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Pure fluff

You're busted!

Ireth, Anna's older sister got a devilish idea, her smirk only making her younger sister giggle wildly.

"Hey Megatron….! Optimus…..! How about some smoothies for your hard-working sparkling and femme! Chop - chop!" Ireth orders.

"What are we you're slaves?" Megatron snarls.

"Awww, come on!" we say, pouting and giving you two the puppy dog pout and eyes.

Anna quickly looks up at Optimus.

"Make mine a milkshake Optimus, I am allergic to yogurt in smoothies." She says.

"Make mine a mixed berry one!" Ireth calls out to Megatron who merely rolls his optics.

"Warlord to the Decepticons reduced to making smoothes for my youngling." He grumbles, as Optimus snickers.

The two bots sit down after and start talking, while Ireth and Anna are talking as well.

(Hour later)

Ireth glances around.

"Where the heck are our drinks?" Ireth asks as Anna looks around.

Anna glances around sees them recharging, she shakes her head.

"Oh, are we going to get them back big time." Anna says.

"What did you have in mind for revenge?" her older sister asked.

"Let me think, let's see revenge for them Hmmmmm switch their energon for something else." Anna says thoughtful.

"How do you get Transformers drunk? Or giddy, or whatever it is you want to do to them?" Ireth asked as Anna smirked.

"I gotcha covered sis." Anna says.


"Use HIGH grade energon instead of regular…." Anna snickers.

Anna cackled, and hands Ireth some energon cubes; as they hear the two mechs onlining.

"Youngling what are you doing?" Megatron asks.

"We were kind enough to fix you, your early afternoon energon" Ireth says.

While Anna is talking to Optimus Prime and Megatron, Ireth is staring at the giant freaking cubes of energon.

"How the heck did she pick those things up?" Ireth mumbles to herself.

"You guys look thirsty, hey are you doing anything interesting today?" Anna asked.

"Not really, want us to hang out with you two?" Optimus asked.

"Yeah of course…." Anna says.

Ireth starts to grin.

"Actually, Ironhide promised to show some battle tactics with his cannons. So I'll see you guys later." Ireth says shocking her sister.

Ireth walks off, smirking to herself.

"What's up with that grin?" Megatron asks.

"Yeah, it looks like you when you're plotting something." Optimus adds.

Anna glares at her older sister.

"Get back here..." she growls.

"Nope..., got plans they are all yours." she says in a sing song tone.

Anna turns back to Megatron and Optimus; they both knelt down looking at Anna.

"Okay talk..." Megatron orders.

"I am innocent, just drink and behave." Anna grumbles.

"Really, you are not innocent youngling, no matter what you say." Optimus says

Optimus drinks his energon, as well as Megatron; they fix themselves another cube and soon have both consumed three cubes each.

Anna watches as Megs and Optimus start talking about growing up.

"Do you remember when we used to double date... and share...?" Optimus laughed.

Anna stared at them...

"Oh my God..." she mumbles.

"Yeah primus, they were the best slagging times." Megs says.

They start to go into detail, much to the horror of Anna.

"Hello standing right here!" she shouts.

Optimus smirks, and picks her up.

"No, no, no; you two are pervs!" she yells

"No we aren't..." Optimus says pouting..." Don't be like that youngling be nice..."

Megs yells for Ireth.


"Yes especially since you two tried to get us drunk." Optimus says.

"Oh slag..." Anna says.

"Yeah oh slag is right you're busted!" Optimus and Megatron yell.

"When your sister comes back we shall think of a suitable punishment for the both of you." Optimus remarked.

"Oh snap….We are SO doomed." Anna muttered.

Moral of story – NEVER underestimate two sneaky alien robots, because it could be hazardous to your health.

The end