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Alright, so this is my first Iron Man fic. It's based in the movieverse mostly but some of my information does come from the comicverse as well. Takes place through Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and The Avengers, it revolves around Tony Stark so I thought it correct to place it under the Iron Man category.

Summary: What if Tony had a childhood friend, who always saw the good in him? What if he despised her for things said in the past and put her on is blacklist? And what if Nick Fury had a plan to use that to his advantage in provoke Iron Man to join his cause faster? Delve into Tony's past and see him before his life got turned upside down. TonyOC

The house was huge like a palace in a fairy tale. The little girl in the old station wagon stared up at in amazement as her mother parked.

"Cassandra," Her mother reached back to her from the front and smiled through red puffy eyes, "time to go inside."

Cassandra nodded as her mother got out of the car grabbing her pink back pack for her. She reached for he mother's hand almost automatically as she had done for most of the week when they were out in public. Once inside the smell was overwhelming. Cassandra was sure this is what heaven must smell like, she hoped at least.

"Cassandra…" Her mother knelt down in front of her adjusting her pig tails, "Sweetie I have to work ok. There's a table over there by the window. You have your homework and your coloring book in your bag alright. If you need anything just ask me and I'll try to get to you when I can."

"Ok..." Cassandra said quietly turning away to the table. She sat down pulling out her things from her bag. It was math today, she hated math. Sighing heavily she looked over at her mom working at the counter cutting up some vegetables. She straightened up curiously when a beautiful woman walked over to her mother.

She was so lovely and moved with grave like a queen. Through all that though she looked so sad when she touch her mothers shoulder. Cassandra looked back not wanting to see another moment like this.

"Sarah what are you doing here?"

"Mrs. Stark…" Her mother started to explain but choked up and looked down.

"Oh Sarah." Mrs. Stark hugged her, "We told you, you didn't have to come in."

"I need to work Mrs. Stark. Without Jeff…" Sarah wiped her tears away, "It's just me and Cassandra…I've got to work for her."

Mrs. Stark looked at the small girl sitting at the table twirling her black hair with her finger as she filled in a worksheet, then back to Sarah, "You're both welcome here and you know that."

"Thank you Mrs. Stark." Sarah nodded, "She'll stay in here and won't be a problem."

"Nonsense, Anthony is home from school for the summer. They're both eight, I'm sure they'll have fun together."

"I don't want her to be a bother." Cassandra glanced over curiously.

"She won't be, Anthony needs a friend and I'm sure Cassandra could use one too right now." Mrs. Stark smiled at the grieving mother.

Sarah looked over at Cassandra, "Yes…I suppose she does."

Mrs. Stark put her hands on her shoulders, "Don't worry, take your time Sarah. I don't know what I would do if I lost Howard. So if you need to cry we all understand. If you need a break or anything, we understand. For now take a moment for yourself and let me help you with Cassandra."

Cassandra looked up as Mrs. Stark walked over to her. She sat down across from her, "You must be Cassandra." The girl nodded, "I'm Maria."

"You're my mom's boss." Cassandra fiddled with her pencil.

"Yes, I'm also her friend." She smiled, "Do you like flowers Cassandra?" She nodded, "Good, how would you like to take a break and help me and my son Anthony in the garden?"

Cassandra looked over at Sarah. Her mother nodded and smiled, "Ok."

Mrs. Stark stood up and held out her hand. It was like a dream come true being escorted through the Stark palace by the queen herself. She opened the door to the back yard where beautiful rose bushes waited to be planted.

"Mom, mom!" A boy ran over to them as they reached bushes, "Look what I made." He held up what looked to be an egg made of metal.

"What is it darling?" Maria smiled rolling it over in her hand gently raising an eyebrow at him.

"Touch the top!" The boy said excitedly pointing at a button.

She chuckled lightly touching the top of the trinket. The metal moved slowly and blossomed into a metal flower, "Oh, look at that." She held it out to show Cassandra.

"It's a flower that won't die during the winter." He told her glancing at the girl.

"It's wonderful darling thank you." She knelt down on a blanket holding it in her hand.

Anthony looked at Cassandra finally, "Who this?"

"Tch, Anthony manners." His mother chided.

He sighed and stuck out his hand, "Tony Stark."

Cassandra looked his hand and took it, "Cassidy Voltolini." So this was the little prince.

He smiled, "It's a pleasure."

"Much better." His mother kissed his head, "And thank you for the flower I will treasure it. Now let's get to work on this garden."

They managed to plant most of the bushes by the time lunch was served. Cassandra felt like she was floating in the clouds. Like nothing bad had happened at all, but something did happen.

"Aren't you hungry Cassidy?" Mrs. Stark asked her noticing she'd only just pushed her food around with her fork since they sat down.

She shook her head and put her fork down, "...no..."

Tony looked at his mother watching her frown then to Cassidy, "It's really good, your mom's the bes-"

"I'm not hungry!" Cassidy shouted at him pushing the chair so roughly it fell to the ground and ran into the house.

She ran and ran until she found a dark small place to hide. Slamming the door she curled up into a ball and cried. This palace couldn't make it better. The prince and the queen couldn't make it better. It just wasn't fair!

"Daddy…" She repeated over and over hiccuping. She didn't know where she was but it smelled musty and like old sneakers. She sat up when she heard someone walking by. She shrank back against the wall when they stopped outside the door.

It opened slowly and Tony looked at her. They stared at each other for a long time before he finally spoke, "Why are you crying?"

Cassidy sniffed and pulled her knees up to her chest not speaking.

"Is it because of your dad?" He watched as tears welled up in her eyes. He crawled into the closet that she'd found and shut the door.

She whimpered and felt an arm around her shoulders. She leaned into him and cried, "I didn't get to say goodbye."

Tony frowned, "My mom said he fell." Cassidy nodded, "I'm sorry…"

They remained silent for a while, when he felt her calm down he spoke again, "You're mom's worried."

"She is?" Cassidy looked at him in the dark.

He nodded chewing on his bottom lip a little.

"Is she mad?"

He looked at her and smiled, "No. She's not mad. Come on." He took her by the hand opening the closet and pulled her out into the bright blinding light.


"Can't talk mom, heading out!" The 15 year old ran for the door shrugging on his jacket.

"Anthony Stark!" He halted immediately and turned around to his much agitated mother.

She huffed and walked over to him, "I know you're excited to see your friend, but you've got to slow down."

"Mom it's just Cass." He told her with a slight whine in his voice, "I want to get over there help her with her homework and get to the 8 o'clock show."

"By helping her that means not doing it for her correct." She eyed her son as she brushed her hand through his hair.

He waved her hand away stepping back some, "I would never in a million years mom." He smiled but his eyes held a glint.

"Uh huh, just be home by 11 ok." She pulled him back and kissed his head hugging him, "It's so good to have you home."

"It's nice to be here." He hugged her back briefly, "And 11 will do!"

He turned and walked out to the driver. It was his first day back from boarding school and thankfully they finally accepted the fact that they couldn't teach him anything anymore. He was free for a moment to just be 15. To be normal, mostly.

They pulled up to an old apartment building. If his father knew that this is where he spent most of his breaks he would shutter. Tony hopped out and ran inside and up a few flights of stairs. He got to the door and started ringing the door bell and knocking.

"Good god! Tony!" He heard through the door. It had been nine months since he'd seen Cassidy and he was ready to see his best friend again. He had so much to tell her.

The door open and his mouth dropped open.

In front of him a girl in tight jeans and a blue t-shirt stood in front of him. She moved her long black hair from her face showing her sharp blue eyes. She smiled, "What? You gonna stand there or come in?"

"Cass?" he was staring at a certain part of her body that had 'blossomed'.

"Tony?" She waved a hand in front of him then shook her head walking away from the door.

He stared after her and shut the door, "Uh you look…good."

She looked back at him giving him a weird look, "Thanks? How've you been?" She sat at the table picking up her pencil.

"Good, finally free." He walked over and looked at what she was working on, "Calc?"

"Yeah." She nodded working on the one of the problems.

"I could help you." He looked at the clock that said 7:15.

"I'm on the last problem." She looked at him, "It won't take me long."

"But you're doing it wrong." He told her as he read over he shoulder.

"No I'm not." She became very defensive.

"Yes you are." He smirked knowing how much she hated math, but still managed to understand it slowly.

"No I'm not." She glared at him.

"Here let me show you." He started to take the pencil away from her.

She gripped it tightly, "I'm not doing it wrong, I'm doing it the long way."

"But there are faster more efficient ways." He told her still holding onto the pencil, "It'll make more sense I promise."

"Yes but that's not what my teacher asked for." She tugged on the pencil.

He tugged back smirking.

"Tony." She turned to look at him and was kissed. She pulled away startled looking at him.

He stared at her waiting for her reaction. He swallowed his face going tomato red, trying to think of some smart remark to fix this "Uh…"

It was his turn to be startled as she leaned forward and kissed him. It wasn't hard to fall into kissing her back, it was definitely a feeling he instantly enjoyed and he was very much into instant gratification. His eyes opened suddenly when she pulled away.

Her hand went to her mouth as he face flushed more. She stood up quickly walking out of the room to the kitchen that connected to the dining room.

"Cass?" He stood up straight looking at her concerned as she turned on the sink, "Are you ok? Did I do something wrong?"

She picked up a glass and started to fill it and let out a huff, "No, you didn't do anything wrong Tony."

"Then what's wrong?" He watched her down the glass of water and put the glass in the sink. It was her nervous tick.

She looked at him tears starting to come to her eyes and smiled, "Tony I can't go out tonight. You should go to the movie though and tell me what happens later."

He looked at her confused and took a step toward her, "Cass…"

She stepped back from him leaning against the counter, "It's just I have a lot of homework and I really need to ace these classes." She looked at him, "I'm not a genius like you, you know?"

He stopped and watched her put on a smile, "Cassidy…what a happened?"

"Nothing really." She walked up to him and hugged him, "It's good to have you back."

He hugged her becoming more and more confused and concerned. She was keeping something from him which wasn't like her.

"I only have a few more weeks of school; once I'm out I'll have all the time in the world." She pulled away and looked at him.

"Right. Yeah of course." He smiled trying to put on a good front for now, "Uh if you need help though seriously ask. Studying or anything."

"I will." She smiled and walked him to the door, "I'll see you around soon, for sure this weekend."

"Yeah." He nodded and walked out back to his driver. He told the driver to just head home hoping that maybe when he got there, there would be some sort of explanation from Cass.

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