Dunn dun dun dun...dunnnn dun dun dun!

Own nothing!

Tony cleared his throat running a finger around his collar. This bowtie felt so tight.

Rhodey put a hand on his shoulder, "Tony relax, everything's going to be fine."

"What if she changes her mind?" He looked at his friend.

"She's not going to change her mind." Rhodey reassured him, "Look seriously, think about it. She has always been there, always, and now you've asked her to be by your side for the rest your lives. She's not getting cold feet."

Tony huffed, "Well when you put it like that…Do you have the ring?"

"What ring?" Rhodey put his hands in his pockets.

"Rhodey!" Tony's eyes got wide.

"Man you have got to calm down, don't worry I have it." He told him smiling never seeing his friend so anxious, "You're surrounded by friends alright…just don't pass out cause Cassidy might actually kill you then."

Tony looked at him then out at the small crowd. Neither he nor Cassidy had any family that was alive so they decided that only a certain few were invited. They had even invited the Avengers, but their super spies said they wouldn't be making it, however they did send a gift. Banner also RSVP'd saying that he was happy for them but felt it necessary that he kept away from crowds for a while. Cassidy insisted that they send invite to Thor but Tony pointed out that it was hard enough for him to get here the first time he wasn't coming just for a few hours.

So it was a small crowd. A few people that Cassidy worked with at S.H.I.E.L.D. and a few people that Tony actually found bearable, but all of them were friends who were happy for them.

Steve looked down the aisle and waving at Tony saying they were ready. He turned back to Cassidy and Pepper and smiled. He had declined being the maid of honor. Something that suited Miss Potts better. He did however agree to give Cassidy away.

Pepper adjusted Cassidy's hair and smiled, "You're so beautiful."

"Thank you Pepper, you've made this day perfect." Cass hugged her friend tightly.

"Oh…don't cry you'll make your make up run." Pepper said as they both choked up a little.

The music started Steve looked at them, "Miss Potts."

"Right right…" Pepper gave Cass her flowers and grabbed her own then turned going down the aisle.

Cassidy stepped up to Steve and smiled at him, "Thank you for doing this."

Steve smiled at her, "You are my best friend, and my pretty much my sister. Of course I would do this."

She smiled and hugged him, "I love you Steve."

He held her, "I love you too Cassidy. Now are you ready?" He put his arm out to her and she took it tightly.

Tony smiled at Pepper as she took her place on the alter, "Miss Potts."

"Mr. Stark." She smiled at him and nodded back to the aisle.

He turned his head and his mouth dropped. He could feel his mouth go dry instantly as he stared at Cass walking toward him. She was beautiful, stunningly beautiful.

"Breath man." Rhodey whispered.

He shut his mouth as Steve stopped and turned giving her a kiss on the forehead and looked at the preacher who began talking to him, "Who gives this woman to this man in marriage?"

Steve looked at Cassidy, "You sure you want to do this? My bikes just outside."

Cassidy giggled, "I'm sure."

Steve smiled and looked back at the preacher, "I do." He watched Tony step forward and Steve handed him her hand, "Remember it's a promise."

"I'll hold you to it." Tony nodded to him and looked at Cassidy helping her forward.

"Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Anthony Stark and Cassandra Voltolini in marriage. Through their time together, they have come to realize that their personal dreams, hopes, and goals are more attainable and more meaningful through the combined effort and mutual support provided in love, commitment, and family; and so they have decided to live together as husband and wife." The preacher smiled at the couple in front of him and continued.

"True marriage is more than joining the bonds of marriage of two persons; it is the union of two hearts. It lives on the love you give each other and never grows old, but thrives on the joy of each new day. Marriage is love. May you always be able to talk things over, to confide in each other, to laugh with each other, to enjoy life together, and to share moments of quiet and peace, when the day is done. May you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness and a home of warmth and understanding."

"Now then do you Anthony, take Cassandra to be your lawfully wedded wife, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?"

Tony smiled, "I do." He watched Cassidy's face light up when he said those two words. It made his chest swell knowing he made her so happy.

"And do you Cassandra, take Anthony to be your lawfully wedded husband, promising to love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, sickness and health, and whatever challenges you may face, for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do." She nodded.

"Now the two will present the rings to each other while saying their own promises to each other."

Tony turned taking the ring from Rhodey and looked at Cassidy holding it, "Cassidy, 20 some years ago you captured my heart by being exactly who you are. The sweetest, most loving, compassionate, and sensitive person I have ever known. You have been my very best friend through the good and the bad. You have been the reason that I smile and you have given comfort beyond measure when I have cried. You have believed in me when no one else would, and you have shown me how to love with passion, purity, and unconditional acceptance."

His smile grew, "I'm not sure a lifetime is long enough to return all you have given to me, but I promise the rest of my days I'll spend by your side. To laugh with you and cry with you, to believe in you and support you. In poverty I promise to do everything to make our love rich, and in wealth to never let our love grow poor. Together we are better than we could ever hope to be alone, and today I give you my love, my trust, and my fidelity forever. I love you Cass." He looked at her crying in front of him as he slid the ring on her finger.

"Oh Tony…" he heard Pepper whisper as she sniffled.

Gaining her composure Cassidy sniffled and looked up at him, "Tony…From the moment our paths crossed, you've surprised me, distracted me, captivated me, and challenged me in a way that no human being ever has. I've fallen in love with you again and again, countless times, without reservation, and I still can't believe that today I get to marry my best friend."

She slid the ring on his finger, "I promise to be true to you, to uplift and support you, to frustrate and challenge you, and to share with you the beautiful moments of life. Someday, if the stars align, I might even let you win an argument. " He smiled staring into her eyes, "No matter what trials we encounter together or how much time has passed, I know that our love will never fade, that we will always find strength in one another, and that we will continue to grow side by side. I believe in the truth of what we are, and I will love you always, with every beat of my heart."

Tony sniffed blinking the tears away smiling at her as the preacher spoke, "By the power vested in me by the State of New York. I know pronounce you man and wife, Tony…you may kiss your bride."

Tony kissed her deeply and passionately the sound of clapping fading away. He wanted to freeze this moment bottle it up and keep it forever. He pulled away looking at her face.

She looked up at him, "I love you." She whispered.

"I love you."

"Ahem…" The preacher intruded smiling, "For the first time, let me introduce Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Stark."

Well all that's left is the reception god only knows what chaos could ensue...

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