his mother to sigh. "Does that attitude have anything to do with Cindy?"

"Who else?" The boy genius sat down at the table, as the sound of pounding footsteps tore him from his thoughts.

"Jimeeee!" a voice called running into the kitchen. "You're back!"

"Hailey!" Jimmy suddenly brightened and picked up his five-year-old sister. "You miss me that much? I was only gone for an hour."

Hailey Neutron gave him a bright smile, and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Yeah, but you went with that scary girl," she told him. "I thought you weren't coming back."

"Ha, you thought she was going to eat me or something?" Jimmy asked. "Contrary to belief, Cindy's not a mon-"

"It's nothing like that, I just thought you were gonna go to her house and do 'naughty' things!" Hailey giggled making her mother drop the ladle she was using.

"W-Where would you get such an asinine idea from?" Jimmy laughed, wanting to end this conversation before his mother passed out.

"Well, it's natural right? I mean, two adolescents who have romantic feelings for one another tend to copulate-"

"Ahh!" Jimmy covered her mouth quickly. "Shouldn't you be playing with your dolls?"

When he first learned that he was having a younger sibling, he figured she too would be smarter than average. He didn't know what it was about his parent's genes but they sure knew how to produce smart kids, and that's exactly what Hailey was. She was already reading on a high school level at age five, could understand and write poetry, was an excellent pianist and seemed to be highly adept at psycology. She also understood math and sciences better than most adults, and while she certainly wasn't on the level he was at her age, Jimmy knew she was something special in the making.

"Hailey, how about you retreat to your room before you cause our mother to go through myocardial infarction."

Hailey rolled her eyes and sped up the stairs to her room to go bother her father with a few paradoxes, she rather loved the expressions he made when he was confused.

"She's quite the mischief maker isn't she?"

"Well, she learns from her older brother, though not even you were this bad," Judy remarked looking at him. "Speaking of mischief, care to tell me why we felt the house nearly crumble on top of us?"

"A miscalculation with a device, not to mention severe overreaction," Jimmy told her defensively. "The town nearly chased me out, this time they had weapons!"

"Well, it wouldn't be the first time..."

"Also, can you believe that the Mayor signed off on a ridiculous document that allows Cindy of all people to dictate what I invent? He might as well give her my spine as well." Jimmy waited to hear his mother agree with him, however when he notice her averting her eyes from him he sighed to himself. "I guess you're on her side?"

"Oh honey, it's not about sides," Judy told him. "I'm certain Cindy's got her reasons for doing this."

"Of course," Jimmy agreed. "She doesn't want me to continue outshining everything she does because of my inventions. She wants all the attention on her silly karate awards or her stupid movie roles or all the other things she does to run this stupid town."

Judy gave him a warm, understanding smile as she began cutting up onions. "No, I don't think that's it at all."

"What other ulterior motives could she have?"

"If you haven't figured it out by now," Judy laughed. "Then there's no point in me telling you." Jimmy sighed shook his head before storming out of the front door, leaving his mother giggling. "He'll get it eventually."

Meanwhile, Jimmy was quickly heading toward the small shed in his yard and pulled off a piece of his brown hair before putting it up to the scanner. Immediately the door opened revealing an elevator that began to take him underground, as he began to descend, lights began to turn on and he was greeted with a refreshing voice.

"Welcome back Master James," Vox, Jimmy's long time computer assistant, recited. "How was your day?"

"Terrible," Jimmy said. "The town came to lynch me again because of the DD."

"So the prototype was a failure?"

"Unfortunately, so I guess it's time to scrap it," he sighed. "What's worse is that I'm now required by law to submit all of my inventions to Vortex for her to rule them as safe or unsafe."

"This is very troublesome, it would be impossible for you to finish most of your work." Vox told him. "Is it not possible to appeal such a decision?"

"I doubt it, something tells me that I won't even make it into the office." Jimmy groaned. "Not with everyone against me."

The elevator finally came to a stop and opened as Jimmy walked into his proud laboratory. Over the years he had, naturally, upgraded it with the most state of the art equipment. It was also much larger than his previous lab, being the same size as a gymnasium and had two different sections to it. As he grabbed his labcoat from the rack and pulled it on, he could hear the sound of bickering coming from his computer room below.

"Hm? Someone's already here?"

"Sheen! Jimmy said don't touch his things when he's not around!" a voice yelled below him.

"Calm down Carl, I'm just lookin' at it," another voice snapped. "Hey! Let go of it!"

"Jimmy said don't touch!"

"I don't care!"

"Carl? Sheen?" Jimmy asked going down the escalator. "How long have you been here?"

"Not long," Sheen Juarrera Estevez, Jimmy's long time friend, shrugged letting go of the device and allowing Carl to fall backwards. "Probably about five, maybe ten minutes."

"Nu-uh, we got locked in here last night remember?" Carlton Ulysses Wheezer, his other friend, explained. "We sat there and watched your burned Ultra Lord DVDs." The boy genius smiled at his two friends, making his way toward the computer to get to work.

"So, what are we workin' on today Jimmy? Death ray? Atomic bomb? A new virus that is even stronger than cancer?"

"Sheen, I'm not an evil scientist," Jimmy told him. "My inventions are supposed to save the world."

"Oh, that's what you've been trying to do?" Carl asked. "So then...why did you destroy Retroville park?"

"Wait you saw that?"

"Yeah! It's all over the news!" Sheen said. "Cindy was even on it! And boy did she lay into you, like, no mercy dude."

Jimmy let out a snarl and clenched his fist, the fury he felt earlier beginning to build up once more. "That Vortex, she's seriously trying her best to ruin my reputation." he said to himself. "And she claims to 'care' about me, yeah right."

Both Carl and Sheen exchanged looks before breaking out into large, all-knowing grins. "Dude, I knew it," Sheen smirked. "You still like her don't you?"

"N-No I don't!"

"Yes you do," Carl sang.

"I don't!" Jimmy argued his face reddening. "I just don't like how she continuously slanders me, I mean what kind of friend does that?"

"That's because she doesn't want to be your 'friend', and you don't either." Sheen laughed. "Chill out dude, I know how you feel when you aren't with your girl. Remember when I left Libs and went to Zeenu for a whole year?"

"If by 'left' you mean 'stole my rocket' then yes," Jimmy said. "And didn't you say you were dating that alien girl-"

Sheen began spouting gibberish as a means to interrupt him. "It was a moment of weakness, a dark time in my past," he explained. "And something we will never ever tell my queen about."

"Whatever you say."

"Master James, you have a video phone call." Vox suddenly said. "Shall I connect?"

"Whatever," Jimmy sighed, almost jumping from his skin when he saw Cindy's face appear on the big screen.

"Neutron!" she growled. "What's up with you suddenly leaving me like that?"

"C-Cindy?" Jimmy stammered before slapping his forehead. "Of course, I should have known you're the only person outside of the military that I gave the video phone to." He then felt realization hit him. "W-Wait...you're still using it?"

Cindy's giant face turned a slight pinkish tone as she nervously nodded her head. "Our conversations aren't satisfying unless I talk to you face to face," she spoke, her focus suddenly turning on Carl and Sheen. "What are those idiots doing there?"

The two teenagers, both whom feared Cindy more than anyone in the entire town, quickly began sprinting out of the lab in fear, leaving Jimmy and Cindy alone...somewhat.

"So why the sudden call?" Jimmy asked. "I'm sure it's to yell at me some more."

"You left before I finished speaking with you," Cindy told him pushing up her glasses. "You know how much I hate that."

"I don't know if I know anything about you anymore," Jimmy muttered. "Please make it quick, I'm busy."

Cindy noticed his tone and gave him an annoyed look before crossing her arms. "I'm monitoring you remember?" she said. "Luckily I have some free time before I attend karate practice, so I'll be here watching your every move."

Jimmy simply grunted and began working on his device leaving the two of them in uncomfortable silence. Neither one of them was sure what to say to the other, but the boy genius was intent on ignoring her as much as possible. He wasn't in the mood to argue with her at the moment, and honestly had better things to do.

"Uhm..." the sound of her voice interrupted his thoughts. "So how's your sister doing?"

Jimmy arched an eyebrow, confused at the fact that she decided to bring up his sister as a topic of conversation. "She's fine, she's afraid of you, though."

"Why is that?"

"Same reason everyone else is," he shrugged. "Also you like to torture her big brother, so..."

Cindy sighed and rubbed her forehead. "Jimmy I already said-"

"I know, I know," he interrupted. "You think my inventions are useless and I should give up on them."

"I didn't mean it like that." she argued. "I was just saying-"

"I do not think you're inventions are useless Master," Vox spoke.

"Thank you Vox," Jimmy smirked, giving Cindy a smug look. "At least someone appreciates me."

He relished in seeing the vein on Cindy's forehead begin to bulge and throb, as she started to grind her teeth together and ball her hands into tight fists. The old Cindy would have blown up at him, called him names and broke into his lab to beat him up. He knew, however, that she was trying to keep her anger in check these days, so he sometimes took pleasure in trying to rile her up. Besides, he liked seeing her angry, she was a lot cuter that way.

Don't go there Neutron, he thought to himself, quickly shaking his head.

"So what about Libby, what's she up to right now?"

"Huh?" Cindy's anger dissipated at the change of topic. "She's been looking for Sheen all day while forgetting about her duties as Vice-President."

"Isn't it the job of the President to deal with that?"

"Well she's busy monitoring you, not to mention a thousand other things she has to do." Cindy answered. "By the way, what are you working on? It better not be that disaster thing from earlier."

"It's called Disaster Device, jeez Cindy," Jimmy groaned and turned to face Cindy. "And If you must know I'm just working an upgrade I'm going to install in the hovercar." He then shot her a glare. "Is that okay with you, Miss?"

"Don't be coy with me," Cindy snapped before her cheeks flushed pink. "S-Say Neutron...are you busy tomorrow?"

"Well since I can't work on my DD prototype," Jimmy said giving her a look. "No, I don't have anything to do. Why do you ask?"

"I was wondering if you wanted to go to..." Cindy gulped while nervously twiddling her thumbs. "Maybe if you wanted to g-go out with me on another..."

Jimmy blinked, his own cheeks beginning to redden at what seemed like Cindy nervously trying to ask him out on a date. Before Cindy could finish, however, the screen suddenly began to fuzz up while making noises. "Eh? Jimmy? Can you still hear me?"

Jimmy quickly rushed to the aid of his computer. "Vox? What's wrong with the computer?"

"I seem to have contracted something," Vox answered. "All of my systems are beginning to shut down. I do not think any of my security codes will stop it."

"What?" Jimmy unsuccessfully tried to override the virus. "Damn it, what could have caused this?" he continuously tried different codes each on failing, finally he gave up and ran toward his closet.

"What are you doing Master James?"

"If I let the virus take you over everything will be deleted, including you Vox," Jimmy explained as he dragged a large life-like doll out of the closet. "I'll have to ask that you download yourself into the android body."

"Master, is that not the prototype that you never finished?" Vox asked. "I believe you told me it had a lot of 'bugs' in it?"

"I'm sorry," Jimmy apologized plugging her in. "I never got around to fixing this, if a problem arises then I'll make sure to deal with it the best I can. The only thing that matters is your safety, I don't know how I would take it if you were deleted after all."

Vox stayed silent for some reason before saying "Master...you are too kind to me."

The doll suddenly began to light up signaling that the super-computer was downloading herself into the body her master created for her. Slowly the doll began to change it's shape into a curvy, thin human girl. It's bust size began to grown as long dark purple hair shot out of the doll's head, finally a small nose and mouth appeared on the face followed by two big round blue eyes. For a while, the doll did nothing but lie there unmoving and lifeless, Jimmy began to think it failed until it's eyes started to blink and dart around the entire room.

"M...Master?" slowly it began to stagger up to its feet. "I believe it was a success..."


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